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Futuristic offices and the adaption of building services: 10 things you need to know


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Building green, flexible and future-proof workplaces can achieve sustainable energy savings, improve worker productivity and occupant health as well as increase marketability and respond to the needs of changing workforces, changing business practices and new technology. All of this results in bottom line benefits for commercial investors, developers and tenants. Aurecon’s Building Expertise Leader, Peter Greaves, highlights 10 ways to improve contemporary workplace design.

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Futuristic offices and the adaption of building services: 10 things you need to know

  1. 1. Futuristic offices and the adaption of building services Things you need to know10
  2. 2. Go green. Get smart. AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  3. 3. 1 A space that promotes health & comfort, produces great air quality and temperature, implements effective noise management as well as achieves good lighting and overall comfort, results in increased productivity and less sick days taken. Go green. Get smart. The basics AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  4. 4. They make (green) sense Buildings with better sustainability credentials enjoy increased marketability. Energy savings in green buildings typically exceed any design and construction cost premiums within a reasonable payback period. The cost premium of green buildings is typically not as high as is perceived by the development industry. ImagecourtesyofLendLease Go green. Get smart. 2 AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  5. 5. Know the facts Source: The Business Case for Green Building, World Green Building Council 2013 3 (theperception gap) AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  6. 6. What green can do for you Evidence from the United States and Australia reveals that Energy Star, LEED and Green Star-rated buildings typically command rental premiums in the range of 0% – 17.3% 4 Kats (2003) found that a minimal upfront investment of 2% on top of the construction costs of a project yields savings of over ten times the initial investment, based on a life cycle of 20 years for 33 LEED-rated projects in the United States. Rental rates & overall investment AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  7. 7. Services and systems can communicate how leading edge an organisation is in terms of technology, and how environmentally friendly it is. Workspaces continue to shift toward a a more ‘open’ environment, incorporating a range of spaces that can be utilised for different workplace activities. Design focus Geyer photographs AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  8. 8. More ‘hubs’ and tailored spaces to suit individual, team and inter-team work. Activity Based Working (ABW) Collaboration Acoustically absorptive ceilings/floors are recommended throughout the floor plate to control the build-up of reverberant noise. AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 5 Careful acoustic design is fundamental to achieving a workplace where all modes of flexible work can coexist successfully.
  9. 9. Tailor made work spaces People Drives of the future workspace Aurecon Centre, Melbourne AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 6 Gain more control of local environment via task lighting, under floor air distribution systems and motorised desks. Greater access to daylight, natural ventilation, views and green space is pivotal in enhancing productivity
  10. 10. Bring the outdoors, in. Sustainability Green walls encourage the rate of fresh air exchange and discourage allergenic mould growth. There are two approaches to plants inside a building: a scattered approach and dedicated green space. Promote natural light around the office - this will reduce the need to artificial light. AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 7
  11. 11. Methods to the madness Sustainability Energy efficient LED lighting reduces lighting costs by up to 90 percent and promotes more productive work spaces. Using a chilled beam system to heat or cool the building will achieve lower energy use, low floor-to-floor heights, low noise and low air movement (savings in fan energy). Modularity and pre- fabrication construction methods reduce costs and materials wastage and achieve greater quality control, testing and qualification. AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 8
  12. 12. Increased connectivity in more places Technology Location aware applications that communicate with building services such as lifts Telecommuting increases as wireless connectivity improves AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 9
  13. 13. From irrelevant to relevant – the decision makers are now choosing to get smart and go green. Corporate Real Estate EPA | Melbourne AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN 10 Energy related elements are now at the forefront of the decision-making process when it comes to setting up an office space. Sustainability ratings are now considered a badge of pride for a high-performing building (LEED, Green Star, NABERS).
  14. 14. These are just some of the contemporary offices we have contributed to: examples Shanghai Tower, Shanghai, ChinaSeven17 Bourke St, Melbourne Bishops See, Perth Aurecon Centre, Melbourne AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN
  15. 15. Read more on our website! Contact: Peter Greaves Technical Director/ Expertise Leader - Building Services, Aurecon Jeffrey Robinson Development Leader Property AURECON ON WORKPLACE DESIGN