Middle-Age Spirituality


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An overview of Spirituality for middle-aged adults from an Age-Reversal Coaches point of view. We examine spirituality from a broader context than religion. We explore the unique relationship of our heart's desires with their source in Spirit and the "Spirituality" of living authentically from our values.

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Middle-Age Spirituality

  1. 1. Middle-Age Spirituality Austin Grady, Master Coach Welcome to the Seminar!
  2. 2. Spirit the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and character; the soul.
  3. 3. Spiritual of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things .
  4. 4. Spirituality Spirituality is that which gives meaning to one's life and draws one to transcend oneself. Spirituality is a broader concept than religion, although that is one expression of spirituality.
  5. 5. What does my life mean? Your answer determines the terms for aging on your own terms.
  6. 6. The Desires of Your Heart 2nd Half of Life Vision - Tangible, Physical Realities
  7. 7. Why is that $$ important to you? So I can send all of my Grandkids to college. Why is that important to you? So they can get a good start in life. Why is that important to you? So their future will be secure. Why is that important to you? With security they can live a full life? Do you value security? Absolutely! With a secure foundation they can have a rich full life!
  8. 8. Values are tied to heart’s desires. Values are Spiritual Spirituality honors personal values.
  9. 9. Mid-Life Angst Loss Disappointments Betrayals Frustrations Regrets Stress Unknowns
  10. 10. Core of Magnificence Wisdom Power Goodness Love
  11. 11. Heal What is Un-Healed Release, Forgive, Finish
  12. 12. Have Faith Your Own Magnificence Sense of “Rightness” Your Values Your Vision Your Timing Universal Laws
  13. 13. The Boomer Generation… Watched a man walk on the moon!
  14. 14. Watched War Protests And Watched the War End!
  15. 15. Made the Peace Symbol Popular Supported Civil Rights and Women’s Lib…
  16. 16. …and saw a President assassinated and a Civil Rights Leader murdered.
  17. 17. Boomers have also seen a president impeached, corporate corruption made public, religious scandals, and sports heroes behaving badly. A few decades of deception and betrayal has made us less trusting and more skeptical of institutions. Nevertheless…
  18. 18. The calling to make the world a better place is still being heard.
  19. 19. Imagine if a hundred thousand…
  20. 20. Decided to Age on Their Own Terms!
  21. 21. They Could Use a Coach 1. Create a 2nd Half of Life Vision 2. Align Material Desires with Values 3. Begin in small steps using Wisdom, Power, Goodness and Love And Ultimately Create: • Radiant Health • Harmonious Relationships • Passionate Work Contributions • Financial freedom
  22. 22. For More Information Visit the website: http://www.age-reversal-coach.com / Email: austingrady@gmail.com Schedule a Qualification Interview: http://austingradymasterco.clickbook.net/
  23. 23. Thank You for Attending!