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ACTAtek 3 brochure-v1.8

ACTAtek has its roots in ERP and technology solutions that address workforce management and security. Formed over ten years ago, ACTAtek now has operational offices in The USA (California), Canada (Vancouver), EMEA (UK), India (New Delhi), Thailand (Bangkok), Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia (KL).

With a focus on ID Management, ACTAtek has addressed the primary markets for SECURITY and WORKFORCE MANAGEMENT through a common biometric platform that provides a high quality, scalable, and networked series of fingerprint, RFID smartcard and video product solutions that easily interface to all software applications that address the vertical market segments of Security and Workforce Management. A critical element of the ACTAtek approach is to offer a true, enterprise-wide network platform (thousands of users in different global locations) that readily supports both security (access control , video surveillance, asset tracking) and workforce management (time & Attendance, labor cost management and payroll interface) applications.

ACTAtek has won critical acclaim in independent reviews, and continues to develop its technology platform to incorporate key elements of the targeted growth markets.

Please bookmark this website and watch for new case studies where we share customer stories and show complete system solutions through our own offerings and those in partnership with industry leaders in security, workforce management and payroll.

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ACTAtek 3 brochure-v1.8

  1. 1. SAS IEC6095 IP65(Water Proof& Impact Resistant) Trying to incorporate biometrics technology to your existing software? ACTATek’s simple and easy to use middle ware do it all for you reducing the cost and headache. ACTAtek’s patent pending ID-Video allows digital search and mangement of all the video by user ID. Enter the ID, all the video clips of that user will pop up for you to see whether, for example, tail-gating occurred... You only getting reports from your Time Attendant software and wishing for solutions? Try ACTAtek SMART TIME, an enterprise level client server Labour Cost Management tool, that will give you solutions to reduce Labour Cost, prevents buddy punch… ACTAtek’s Active RFID asset and property protection and tracking solution assigns ownership rights biometrically and their user ID. No one can take away or moving any property without the rightful owner’s presence… ACTAtek TA an integrated Time Attendant software for SMEs… ACTAtek Access Manager, a web-based enterprise level management software to reduce your system integration and back-end cost… ACTAtek solutions make a difference. Biometric Authentication Real time communication Enterprise-wide deployment
  2. 2. A Typical Connection Diagram Access Control / Time Attendance / ACTAtek Access Manager** Safety standard Smartcard + PIN Optional mobile battery Relay support Smartcard + Fingerprint ID + Fingerprint Fingerprint, Smartcard, PIN Operation temperature -20°C to 50°C CMOS/Video camera Colour LCD& keypad EM 125kHz HID iClass / FeliCa ISO15693 Mifare / Legic 13.56MHz HID Proximity ISO14443A/B CPU / Fingerprint RFID card Export Report Remote Control Model: Database interface support ODBC / JDBC Encryption Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Multi-lingual support Network interface 100BaseT Ethernet (built-in) / SNMP support GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi (*additional device is required) RS-232/RS-485 Wiegand 26bit output Smartcard only Fingerprint only Fingerprint+ Smartcard Keypad+ CMOScamera Standard Features Model: only Fingerprint only Smartcard Smartcard Fingerprint+ CMOScamera Keypad+ Fingerprint enrollment Built-in smartcard reader Built-in web and database server Number of users Max. transaction records stored Static IP address assignment Dynamic IP address assignment Resolution of LCD Non-volatile memory 256MB Computer OS support Mac OS (with Internet browser) Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7 Linux PC Unix Machine Valid characters for employee ID 0-9, A-C (max. 16 characters) F1,F2,F3,F4 1k/3k/5k 10k/15k/20k 1k/3k/5k 10k/15k/20k 1k/3k/5k 10k/15k/30k 1k/3k/5k 10k/15k/30k 75000 log for 1k,. 3k, 5k user model 10000 log for 10k, 15k, 20k, 30k user model Distributed by: Modules Modes of authentication Mobile Software support 1 relay CE, FCC, CEPAS Card 13.56MHz 320 x 240 pixel resolution 2.8' 64K/256K colour TFT screen Android iPhone OS Hardware Requirements (Minimum ) CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6GHz or higher Memory: 4GB Storage: 20 GB free Ethernet: 100 Base-T Software Requirements Windows Server 32bit/64bit or Vista 32bit/64bit 2005 and 2008 is supported Microsoft .Net 2.0 or 3.5 runtime Microsoft SQL Server for Database Server , SQL Server ACTAtek Access Manager: Authentication time < 1 second Programmable function keys support Power Over Ethernet (Built-in) Windows Mobile /Casing IP65-fluid ingress,dust,salt,fog protection (*available on certain models only) I/O interface Available on certain models only CSV / Text file (Note:Access Manager -SOAP/API will be provided for 3rd party integration.) ** ** (Optional:External I/O board) (Singapore) ACTAtek Agent (Optional) (Standalone) (Networkable) Auto-match users 1:500 (1:N) FAM model (compatible with ACTA2) 1:3000 (1:N) FLI model