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MSPs, Help Us Help YOU!


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  • Hola, soy Kate Zamba por su nombre, nunca una mujer se ha casado, he visto alots de perfiles, pero soy muy selectiva, usted es uno de mi selección, por favor conmigo en mi dirección de correo electrónico privada escribir amablemente, ( para que yo pueda enviar algunas de mis fotos e introducir mi mismo para usted
    Hi, am Kate Zamba by name, a female never been married,i have seen alots of profiles but am very selective, you are one of my selection, please kindly write me on my private email address;( so that i can send you some of my pictures and introduce my self to you
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MSPs, Help Us Help YOU!

  1. 1. MSPs, Help Us Help YOU!Nicole TanzilloIT Marketing Manager, Spiceworks
  2. 2. 1Get ‘em & keep ‘em. (clients, that is…)
  3. 3. 2 Get yourlearnin’ on.
  4. 4. 3Let ‘em showYOU the love.
  5. 5. Show of hands. Are you a… Part-Time / Moonlighter Full-Time One- Full-Time at (or Two-) Man Shop Larger MSP Firm
  6. 6. Result: You’re focused.For 82% of you, your MSP business is your primary source of income. Supplement al income 18% Primary source of income 82%
  7. 7. Result: You’re lean and mean.Nearly ¾ of you are part of a firm with 5 or fewer employees. 101-250 251-500 500+ 21-100 1 employee 6-20 2-5
  8. 8. Result: You’re connected.More than ½ of you are responsible for managing 250+ devices. More than 1,000 devices 21% Less than 100 devices 35% 501 to 1,000 devices 12% 251 to 500 devices 20% 101 to 250 devices 12%
  9. 9. Result: You’re influential.More than ½ of you you influence $50k+ in annual IT spending. $500k-1M >$1M 5% 7% $0–10k 5% $150k-500k 21% $10k-50k $50k-150k 25% 17%
  10. 10. So, here’s whatwe’re thinking…
  11. 11. What we’ve got. The Community
  12. 12. What we’ve got. IT Service SpiceCorps MSP Spotlight Provider Directory & Spice U (NEW)
  13. 13. What we’re noodling on. Get ‘Em & Keep ‘Em Get Your Let ‘Em Show (Clients, that is…) Learnin’ On You the Love§  Low-cost self-service §  Business mgmt. training §  Collateral/marketing training banner ads (cash flow, etc.)§  Reseller directory §  Marketing training (SEO, Google Ads, etc.)
  14. 14. What we’re doing. “Vendor Pages” for MSPs “MSP Match” Pilot Program §  Match up IT pros with MSPs locally and online §  Provide standard start-up assistance and build a pipeline of new clients §  Start with a standard offering and price point
  15. 15. Now it’syour turn. ;)
  16. 16. 1.  What would help you most in terms of getting/keeping clients?2.  What kind of training would you be most interested in?
  17. 17. Thanks a ton!
  18. 18. What comes now? IT Service Provider MSP Spotlight Help Us Directory & Group (NEW) Help You
  19. 19. That’s all, folks!