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  1. 1. The Benefits of Casino Gambling in California By: Austin Nash
  2. 2. • Taxable Revenue – Help $20 Billion budget deficit, stop current tax increases, Provide funding for schools, prisons, public works• Economic Development – Large scale resorts, Restaurants, Performance Theaters, Shops
  3. 3. Economic Benefit Cont.• Thousands of wide ranging new Jobs – Casino/Hotel Managers, Card dealers, show performers, Janitors, ect.• California money staying in California – Prevent gamblers from spending their money in Nevada casinos• Increased Tourism – New resorts will attract out of state guest to spend their money in California restaurants, shops, ect.
  4. 4. Entertainment/Social Benefit• Americans love to gamble – Nevada has 75 Million casino visitors every year – 90% of people believe gambling is harmless fun• Only a few can not gamble responsible – 99.4% of Nevadas gamblers are responsible• Casino Industry will provide assistance to problem gamblers – Harrah’s provides free consoling, a hotline, and many other services to help and prevent problem gamblers
  5. 5. Two successful forms of gambling in California today• Indian Casinos – Have become very popular and successful • $10 Billion industry in California alone • Less government subsidies needed to keep reservations out of poverty• Lotteries – Since legalized in 1984 they have allowed government to keep taxes lower • $25 Billion been given to public education from lottery ticket sales alone
  6. 6. Overview• The legalization of casino style gambling in California will provide a much need economic boost, thousands of jobs, and billions in taxable revenue. Thank you for your time