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  • Who are these crazy IT pros that make the world’s networks run?Q - So marketers, do your customers identify with your brand? (show of hands)Q - Do you have any customers who have branded themselves? Well, we do.
  • Here is a photo of eWoman, a user in the Spiceworks Community, who just recently permanently inked herself with the Spiceworks brand. After she posted this photo, she was immediately glorified in the Spiceworks Community with over 150 fellow users chiming in showing their approval of eWoman’s Spice-Ink and true brand loyalty. So much buzz that…
  • Meet SpiceRex. SpiceRex, the self selected mascot for our Community of 1.7M IT pros that use Spiceworks to do their job. Originated here in the London-area by user, Andy Phelps who is here in the panel today. SpiceRex first took form as a paper orange dinosaur that our users mailed to each other. They then would takephotos of SpiceRex in their neck of the woods and post them in the community.But what SpiceRex truly represents is sticking up for theSMB IT pros or “the little guy”, and getting them the same access to tech vendor info and discounts as their Enterprise counterparts.
  • And the SpiceRex phenomenon quickly caught on and was adopted as the mascot of the force to be reckoned with community of over 1.7 M IT pros.But what SpiceRex truly represents is sticking up for theSMB IT pros or “the little guy”, and getting them the same access to tech vendor info and discounts as their Enterprise counterparts.
  • Q - Other than tattoos and an orange dino, what keeps our IT pros coming back to Spiceworks? And the answer is the wealth of information provided in the community. It’s truly a give and take relationship in the community where our IT pros can earn points for the number of Best Answers, How-tos and responses they provide to other IT pros in the community. From these points, the SpiceHeads are able to achieve different levels of status or “spiciness” starting at pimento all the way to the spiciest molecule on earth, pure capsaicin. And ladies and gentlemen,the creator of SpiceRex is the first person to not only make it to Pure Capsaicin, but has completed that TWICE. With that I will hand it over to RegHerde to introduce our stars of Unplugged, the IT pros that use Spiceworks to do their It jobs.
  • Intro the problem (Show Ad): Ash: K, marketing-gurus, to echo Spiceworks user, Phillip Moya “Does anybody else see a problem with the Unitrends ad?” Wait for audience to chime in. Ash Transition: All great calls, tech marketers… let’s hear some of the super-specific feedback from the IT pros in the Spiceworks Community – the target audience that Unitrends was trying to reach with this ad….CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK
  • Ash:And here’s what they had to say… “The phone to head ratio is way off” The average human head is 10 inches long, meaning this phone receiver would be at least 14 inches tall! Ash Transition: Pretty perceptive SpiceHeads huh? (pause).. CLICK
  • Elvis sleeves?Ash:Is The King making a comeback? The Spiceworks IT pros or self-proclaimed fashionistas think the sleeve have got-to-go! Ash Transition: …CLICK
  • Ash: They were even suggesting that the girl in the ad looks like a “not-so-Grandma-appropriate” Blow-up doll… who says our IT pros don’t have a sense of humor? And this went on for about 35 more posts. Ash Transition: Now turn let’s turn our attention to the marketer in the hot seat, Jennifer from Unitrends, who, being a Green Guy, is the go-to-gal on behalf of Unitrends in the Spiceworks Community…. CLICK
  • A few gemsAsh: Here are a few gems of the 153 entries! Ash Question: Can you describe how the rest of the contest went?Jenn’s Response: We thought we would get a few entries, but never anticipated over 150.Ash Transition: and let’s check out who the winner was… drum roll please… CLICK
  • Ash Question: The Unitrends Ad Contest Winner, Ryan.Johnson!Ash Question: After the contest, how did you continue to drive buzz inside Spiceworks? Jenn’s response:The Spiceworks thread continued for days, so we took advantage of the opportunity to help drive Spiceworks users to our website. We spun up a gallery of entries, where users could scroll through the entries and then vote online.Ash Transition: Great story! But as good marketers, I know what you’re all thinking…. Show me the results… CLICK
  • And the Community SpokeAsh: Check out this quote from a Spiceworks user. “If it’s true that no publicity is bad publicity this ad is the best ad in the history of Spiceworks – judging by the number of posts about it.”Ash Transition: …CLICK
  • The Community SpokeAsh: Now hear from a Unitrends Ambassador in the Spiceworks Community, and how he happily vouched for Unitrends and their product. “I do not work for Unitrends. I love Unitrends. And they make a seriously awesome product.”Ash Transition: …CLICK
  • The Community SpokeAsh:Then over one year later, SpiceHeadJustin.Davison chimed in about Unitrends, and his experience with them throughout his purchasing process. “(Unitrends) consistent positive involvement …grace and humor with which they handled criticism of their ad got my attention. The quality of the product… kept my attention.”Ash Transition: …CLICK
  • Ash:Campaign coming full-circleAsh:The same SpiceHead who started this thread, shining light on the ad that missed the mark, is now a happy (and repeat) Unitrends customer.Ash Transition: …CLICK
  • Ash Question: After conducting this contest, what are the 3 pearls of wisdom you’d give to the tech marketers in the audience that are looking to interact with SpiceHeads in an unique, fun and valuable way?Jenn’s response:Don’t be afraid to move fast, and use a “Read, Fire, Aim” approach. It’s important to be timely and relevant, if you wait to long, you miss the wave.…CLICK (picture fades in)….CLICK (content fades in)
  • Ash:And the second?Jenn: First iterations will often suck, but just work to make them suck less every day. This is really my mantra. One of the gals who works for me says “iteration” could be a drinking game for how often I say it.…CLICK (picture fades in)….CLICK (content fades in)
  • Ash:And the third?Jenn: When it’s appropriate, give the community a peek behind the curtain of the official brand message. We do so much online, its easy to forget that there are people behind the logos. And ya know, things happen… when things hit the fan, I think the best thing you can do is let your human side show. …CLICK (picture fades in)….CLICK (content fades in)
  • Ash: As you can see, what started off as a marketing disaster for Unitrends, a new-to-Spiceworks brand – ended up creating a ton of awareness for Unitrends to the 1.6M IT pros inside Spiceworks. Simply by listening to feedback and being human, Jenn on behalf of Unitrends, created one of the best campaigns in Spiceworks history, thus spreading the word about Unitrends, which ultimately converted into customers.
  • Get to know the communityBegin with an introduction – get your feet wetBecome a trusted advisorProvide expert advice and connect with membersToss out the hard sell tacticsNobody likes in-your-face-marketingJump at the chance to network face-to-faceBe unique, creative, wear your heart on your sleeve and have FUN
  • The home base if the IT Pro.If he is at his desk, he likely has the dashboard up.We want to be able to share on this slide.. The # UPS Devices we are going to be able to report on. Time on BatteryOutput LoadLast Major Power EventBattery CapacityTake away.If the IT pro is at his desk, he likely has the dashboard up. The information in this view should be simple, clear and concise. Will the UPS on my Exchange Server be effective if we have a power spike? If not we highlight that information and take them to the device view for debugging.Highly contextual messaging.
  • Lightbox Extremely high profile branding opportunity.
  • First business application to embed crowdsourcing, social networking and community collaboration features directly into an IT pro’s daily workflowNetwork management solution for over 1.9 Million SMB IT ProsA business application AND social network communityFree to download, Free to use and Free to engage in the communityGrowing by over 2,000 new users per day
  • We’ve been paying careful attention to what’s working well and what needs improvement on the product front. For each of those 4 main product areas we discussed there are some core areas where we’re focusing. This isn’t everything but it should give you a good read on our product priorities for the rest of the year.With our advertising capabilities, we’re undertaking a pretty significant upgrade to our core technology. This is going to make our ad platform much more manageable – and for you it’s going to mean improved targeting, delivery and reporting. We’re also looking at new ways to offer more in the way of email ads and sponsorships. This has been a very successful channel for Spiceworks advertisers, so we’re working to keep up with the demand for inventory as well as exploring new email series.On the insights side, we’ve been finding that our data offers one of the best ways marketers have to ask key questions they need answered to make informed decisions. Many times we’ll work with customers on proprietary surveys – but now we’ve done enough of those to where we’ll soon be able to let you pick from the menu based on our best practices. This will let you get those critical answers even more quickly. Additionally, we’ve heard a lot of interest from vendors in teaming up on commissioned reports or being able to sponsor core market studies that we’re already publishing – so we’re planning several new opportunities there.On the social front, there are really 3 big areas that we’re investing in right now: (1) helping you get a better understanding of what kind of reach and engagement your vendor presence is earning inside of Spiceworks. This will come in the form of a new set of metrics that aren’t currently part of your vendor page dashboard. (2) since our Vendor Page product is now about a year old, we’ve got a ton of great info on best practices. We’re currently testing several programs to help get you and your teams more proficient with our community. (3) and last but not least, we are taking a fresh look at how we can make your brand’s participation in Spiceworks more visible. Some of this will happen directly in the community, but some of it will happen via email – an example of this is our new vendor digest email that summarizes activity by vendors followed in the form of a weekly blast to followers.With our commerce capabilities, we’re obviously very focused on making it easier and more likely for SpiceHeads to buy stuff. We’re making this happen by getting catalog information integrated and automating the quote response process. For both the user and the vendor this helps to streamline the purchase process greatly. We’re also working on some new ways to tie purchasing hooks into ads as well as creating new content and programs that will help spot buyers or potential buyers higher up in the funnel.So clearly there is a ton of activity happening with regard to vendor product development, and we’re very excited about how moving the ball forward on all of these fronts can help our vendors be more successful.
  • Spice world london for marketers 2012 final

    1. 1. The Social Network for IT ProfessionalsChanging the Way IT WorksJay HallbergCo-founder & VP Marketingjay@spiceworks.com
    2. 2. VISA $$$ IT MKTG $1 Trillion in 7M IT Pros Technology Spend 10K Tech Vendors 18M Companies 250K MarketersSource: IDC, Forrester, U.S. Dept of Labor, ITAA
    3. 3. Manage ConnectDiscuss Research & Buy “it’s like the Facebook of IT”
    4. 4. 2,000,000 IT Professionals IT Pros in Spiceworks 3.0 2.5 2.0 Millions +2,000 / day 1.5 1.0 0.5 0.0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012* in 200+ Countries * 2012 estimate
    5. 5. Usage by Industry Usage by Company Size 1000+ 11% Other Gov 2% IT Solutions 500 - 999 19% 17% Retail 17%/Wholesale 250 - 499 24% 5% Education 100 - 249 26% Heathcare 15% 6% 20 - 99 14% Mfg Non-Profit Tech 13% 1 - 19 6% 7% 8% Services 10% 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30%
    6. 6. Time in Spiceworks 3.0 2.5Billions of Minutes 2.0 1.5 1.0 0.5 - 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
    7. 7. 6 5 ,6 3 1 ,2 5 8 min. 1 ,4 0 4 ,1 5 6 min. Total Time Spent in App ,5 6 0 ,4 7 9 (in thousands) min. ,2 4 1 ,9 7 5 min. 06:33 hrs. 04:29 hrs. Avg. Time per Unique (in hours : minutes) 00:36 min. 00:17 min.Source: US Traffic Feb 2012 – comScore, Compete, Google Ad Planner, Statisa, Spiceworks
    8. 8. Reach Learn Connect SellTargeted Advertising Market Insights Social Media Commerce
    10. 10. Thank YouJay HallbergCo-founder & VP Marketingjay@spiceworks.com
    11. 11. What Other Tech Marketers Are Saying About Spiceworks
    12. 12. We‟re All in IT Together Matt Barnett – Account Manager Our IT Just InternationalMarketing Jennifer Norton – Sr. Marketing Manager Windows Server WW, Microsoft Panelists Kim Verbeek – Marketing Manager New Business EMEA, LogMeIn
    13. 13. State of SMB IT Report 1H 2012Semi-Annual Report on Small and Medium Business Technology Plans and Purchase Intent
    14. 14. Summary FindingsStrong Hiring, Stronger SpendingCloud and Virtualization TechnologiesContinue to GrowBYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is aFact of LifeTablets are Finding Their Space
    15. 15. Background & Methodology
    16. 16. SMB IT Budgets Continue to GrowAverage Planned Budgets and Percent Adding Staff Over Time (000’s) IT Staff Changes in Next 6 Months
    17. 17. Budget Allocation Remains ConsistentAllocation of Annual IT Budget Over Time
    18. 18. New Hardware Dominates Spend2012 Allocation of Annual IT Budget
    19. 19. Cloud Adoption Outlook Remains StrongCloud Adoption Over Time
    20. 20. Services in the Cloud… or Not.Top IT Services
    21. 21. Virtualization Reaches MainstreamAdoption of Virtualization since 2010
    22. 22. SMBs Deepen Reliance on Virtualization64% of SMBs Virtualize Today Average Number of Application Categories Virtualized Over Time
    23. 23. SMBs Deepen Reliance on Virtualization Application Categories Today and Planned for the Next 6 Months (by those Virtualizing Today)
    24. 24. BYOD Trend is Here to StayBYOD in SMBs Attitudes toward Managing BYOD Devices
    25. 25. SMBs Love Their Tablets Current and Planned By Company SizeDeployment of Tablets
    26. 26. Get the report…www.spiceworks.com/marketing/insights
    27. 27. Mastering Your Marketing in Spiceworks (A Tale of Two… Approaches)
    28. 28. 1. Community Engagement
    29. 29. Marketers are Catching On Old guard publishers are playing catch up Traditional Media B2B Social Networks• Media cos. decide what content matters • IT pros and vendors share insights• IT pros “on an island” • Word-of-mouth amplifies reach• Social is a „bolt-on‟ offering • Influencing one = influencing many• Old data, older methods • Immediate feedback/impact• Poor registration/targeting • Highly targeted IT V IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT IT V IT IT IT V V IT IT V IT IT Vendor = Passive advertiser Vendor = Interactive, trusted participant
    30. 30. Who is the Spiceworks Community?
    31. 31. They Brand Themselves
    32. 32. Meet SpiceRex
    33. 33. Meet SpiceRex
    34. 34. SpiceMeter!
    35. 35. The SpiceHead
    36. 36. In the Community…
    37. 37. …In the Application benhar
    38. 38. Fans/Followers Become True Brand Advocates
    39. 39. Social Engagement Ratio: Measure Involvement Social Engagement Community Mentions Ratio = (x 100) Follows Brand Passives Brand Advocates
    40. 40. Social Engagement Ratio: Compare Your Brand Social Engagement Ratio by Vendor 10 8.5 8 6 6 3.9 4 2.1 1.9 1.5 2 0 Vendor Vendor #1 #6
    41. 41. Community Participation: Do‟s/Don‟tsDon’t:• Spam users and forums• Slam your competitors• Hard sellDo:• Get the most out of your Vendor Page• Recognize the value of a little good will• Be factual and accurate• Embrace all feedback• Be an individual• Have fun!!!
    42. 42. 2. Effective Communications
    43. 43. Quick Quiz: Which Ad Performed Best? A B C
    44. 44. Quick Quiz: Winner! .05% CTR .39% CTR .07% CTRMessage not IT-relevant Upfront value statement Text is cluttered Not SMB targeted Clear call-to-action No call-to-action No differentiation Stated product benefit Pic not SMB relevant
    45. 45. Align with IT Pro Care-Abouts How can you make my job easier? How can you save me money?What can youdo for me right now?
    46. 46. CTRs: A Single Measure of Success What did you do when you saw the [advertiser‟s] ad? ”Looking at click through metrics isnt going100% to show you how aware we are of your75% brand… Looking at how much you get talked about in the community is a better50% metric there, or how many people follow25% your vendor page.” 7% 10% 5% 0% Clicked Visited Asked website reseller
    47. 47. Key TakeawaysClick through rates will continue to be an importantmeasure for your campaignsBut look at other metrics that may be more aligned withyour campaign goals – Sales/Return on Investment: Look at actual product data, not just click or conversion rates – Brand Affinity: Measure and understand your followers – Brand Advocacy: Track the level of brand advocacy
    48. 48. The Wisdom (and Creativity and Silliness) of Crowds A Unitrends Case Study
    49. 49. Anyone see a problem with the Unitrends ad?
    50. 50. Phone-to-Face Ratio?Phone = 14” Head = 10”
    51. 51. Elvis Sleeves?
    52. 52. Anyone see a resemblance? CENSORED
    53. 53. The Community gets involved…
    54. 54. The Winner!
    55. 55. The Community speaks…“If it‟s true that no publicity is badpublicity, this ad is the best ad inthe history of Spiceworks – judgingby the number of posts about it.”
    56. 56. The Community speaks…“I do not work for Unitrends. I love Unitrends. And they make a seriously awesome product.”
    57. 57. The Community Speaks…even over a year later “(Unitrends) consistent positive involvement …grace and humor with which they handled criticism of their ad got my attention. The quality of the product… kept my attention.”
    58. 58. Of course, it‟s also about making the sale “As the other Justin (Jaguar) and I will attest, this is a really good backup solution. So good, that we are about to order a 2nd unit.”
    59. 59. Guidance from UnitrendsDon‟t be afraid tomove fast, and usea“Ready, Fire, Aim”approach.
    60. 60. Guidance from Unitrends First iterations will often suck, but just work to make them suck less every day.
    61. 61. Guidance from UnitrendsWhen appropriate, give the community a peekbehind the curtain of the official brand message.
    62. 62. Guidance from Unitrends Moral of the Story:Turn lemons into lemonade by simply being Human!
    63. 63. IT‟s All About Engagement An Eaton Case Study
    64. 64. Want a great experience?• Get to know the community• Become a trusted advisor• Toss out the hard sell tactics• Jump at the chance to network face-to-face• Be unique, creative, wear your heart on your sleeve and have FUN
    65. 65. How Eaton got started with Spiceworks• Booth @ SpiceWorld 2010• Web banner advertising designed by Spiceworks• Local TX sales team began meeting community members• SpiceCorps meeting sponsorships SpiceWorld 2010 booth
    66. 66. Monitor the DiscussionsNovember 201050 conversations Eaton has the best answer! about Eaton TODAYOver 19K mentions 9,900 topics 125 reviews
    67. 67. Get Involved: SpiceCorps User Groups Grass roots engagement opportunities Local sales teams show return on investment ― Quote activity ― Sales
    68. 68. Choose Groups Wisely: Green IT Group  100% SOV Banners  Microsite  Product Advisors Over 10K Members 700+ Posts
    69. 69. Choose Groups Wisely: UPS Group  New group!  100% SOV Banners  Microsite  Product Advisors Nearly 1,500 Members Over 1,000 Posts
    70. 70. Feature Your People: Ask the ExpertGroup as a whole garnered 1,186 pageviews“From a quality point of view, David’s answers were top notch and the response from the community to his answers was very good.” - Nic Tolstoshev, Spiceworks Community Manager
    71. 71. Community Involvement: Eaton Ad Campaign Community members offer great advice and candid input. 73
    72. 72. Get Integrated: Dashboard UPS Manager
    73. 73. Get Integrated: Advisor Sponsorship
    74. 74. Spiceworks Connect: Eaton Ties-In Directly
    75. 75. The Eaton Hub in Spiceworks: Vendor PageEaton vendor page 64k+ followers!
    76. 76. Measure: Sales ResultsFrom Russell to the PowerAdvantage (Eaton) partner: “The response I have gotten with Eaton and you has been great and that makes me want to do business with you.” NET: 40-60 products purchased & more to follow…
    77. 77. On the HorizonWhat’s Next for Marketers at Spiceworks
    78. 78. Spiceworks: The Social Tech Marketing Platform 2 Million IT Pros reached by hundreds of tech advertisers Reach Marketing tools to reach an audience of over 2M IT pros Sell LearnLink your sales force or reseller Uncover IT buyer behaviors/preferencesdirectly into our marketplace that shape purchase decisions Connect Network with buyers inside the leading social network for IT
    79. 79. What our products help your brand do Reach Learn Connect Sell Build awareness Increase insight Engage/discuss Convert to sales Goals Grow presence Monitor trends Build community Enable new channels Drive leads Track sentiment Direct interaction Drive social commerce MarketView Vendor Pages RFQ Display Media Products Voice of IT Published Brand Expert Integrated Product Targeted Email & Reports Participation PromotionsCapabilities Live Events Custom Insights SpiceButtons Lead Generation
    80. 80. How do we approach vendor products?2006 – 2011How we‟ve traditionally approached it… Create brilliant Figure out how to experiences for IT pros monetize it2012 – FutureThe above plus… Deeply understand Identify the best Craft solutions that drive marketer needs and opportunities to deliver the most success for wants value marketers OUR GOAL Deliver the richest and most valuable connections possible between IT Pros and Vendors
    81. 81. What have we done for you lately?Introduced more ways to target and deliver your message • Partner Spotlight Emails • Integrated Contests • Business Case Generators Created new ways of engaging within our community • Vendor Page Dashboard Improvements • New Vendor Page Director • SpiceButtons Introduced new commerce opportunities into the platform • Spiceworks RFQ • SpiceDeals
    82. 82. What are we focused on today? Advertising Insights• Updating core ad serving technology • “Best practice” studies (i.e. (for improved targeting, delivery and Awareness, Penetration, Preference) reporting) • New report formats and sponsorship• Scaling and optimizing sponsorable models email inventory Social Commerce• Metrics, metrics, metrics • Catalog integration• New tools and training for your team • Quotation automation• Increase visibility/placement for • RFQ advertising vendors and vendor pages within the • Content and programs to help Spiceworks experience identify/capture users earlier in the funnel
    83. 83. You make the productsFeedback is our Friend! What features/capabilities can we add or improve upon? What new product opportunities areYou‟re a Product Expert you seeing?We‟re In This Together How can we be better marketing partners? We’re committed to helping you solve your toughest marketing challenges
    84. 84. SMB IT Pros Sound Off
    85. 85. Managing Their Networks 9-to-5Research Get Advice Purchase Buy Manage Track Solve Problems
    86. 86. Now, our panel…
    87. 87. Unplugged Panelists Paul Bourne – IT Manager, Artesian SolutionsKirk Kerr – Network/Systems Administrator, Arcus FM Tino Todino – Technical Consultant/SI, Forza IT
    88. 88. Paul Bourne
    89. 89. Kirk Kerr
    90. 90. Tino Todino