Tour of Spiceworks 6: Partner Edition


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Presentation slides showing how the new features in Spiceworks 6 will make it easier for tech marketers to connect with IT pros.

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Tour of Spiceworks 6: Partner Edition

  1. 1. Tour ofSpiceworks 6 Partner Edition
  2. 2. Spiceworks 6 The application & community have been upgraded!
  3. 3. Yeah, yeah, yeah… So, what’s in it for me?Been hard at work making IT easierfor you  How do I know when and where to contribute?  How can SpiceHeads and my company connect easier?  How can I get my content ‘in their hands’ easier?  How do I share more of my content with SpiceHeads?
  4. 4. There’s all these conversations How do I keep track so can jump in? 1,000’s of conversations happening in community every day
  5. 5. Now, conversations at your fingertips Customized by you… for you Be there, when & where it’s happening:  Custom for you Categories  Create own categories Keywords & keywords  Track how you want  Set your frequency or log in any time
  6. 6. They do lots of other things too How do I let ‘em know I’m there to help? Spending 380M minutes a month doing their jobs
  7. 7. Making sure they know you’re there Connections, and questions and prices… oh my! Sharing the SpiceLove for you:  Connect with vendor in sponsored groups  Ask a question on product pages  Streamlined research to purchase potential BETA
  8. 8. So, I am posting all this good content How can I better get it ‘in their hands’? More than 1.42M followers of vendor pages and their green guys in Spiceworks
  9. 9. Tickle their fancy, in the way they expect A digest of the best, and the rest Helping getting you message ‘out there’:  Connect beyond the activity stream  Summarized view  Delivered direct to inboxes
  10. 10. I’ve got all kinds of resources to help How do I make it widely available? 7,500+ How-to’s in knowledge base to help IT pros, growing every day
  11. 11. Strut your stuff Share your smarts, and get published Sharing the SpiceLove for you:  Easy to create content via how-to  Published to KB in the app  Becomes ‘searchable’ and ‘categorized’ for you
  12. 12. Phew, that’s a lot Questions? Go ahead… make our day Ask Now Ask Anytime
  13. 13. Thanks!
  14. 14. Several new core features in the app In case you want to really know Continue history of crowd sourced development, including…  An agent option  Broader mobile solutions  Cloud service discovery  Improved software discovery & management
  15. 15. And continues with community Revving the engine Seamless connection between app and community gets even better  Updated look & feel  Easier navigation  New Topic Pages  Product pricing & comparison
  16. 16. Some hygiene for the fun of it Simplified navigation and settings  New dropdown with logical ‘categories’ for discussions  Simplified dropdown for your account settings
  17. 17. Threads spruced up as well With a whole lot more WIFU… Changes in replies:  “Reply” and “Spice” beneath post  Partner designator is below your name  Ability to tag your products & company  See who’s in discussion and who ‘Spices’ it
  18. 18. Home base, landing on your vendor page Straight into dashboard  Set up custom alert page, by user  Core activity and reporting still here- & more coming soon