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SEO et ecommerce sur Magento: retour d’expérience

Conférence au SEO Campus Paris 2017 par Aurélien Lavorel

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SEO et ecommerce sur Magento: retour d’expérience

  1. 1. 1#seocamp SEO sur Magento : retour d’expérience Aurélien Lavorel
  2. 2. 2#seocamp Aurélien Lavorel 25 ans 5 ans XP ~100 sites en prod PME/grand compte
  3. 3. 3#seocamp E-commerce de niche
  4. 4. 4#seocamp Configuration System => Configuration Onglet Section Label Valeur General => Web Url Options Add Store Code to Urls No General => Web Search Engines Optimization Use Web Server Rewrites Yes Catalog => Catalog Frontend Use Flat Catalog Category Yes Use Flat Catalog Product Yes
  5. 5. 5#seocamp Configuration System => Configuration => Catalog
  6. 6. 6#seocamp Configuration System => Configuration => Google Sitemap
  7. 7. 7#seocamp Sitemaps Catalog => Google sitemap
  8. 8. 8#seocamp Refonte
  9. 9. 9#seocamp Problèmes En tant que français on ne dit pas ce qui va 
  10. 10. 10#seocamp Contenu simple Produit configurable Divers filtres Navigation à facettes Duplication produits Métas Contribution Listing produit Pages CMS Contenu Dupliqué
  11. 11. 11#seocamp Solution
  12. 12. 12#seocamp Dn'D Patch Index URL
  13. 13. 13#seocamp CreareSEO Yoast SEO pour Magento CreareSEO Checklist Page HTML Sitemap Remove meta keywords tags Remove empty meta description tags NOINDEX,FOLLOW on category filters and pagination Custom category headings Disabled product redirects Breadcrumbs structured data Hide 'duplicate product' button (deprecated) Twitter cards on product pages OpenGraph data on product pages .htaccess editor via configuration robots.txt editor via configuration (multisite compatible) Canonical product redirects Custom contact page title and meta description Default product page title and meta description templates Default category page title and meta description templates Default CMS meta description templates Next/Prev meta elements on category pages for pagination Force page title for homepage NOINDEX robots tag added to media gallery pages NOINDEX robots tag added to search results pages Universal Analytics support for older Magento versions SiteLinks Search added to homepage Mandatory product image label validation Product structured data Social structured data Product/Category/CMS support for Google Content Grouping Google Tag Manager support Canonical meta tags for CMS pages Logo structured data Organization structured data
  14. 14. 14#seocamp Marketing offline
  15. 15. 15#seocamp Métas
  16. 16. 16#seocamp Homepage General => Design
  17. 17. 17#seocamp Pages CMS General => Design
  18. 18. 18#seocamp Reprise d’un site
  19. 19. 19#seocamp ...
  20. 20. 20#seocamp Bonne chance ! • Attention aux redirections • Surveiller Google Search Console • Environ 3 semaines pour optimiser un « gros » site
  21. 21. 21#seocamp Merci !
  22. 22. 22#seocamp Quel est le Yoast SEO Pour Magento ?