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  1. 1. Presented by MRS Electro Power Pvt. Ltd. Contact no :- 020-24350521MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  2. 2. What will we discuss today ?What is our vision ?Why product is revolutionaryFeaturesTechnical SpecificationWorkingAdvantages MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  3. 3. What is our Vision ?“Our Vision is to be the Global leader in makingthe smartest energy solutions affordable and tocreate a household brand that people can trust,and strongly believe in.” MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  4. 4. Why the products Revolutionary?We are India’s only Brand to design an Induction Cooker withauto sensing technology that manages energy supply basedon the dish that is being cooked. Auto-Sensing Technology Optimizes Energy SupplyWarning system to prevent Over-Cooking MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  5. 5. INTRODUCTIONInduction cooker Is the electric kitchen appliance based on principle of electromagnetic induction, which can supply convenient, cool, energy-saving and happy cooking feeling to housewife MAIN PARTS Panel ring 1. Ceramic plate Top cover Control panel MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  6. 6. KEY FUNCTIONBig Power IGBT :- IGBT is the key part, it is the brain of induction cooker, all AURA induction cooker High Power IGBT-High power IGBT can endure high current shock, ensure the safe-It can decrease temperature in the machine to extend the life of cookerNEW ANTI-BLOCK FAN :--Better design to avoid the block-Smooth air flow improve the quality of induction cooker-Type : 18VBLDC/018A/2700 RPM MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  7. 7. FEATURES1. Quick & consistent cooking2. Flame and Smoke free3. Automatic voltage regulator4. Full ABS plastic5. Easy to operate6. Flash proof design7. Robust and stylish Design8. Have 6 different function9. Timer facility have given MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  8. 8. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION1.AC Input voltage: 220-240V AC, 50Hz2.Operating Power: 200-1800W3.Digital Display: LED/LCD Display-(depends on model)4.Temparature Rating(Ambient): +5 to +240 C5.Dimension: (L)*(B)*(H) .(depends on model)6.Weight : 2.2 Kg approx.(depends on model) MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  9. 9. WORKING-The induction cooker mainly based on the principle of Electromagneticinduction1. Element’s electronics power a coil(red lines) that produces a high frequency electromagnetic field(orange lines)2. That field penetrate metal of ferrous(magnetic material) cooking vessel, sets up a circulating electric current ,which generates heat3. Heat is generated in cooking vessel is transfer to vessel’s contents4. Nothing outside the vessel is affected by field-as soon as vessel is removed from the element, or element turn off ,heat generation stops.. MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  10. 10. ADVANTAGES1. Flameless, electric cookers provides rapid heating, improved thermal efficiency, greater heat consistency, Cooler kitchen2. High efficiency of power transfer makes heating food faster3. Control system shuts down element if a pot not present or not large enough, so safe to use4. Since cooking surface is not directly heated, spoiled food does not burn on surface, maintainClean top6.An approximate 12% saving in energy for same amount of heat transfer Cooler stove top7. Durable, maintain ubiquity and saves the cost MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd
  11. 11. THANK YOU!!!!!! MRS Electro Power Pvt Ltd