Chapter 4 Gen 2


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Chapter 4 Gen 2

  1. 1. Authoress’s Note: The new legacy house was made by Simdra over at Boolprop, big thank you to her! Also this might be the last Legacy Update for a while as I have cancelled Lainey’s trial and will be replacing it with a backstory and I also have Edwin’s trial to work on. Lainey’s backstory will reveal what happened to her in the trial though. Please bear in mind this is only part 1!!<br />
  2. 2. “It’s a beautiful house honey,” said Elmer hugging his wife, “You have your youngest daughter to thank for that,” smiled Madi, she glanced over at Addison. “We’ve had so many birthdays recently remember? I thought it would be best if we had more space,”<br />
  3. 3. “My Little Rosie isn’t so little anymore, she’s beautiful a lot like Addie but with her father’s hair colour and Gabe thinks she’s got his mother’s curly hair,”<br />
  4. 4. “Soon enough Gem will be headed off to college, she’s having long discussions with her mother about that, 5 of our grandchildren have already headed off to SimState University, Scarlet is studying Film and Media, Kaitlyn is studying Fashion, Jamie and Thomas are studying Geography and Dominic is studying Sociology, I personally think that Gem is inclined to join Kaitlyn in the Fashion course, She’ll be heading off with Charlotte and Henry in Autumn and Charlotte’s already decided on Computing Technology and Henry on Ancient History,” <br />
  5. 5. “Then of course we have the twins, darling little Rebecca or Becca as Addie , myself and her sisters call her, She’s beautiful a lot like her father I think personally, She’s a sweet outgoing little thing , little drama queen, I expect she’ll be in acting someday,”<br />
  6. 6. “Ever since she learned to talk, Keira has been a feisty, outspoken little lady, she’ll be a firecracker one day, I think if she’s heiress it would be an amusing sight but of course that’s up to Addie and we won’t be here to see it,” <br />
  7. 7. “So Gem this is the last conversation we are going to have on your course at college before you leave in the Autumn, you know I want you to study at Academie Le Tour like I did with your Aunts and Uncles,” Gem shook her head “Mum! They only have a fashion course at Sim State and Charlotte’s going there!” Charlotte and Gem were joined at the hip, Addie smiled at her oldest daughter “Has Rosie spoken to you about what she wants to do?” She asked “She thinks Art or Ancient History at Sim State! Please Mum!” she begged Addie laughed “Fine You can go Gem,” Gemma cheered and rushed off to call Charlotte. <br />
  8. 8. “So Gem and Rosie want to study at Sim State? That’s fine with me,” Madeline said “As long as they are happy, but what I wanted to discuss with you is what your opinion of that dreadful essay Edwin forced Kimberly to write and her death in it’s self,” Addie looked at her mother sadly “Cat should have stopped her,” Madi shook her head “Kimmie was a headstrong character, and no-one could ever stop her once she decided that Catrina knew that and agreed to take Henry because no-one would have wanted him with Edwin,” Addie nodded sadly again “That Essay? I presume that one that Edwin forced Kimmie to write entitled Reasons Why I should Kill Myself, that was disgusting and I’m glad that the police gave Edwin to Mrs Simself to deal with, I do not care what happens to him now,” Madeline smirked “What if I told you...”<br />TO BE CONTINUED........<br />