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Ebook power point 3 26 12


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Download library books to your e-reader device thru Chester County Library/Overdrive

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Ebook power point 3 26 12

  1. 1. OverDrive eMedia Catalog
  2. 2. My Help
  3. 3. We want to read ebooks!
  4. 4. We’ll look at the Nook
  5. 5. A new window will open…
  6. 6. Now we have a lot to do! • You have to make sure to install Adobe Digital Editions!
  7. 7. Adobe Digital Editions • These instructions will help you with the software
  8. 8. This is the Adobe website • This is the software you will need to transfer the ebook to the Nook.
  9. 9. Almost done!