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Aurecon designing flood resilient ferry terminals: Brisbane ferry terminal network


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Designing flood resilient ferry terminals can protect a city that is vulnerable to future flooding from its paralysing effects. Brisbane’s new generation of ferry terminals incorporates world-first technology which provides resilience and longevity in the face of natural disasters similar to that experienced by the city in the 2011 floods. Aurecon technical expert, Arne Nilsen, shares how the resilient and innovative design technology, developed collaboratively with Cox Rayner Architects, makes Brisbane’s new ferry terminals flood resilient.

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Aurecon designing flood resilient ferry terminals: Brisbane ferry terminal network

  1. 1. Designing flood resilient ferry terminals Brisbane Ferry Terminal Network Modelling video included3D
  2. 2. Many major cities around the world rely on ferry transportation to help reduce traffic congestion during peak times and to provide a fast link across bodies of water. Water transportation
  3. 3. Cities built beside waterways are particularly vulnerable to future flood events which can have a paralysing effect on a city causing: • Limited or no accessibility to parts of the city • Delayed delivery of goods and extra cost • Commuter time delays • Costly rebuild of infrastructure Flood vulnerability
  4. 4. What can a city do to increase its flood resilience?
  5. 5. Brisbane city A case study
  6. 6. Brisbane Flood The January 2011 Brisbane flood destroyed thousands of residential and commercial properties and one third of the passenger ferry terminals were destroyed or severely damaged, significantly compromising the river city’s public transport network. Oh no! 8 out of 24 ferry terminals are out of service! AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  7. 7. To protect against the paralysing effect of future floods, Brisbane City Council undertook an AUD 100 million upgrade programme for the Brisbane ferry terminal network. Aurecon and Cox Rayner Architects won an open design competition, which attracted 65 submissions from around the world, to design new ferry terminals that would be resilient to future flood events and accessible to all. Taking action
  8. 8. What is innovative about the Brisbane Ferry Terminals? The unique flood resilient design features allow for a terminal which can be returned to operation shortly after significant flood events.
  9. 9. Avoids visual ‘forest of piles’ 1 A single upstream pier structure replaces a series of conventional guide piles and provides for a highly sculptural solution to the architecture of the terminals. AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  10. 10. Structure deflects debris 2 An upstream rubber fender serves to absorb the energy of and deflect heavy objects away during a flood event to prevent damage to the terminal. AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  11. 11. Reduces negative lift 3 The boat-hull inspired pontoon shape reduces negative lift on leading edge and drag force during floods, as well as minimises the risk of debris impact. AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  12. 12. Automatically releasing gangway 4 A gangway provides lateral restraint during operation then utilises buoyancy to automatically detach from the shore and rotate behind the pontoon during a flood to minimise damage. AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  13. 13. Support changes function during flood 5 The downstream lateral restraint changes function during a flood to provide lateral restraint to the pontoon when the gangway has disengaged from its landside support. Operating - fender Flood - restraint AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  14. 14. Maintains accessibility Unique gangway floor mechanics which maintain level intermediate landings throughout the tidal range provide what is believed to be a world-first solution for achieving compliant disabled access. 6 AURECON ON FLOOD RESILIENCE
  15. 15. Design application This technology to provide resilience in infrastructure can be applied to any ferry terminal network world wide. The design ushers in a new generation of terminals which provide resilience and longevity even in the face of natural disasters.
  16. 16. Read more on our website! Contact: Arne Nilsen Technical Director +61 7 3173 8086