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Spiceworks voice of_it_dell_printer_survey_1262011


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Spiceworks voice of_it_dell_printer_survey_1262011

  1. 1. How IT Pros Buy PrintersIN THIS REPORT Executive SummaryExecutive Summary 1What Drives Purchase 2 Recently we conducted a study to better understand how IT pros go aboutBiggest Factor When Purchasing 3 purchasing new printers for their companies. The results show that the majorityHow You Purchase 4 don’t plan for printer purchases, but rather wait for a printer to fail before purchasing a new one. During the purchase process, IT pros prefer to reviewWhere You Purchase 5 and purchase products online with cost being the biggest driver behind their selection. And finally, when it comes to the actual purchase, IT pros are divided on whether to lease or buy and if a managed solution or service contract is the right option for them.About Spiceworks Voice of IT®The Spiceworks Voice of IT® marketresearch program publishes datacollected from a panel of small andmedium business technologyprofessionals that are among the morethan 1.5M users of Spiceworks, a freeIT management application. Surveypanelists opt-in to answer questions ontechnology trends important to them.For more information visit: receive updates on futureresearch:Follow Spiceworks Voice of IT® onTwitter at up for Spiceworks Voice of IT®research e-mails on December 6, 2011
  2. 2. How IT Pros Buy PrintersPRINTER FAILURE IS THE BIGGEST DRIVER OF NEW PURCHASESOver half (52%) of IT pros do not allocate budget for printing and 62% wait until a printer fails before purchasing a newone. The reason? It may be that printers aren’t a “squeaky wheel” with 80% stating that printer related issues make upless than 10% of help desk requests. What  makes  you  think  “It’s  <me  to  buy  a  new  printer”?   75%   62%   50%   25%   16%   12%   6%   4%   0%   Failure   Too  old   Inadequate   Scheduled  refresh   Other   func>onlity   How  much  of  your  help  desk  requests  are  printer  related?     Are  your  printer  purchases  built  into  your   3%   0%   monthly/yearly  budget?    75%   17%   52%   48%  50%  25%   80%   Yes   No   1-­‐10%   11-­‐25%   26-­‐40%   41+%  
  3. 3. How IT Pros Buy PrintersCOST IS THE BIGGEST FACTOR WHEN PURCHASINGNearly three quarters (72%) of IT pros understand how much they spend each month on printing, but half believe thatthere are other IT concerns that are more pressing. Therefore, when purchasing a new printer, cost is the mostimportant factor – for both the purchase decision and the value proposition. Does  your  company  understand  how  much  theyre  spending  on  prin<ng   monthly?   75%   50%   50%   23%   25%   13%   9%   5%   0%   Yes,  but  there  are   Yes,  and  they   Yes,  it  is  important   No,  but  they   No,  and  they   other  IT  concerns   dont  care   and  I  need  help.   should   dont  care   Whats  most  important  when  considering  a  new  printer?     50%   31%   26%   25%   19%   16%   8%   0%   Best  cost/page   Features   Best  deal   Manufacturer   Other   Whats  the  most  important  value  proposi<on  when  buying  a  printer?     50%   44%   28%   20%   25%   7%   0%   Lower  company  costs  / Lower  the  total  cost  per   Award  winning  or  reliable   Green  prin>ng  and   raise  efficiency   page   energy  efficient  
  4. 4. How IT Pros Buy PrintersTHE JURY IS STILL OUT ON THE BEST WAY TO PURCHASE PRINTERSIT pros are split on whether to lease or buy and if they should source their printer solution or service through a provider.Over half (51%) would not lease printers while the other half are currently leasing (17%) or open to the idea of leasing(32%) if the payments are low and the term matches the warranty.In addition, the majority of IT pros manage and service their printers themselves, but the idea of outsourcing thesefunctions is growing. Forty-three percent are currently engaged in a printer service contract and 30% are either currentlyusing or planning to use a managed print solution. Would  you  ever  consider  leasing  instead  of  buying?   75%   51%   50%   24%   17%   8%   25%   0%   Already  do   Yes,  if  the  monthly   Yes,  if  my  lease  term   No,  I  would  not  lease   payment  is  low  enough   matches  my  warranty   my  printers   Are  you  currently  in  a  printer  services  contract?     No   57%   Yes   43%   0%   25%   50%   75%   Do  you  use  a  managed  print  solu<on?     Whats  that?   17%   No,  but  Im  planning  to   6%   No   54%   Yes   24%   0%   25%   50%   75%  
  5. 5. How IT Pros Buy Printers ONLINE IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR RESEARCH AND PURCHASE When purchasing printers, IT pros are gathering info and purchasing printers online. Half of IT pros purchase printers through an online reseller and 39% use online review sites to get the info they need to buy. Where  do  you  get  the  info  you  need  before  you  buy?     Topical  whitepapers   2%   IT  community  /  Spiceworks   14%   Manufacturer  sites   21%   Customer  reviews   23%   Online  review  sites   39%   0%   25%   50%   Where  do  you  usually  get  your  printers  from?     Retail   15%   Direct  from  manufacturer   17%   Local  reseller   17%   Online  reseller   50%   0%   25%   50%   75%   Copyright Notice The contents in this report are a result of primary research performed by Spiceworks. Unless otherwise noted, the entire contents distributed as part of this report are copyrighted by Spiceworks. As such any information made available by any means in this report may not be copied, reproduced, duplicated, published, displayed, transmitted, distributed, given, sold, traded, resold, marketed, offered for sale, modified to create derivative works or otherwise exploited for valuable consideration without prior written consent by Spiceworks.Spiceworks Inc.7300 FM 2222, Bldg 3, Ste 100 This report contains information of fact relating to parties other than Spiceworks. Although the informationAustin, TX 78730 have been obtained from, and are based on sources that Spiceworks believes to be reliable, Spiceworks does not guarantee the accuracy, and any such information might be incomplete or condensed. AnyTel: 1-512-628-8280 estimates included in this report constitute Spiceworks’ judgment as of the date of compilation, and areFax: 1-866-567-2744 subject to change without notice. This report is for information purposes only. All responsibility for any interpretations or actions based on the information or commentary contained within this report lie solely with the recipient.Website: All rights reserved. 2011.