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The 4 Step Plan to Leverage your Oracle Forms Investment into the Mobile/ Cloud Generation


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Presented by Mia Urman, CEO of AuraPlayer - July 2015

Mia Urman wows the crowd as she discussed best practices for upgrading and modernizing Oracle Forms 6i - 11g r 2

AuraPlayer is a cutting edge technology company that provides unique solutions to integrate, modernize, extend, and mobilize Oracle Forms and EBS systems. AuraPlayer's patent pending technology "wraps" existing EBS and Oracle Forms systems as web services within hours without writing one line of code. The result is an open, agile, and accessible Forms business process.

For more information on AuraPlayer and on Oracle Forms:



Twitter: @AuraPlayer @MiaUrman

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The 4 Step Plan to Leverage your Oracle Forms Investment into the Mobile/ Cloud Generation

  1. 1. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Mia Urman @miaurman
  2. 2. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle Forms Statement of direction
  3. 3. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Mia Urman • Oracle Development Geek for 15 years. • 5 years at Oracle as a senior support analyst and local product manager of Forms and ADF. • CEO and Founder of AuraPlayer - Addressing Oracle Forms modernization challenges encountered at blue chip customers • Board member of ODTUG, Leader of the ilOUG Oracle Developer Group and presenter of Oracle tools at international conferences OOW, Kscope, UKOUG …
  4. 4. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Mission critical back office systems • Can’t access business processes from external applications • Systems developed years ago, lack documentation • Migration to a new technology challenging if at all possible • Redevelopment takes years and involves enormous cost and risk Customers are frozen need a way …. Oracle Forms/ EBS Challenge
  5. 5. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Into the FUTURE
  6. 6. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 CLEAN UP UPGRADE MODERNIZE INTEGRATE INNOVATE! Our Game Plan: Leverage your EXISTING investment
  7. 7. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Clean Up Don’t Migrate/Upgrade What’s Not in Use • Are any modules obsolete? • Review usage of the system • What forms are now obsolete? • What reports are not run? • Do we will use PLL / OLBs? • Remove dead code • Delete multiple copies of same sources • Merge forms that perform similar tasks • Systems replaced by packaged apps?
  8. 8. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 CLEAN UP UPGRADE MODERNIZE INTEGRATE INNOVATE! Our Game Plan: Leverage your EXISTING investment
  9. 9. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle Forms 9i/10g IAS Forms 11g Weblogic Server Forms 3.0 Oracle Forms 4.0 – 6i Client Server Upgrade Road Map
  10. 10. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Why Upgrade Your Forms? • Ensure support (C/S de-supported 2004/10g Dec. 2011) • Certification – New browsers, O/S, Java versions • New features - SOA, REUI, JavaScript • Strategic Middleware - Runs on WebLogic • Upgrade is Seamless from 10g to 11g • Platform for integration • Ensure the highest level of security
  11. 11. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Suggested Work Plan • Backup ALL related files !! • Pilot Upgrade of application (50-100 forms) • Clean up environment – unused, dead code • Check forms for C/S or OS Specific features • Get an estimate of the work, time, cost • Freeze C/S - all new developments should be web • Modernize Look and Feel of the application • Do full upgrade in modules / Phases • Testing should be with each module! • Do Production Pilot (Phased rollout)
  12. 12. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 CLEAN UP UPGRADE MODERNIZE INTEGRATE INNOVATE! Our Game Plan: Leverage your EXISTING investment
  13. 13. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Forms Look and Feel Modernization • Toolbar and navigation • Look and Feel Project • Color / Font / Size • Prompts / Titles • Images • Frames • OLB, templates for visual standards
  14. 14. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015
  15. 15. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015
  16. 16. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015
  17. 17. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015
  18. 18. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Forms to XML Converter Impact Analysis & Programmatic manipulation of text files • JDAPI Make Global Changes via API Manipulating Forms in Batch
  19. 19. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Yes - Java in Forms! Java Beans – Java Bean Area - layout object on canvas – Use custom trigger to get and set properties PJC – Portable Java Component – Change default behavior/properties of objects Java Classes – Run Web Services – Run Java code in forms triggers – Java importer – PLSQL java wrapper JavaScript – Interact with objects in the browser page - Maps
  20. 20. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Java Beans & PJCs
  21. 21. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Java Importer Importing Java Classes into Forms
  22. 22. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Webservices Call External Services From Forms package CurrencyConverter /* currconv3.mypackage.CurrConv3Stub */ IS function new return ora_java.jobject; function getrate( obj ora_java.jobject, a0 varchar2, a1 varchar2) return ora_java.jobject; end;  Run external Webservices from within Oracle Forms triggers • Create a Web Service proxy in Jdeveloper • Call the WS client from the Forms application using the Java Importer
  23. 23. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 JavaScript in Forms
  24. 24. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 JavaScript Integration Two way client Side communication
  25. 25. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle Forms Events Highly Available Asynchronous Communication
  26. 26. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Using Events in Forms
  27. 27. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 CLEAN UP UPGRADE MODERNIZE INTEGRATE INNOVATE! Our Game Plan: Leverage your EXISTING investment
  28. 28. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Hybrid Options • Living Side By Side Forms running alongside new technologies • Visual Integration Create a common UI – Forms & ADF/APEX/Java • Process / Service Integration Run common business logic DB/Events • Innovation Run Forms business process from new environments - AuraPlayer
  29. 29. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Forms & External Apps Living In Harmony Form System External System Security / Management Web.show_document Common Bus LogicAQ Messages web.javascript_eval_expr
  30. 30. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 By Jim Cote, Oracle
  31. 31. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 CLEAN UP UPGRADE MODERNIZE INTEGRATE INNOVATE! Our Game Plan: Leverage your EXISTING investment
  32. 32. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Bringing Legacy Forms to the Mobile World
  33. 33. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015
  34. 34. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Your Employees Have Gone Mobile Time For Your Enterprise to Catch Up!
  35. 35. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Mobile Strategy “We can run our system using Remote Desktop…”
  36. 36. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 DO NOT run Forms on the mobile run your BUSINESS on the mobile
  37. 37. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Understand Your Business Needs Observe real end users doing real work: Can we make them more productive? Watch surrounding and environmental challenges: Can we improve employees user experience. Are users missing data to do their jobs? Enhance data gathering: cameras, SMS, social media, personal , location, voice Types of Users – Occasional, Internal/external
  38. 38. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Analyze Your Mobile Needs Mobile Requirements • What OS: iOS / Android / Windows / BYOD? • Type of Applications – Browser Based / Hybrid • Device type, Screen size • New Hardware / Software needed? • New development tools and environments • Mobile developers Challenges to Consider • Slower network – Disconnects - Offline / Connected • No mouse, Function keys - Gestures • Smaller screen / Less screens • Difficult to touch small elements - Harder to type • Mobile Infrastructure – Security, Load
  39. 39. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Mobile Application Framework Oracle Mobile Suite Oracle Mobile Cloud Services Oracle’s Mobility Products Oracle Mobile Security Suite Service Bus / SOA Suite
  40. 40. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  41. 41. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015Copyright © 2014, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  42. 42. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Wizard Based Mobile Development Deploy to iOS or Android
  43. 43. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Business Services Development • Code logic with Java • Lightweight JVM • Easy access to Remote - Web service • SOAP • REST XML, REST JSON • Local Business Logic • Java Classes • SQLite DB - Portable, lightweight relational database
  44. 44. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Do you still carry around one of these?
  45. 45. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015  Mobile devices can lose/turn off connectivity  Offline access to data is a common requirement  But it will increase the complexity of your application  If you cache data locally you must consider – When to cache the data – How much data to cache – When to synchronize updates – Recording the order of updates – How to deal with synchronization conflicts – Security of the data if the device is lost Security Data Caching Challenges
  46. 46. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 How Do We Do It ?
  47. 47. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Understand business process we want to translate to the small screen. • Selecting what input and output data we to run the business process. • Identifying expected results What output data and messages do we want to receive from the Forms system? • Decide Navigation of user through the app How We Do It: Step 1 Define Business Process and Data
  48. 48. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Expose business processes as services • Use pre-built APIs supplied by providers to build connected systems • Create your own Services using development tools How We Do It: Step 2 Create the Service Layer
  49. 49. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Introducing AuraPlayer Unlock Oracle Forms Systems as WebServices Expose existing systems as Webservices without writing one line of code! Same System Many UI / Devices
  50. 50. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle Forms / EBS Service Layer
  51. 51. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle Forms Mobility Unlock Oracle Forms Systems to Mobile/Cloud Expose existing systems as Web Services without writing one line of code Same System, Many UI / Devices
  52. 52. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Oracle 11g DB DMZ External Network FireWall Internal Network Desktop Solution Architecture One System – For both Desktop and Any UI
  53. 53. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 How We Do It: Step 3 Jdeveloper – Build Mobile Project
  54. 54. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Create AMX pages and design new mobile UI How We Do It: Step 3 Create Mobile UI - Jdeveloper
  55. 55. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Let’s See it in Action Demo time!
  56. 56. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 The Process : Oracle Forms to Mobile/Cloud 1. Enable the Oracle Forms process  2. Generate a Webservice (Wizard)  3. Connect WS to Oracle Mobile Cloud or SOA Suite or Weblogic  4. Create the Mobile App 
  57. 57. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Check out the full story • System: Insurance proposal generation and sales system. • Customer Need: Oracle Forms 11g was unable to run on mobile devices. AuraPlayer was used to create HTML5 pages from Forms • Technologies: Forms 11g Weblogic / Tomcat / DMZ / HTML5j • Benefit to Customer: • Cost Savings: Insurance policy can be generated in 9 minutes instead of 3 days • Revenue Generating: Agents can now sell policies in remote areas and via new channels (banks) without any additional hardware/software. Jubilee Life (a member of the Aga Khan group) is an insurance company in Pakistan with a clientele of over one million corporate and individual insured parties. Customer Success Story: Jubilee Life Insurance
  58. 58. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Surgery Scheduling System - Mobilization of Oracle Forms surgical scheduling system using MAF and AuraPlayer. • Scheduling application serves over 1000 surgeons for over 500 procedures and about 2,000,000 surgeries a year. • Increased efficiency and maximized information availability for surgeons and medical center customers. Matrix is a leading information technology company in Israel, employing over 6,500 IT Professionals with sales revenues of over 2 billion NIS. Check out the Oracle Customer Story Customer Success Story: Matrix Mobilizes Oracle Forms Using Oracle Mobile Framework
  59. 59. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Migration
  60. 60. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Innovation By Migration Things to Consider • This is a PROJECT. No silver bullet • Need a business reason to redevelop • Need thorough understanding of the Forms application • No tool can re-write your business logic • Need deep knowledge of the new technologies • UI implications – HTML vs Applet • Investigate 3rd party tools for migration assistance Benefits of Migration • No Oracle Forms maintenance/licenses • Fully portable system • No applet, full HTML client • Larger developer pool
  61. 61. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Migration Statistics from our Survey • How long did it take for total redevelopment? • 1 year of 25-35 developers then 2 years 30 people fine tuning – Average 3-5 years • What was your biggest challenge during redevelopment? • Lack of knowledge, documentation on the original Oracle Forms • Lack of knowledge in the new technology stack • Hard to train new implementation partners on new technology • How long did it take to train the Forms staff to the new technology? • 1 year for experienced developer to understand the ADF stack and experts in the new technology • Hard to find ADF experts easier to find Java developers. • How much was your budget? • Average of 2 – 5 million dollars to redevelop 400 Forms
  62. 62. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 • Asses Your Requirements • What systems do we need to integrate with? UI requirements? • What platforms do we need to deploy to? • Understand Your Existing System • Where does the business logic sit today? • What functionality is duplicated in other systems? • Do we have documentation? Developer resources? • Define Timeline and Budget • Decide on Implementation Method • Integrate, Migrate, 3rd party solution Moving Forward
  63. 63. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 4 Step Plan To Future Step 1 Upgrade • Customer Upgrades to 11g • Weblogic Suite / Modernize / SSO Step 2 Mobility • Mobilize Existing Use Cases • Mobile Framework / SOA Suite / Security / Cloud Step 3 Hybrid • Phased Hybrid Development • Oracle ADF / J2EE / APEX Step 4 Migrate • Phased Migration to New Technologies … Maybe
  64. 64. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Summary • Clean up Forms environment – unused, dead code • Upgrade to Latest version – Forms 11gR2 • Modernize Look and Feel - Incorporate Java elements • Chose right tool for the job • Refactor code to the DB • Systems on common infrastructure Weblogic – SSO • Slowly evolve teams and systems • Start thinking about system INNOVATION – ADF Mobile • Use AuraPlayer to move systems to the next generation platforms / environments without migration
  65. 65. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Questions?
  66. 66. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Stay in touch with the family • Oracle Forms on the Oracle Technology Network • • Oracle Technology Network Forms Forum • • Oracle Communities (My-Oracle-Support) • • Follow us on Twitter @OracleFormsPM Oracle Forms
  67. 67. Copyright: AuraPlayer 2015 Mia Urman (Me ) @miaurman Forms Community Blog AuraPlayer PJC Master site Forms Look and Feel Project More Information