Victorian Rail Heritage


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Victorian Rail Heritage

  1. 1. Victorian Rail Heritage Engineers and locomotive crew at PortlandRailway Station Ballarat, circa 1895 (H3434) Flinders Street Station circa 1910 (MM070280) locomotive depot, circa 1921 (MM000290)Reproduced courtesy of Public Record Office of Victoria Reproduced courtesy of Museum Victoria Reproduced courtesy of Museum Victoria Since Australia’s first Flushed with the tremendous Station designs throughout wealth generated by the goldfields, Victoria varied according to steam train made the Victorian government invested architectural styles of the era, the short journey £9 million over the first decade of their location and government railway development between priorities. Some included from Flinders Street 1854 and 1864 to build just elaborate tearooms, a grand to Port Melbourne in 254 miles (409 km) of railway, clock-tower or adjoining 1854, railways have while private railway companies invested another £1.8 million. stationmaster’s residence. Others were little more than played a key role in a rain shelter devoid of staff Over the next sixty years the Victorian transport. railway system continued to or comfort. Most stations featured at least one siding expand rapidly reaching 2,900 or a small goods shed, Railways have carried city route miles (4,670 km) by 1891 and some included loco commuters, farmers’ produce, and 4,700 miles (7,565 km) in depots, signal boxes and parcels & tourists. They have 1931, representing a total extensive rail yards. provided jobs for thousands of investment of almost £50 million. Victorians and a social focus for Text courtesy of Museum Victoria rural and urban communities alike. By this time, every town in Victoria with a population of over 500 The construction of Victoria’s railway boasted its own railway station. system has required one of the State’s largest and most sustained investments in public infrastructure.
  2. 2. t VicTrack Heritage Program Victorian Goldfields Railway at Castlemaine Hawthorn Tram Depot Newport Clocktower Since 2004, the The Panel meets quarterly. VicTrack Heritage Advisory Panel VicTrack also holds a position VicTrack Heritage on the Department of Transport’s Chris Lovell (Chair) VicTrack Board member Program has been Heritage Operations Committee. In this role, VicTrack works with the Bruce Cohen overseen by the Department to support main line and Chair of VicTrack Board VicTrack Heritage tourist railways to provide heritage Dimity Reed Advisory Panel. train operations for the ongoing enjoyment of Victorians and visitors. Architect Robert Green The Panel is made up of VicTrack also manages many of Heritage Victoria Architect independent members, Victoria’s important heritage locations including an academic architect such as the Hawthorn Tram Depot Mike Ryan and a Heritage Victoria and the Newport Workshops. VicTrack, Heritage Manager representative, as well as members of the VicTrack VicTrack is dedicated to preserving Board, and other VicTrack staff. Victoria’s rail and tram heritage for future generations.
  3. 3. Ballarat Railway Complex The historic Ballarat Railway precinct is an important reminder of the region’s early prosperity and the role it played in Victoria’s development. Restoring the Train Hall in 2006 Built in the late 19th Century, the The entire station complex is In recognition of its historical, Ballarat Railway Station was a expressive of Ballarat’s economic present and future significance, primary transport hub during the significance at the time and remains more than $3.4 million has been Gold Rush era and played an very much at the centre of daily life invested in restoring and upgrading integral role in the development in Ballarat in the 21st century. the precinct since 2006. of the region and the state. The following restoration –– estoration of the Ballarat Station r –– oofing works on the northern r works have been funded train hall in 2006 ($2.6 million) building in 2008 ($142,000) by the Victorian Government –– e-roofing of the train stabling r –– estoration of pedestrian timber r and VicTrack: building in 2007 ($150,000) bridge in 2009 ($140,000) –– ender repairs and repainting r –– estoration and upgrade of Ballarat r of the station’s southern Coach House in 2009 ($110,000) building in 2007 ($290,000)New roof for the Northern building Repainting Southern building Render repairs
  4. 4. VicTrack Heritage Program VicTrack is proud to support the preservation of Victoria’s rail and tram heritage through its Heritage Program. The Maryborough Station platform in 2010 VicTrack will restore the platform verandah in 2011 on behalf of the Department of Transport. Photo by Noel Butcher, courtesy of V/Line. Under the program, $1 million is More than 100 locations within the Other considerations include the invested annually in the restoration VicTrack portfolio are listed as having scale and cost of works, public of state heritage-listed buildings Victorian state heritage significance. safety, potential commercial return and structures. and VicTrack’s legal obligations. Each year, $1 million is allocated As the custodial owner of to the restoration of state heritage- the state’s rail infrastructure, listed assets, which are prioritised VicTrack is responsible for a according to their: range of heritage assets, including –– Historical significance station buildings and locomotive depots, bridges, culverts, tunnels, –– Architectural merit turntables, tram depots, workshops, –– Profile in the community trampoles and shelters. –– Maintainability –– Operational useHawthorn Tram Depot improvements add Works to restore St Arnaud Railway Station’s A specialist carpenter restoresto the heritage tram fleet visitor experience. unique 1879 water tower were completed in 2007. a clock tower cupola vent frame.
  5. 5. Heritage Program 2010-11 In 2010-11, VicTrack will complete the following restoration projects: –– oof and foundation works R at Serviceton Railway station (built in 1888) –– estoration of the Station R The restored Signal Box B at Geelong Building and Goods Shed at Creswick Railway station (built in 1874) About VicTrack As a commercial organisation –– epairs to Signal Box B at R VicTrack funds its operations Geelong (built in 1884) VicTrack is a Victorian government through the delivery of services and rail business that is the custodial –– oof restoration and pressed R by leasing land and buildings within owner of Victoria’s railway land metal repairs to the Korumburra its large property portfolio. and infrastructure. VicTrack Railway station (built in 1907) undertakes capital works, VicTrack is a responsible member property, telecommunications of the communities in which it –– ebuilding of the lamp room and R and other commercial activities operates, actively providing a internal works to Avoca Railway to support a safe and efficient range of benefits for communities, station (built in 1876) public transport system. heritage and the environment. –– estoration of Maldon Railway R station, damaged by fire in 2009 (built in 1888)Geelong Signal Box B before restoration Creswick Goods Shed before restoration The restored Goods Shed at Creswick
  6. 6. Ballarat Coach House In 2009, VicTrack managed extensive restoration works at the Ballarat Coach House. The fully restored Coach House The Ballarat Coach House was The works, valued at $110,000 built in the late 1800s and was included external repairs of the used by Cobb Co to store building’s roof, windows, timberwork gold for transport to Melbourne. and stormwater system and internally, the building The original fittings of the Coach was modernised to include a House were very high quality in kitchenette and toilet. their day. The original safe that was used to store gold in the late 1800s is still in place.Damage to the roof Timber repairs underway Rotten timbers