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Using BlackWords


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Search guide for using BlackWords, AustLit's database of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander storytelling and publishing. Includes guidance on searching by Aboriginal heritage and narrowing your search results to specific genres or types of publishing (such as films).

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Using BlackWords

  1. 1. most comprehensive record all forms of creative writing both by and about
  2. 2. simple complex keyword search advanced search
  3. 3. cultural heritage search
  4. 4. Personal Details on Advanced Search
  5. 5. Type a heritage
  6. 6. OR
  7. 7. both Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander heritage
  8. 8. shows all BlackWords authors
  9. 9. by Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander writers
  10. 10. will only return
  11. 11. other search options
  12. 12. searched for film and television