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Strategies for Running Oracle Forms from Mobile Devices and Tablets - ODTUG Web Series 2014


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Presented by Mia Urman, CEO of AuraPlayer - March 2014

AuraPlayer is a cutting edge technology company that provides unique solutions to integrate, modernize, extend, and mobilize Oracle Forms and EBS systems. AuraPlayer's patent pending technology "wraps" existing EBS and Oracle Forms systems as web services within hours without writing one line of code. The result is an open, agile, and accessible Forms business process.

For more information on AuraPlayer and on Oracle Forms:



Twitter: @AuraPlayer @MiaUrman

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Strategies for Running Oracle Forms from Mobile Devices and Tablets - ODTUG Web Series 2014

  1. 1. Mia Urman, AuraPlayer Denis Tyrell, Oracle Strategies for Running Oracle Forms from Mobile Devices and Tablets
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  4. 4. GLOBAL MOBILE 3G SUBSCRIBERS 5 Copyright © 2012, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Source: Forbes: Mobile Business Statistics For 2012 By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4-to-1. 90% of CIOs expect to deploy more than 25 mobile apps in 2014. Market for Cloud-based Mobile Apps is expected to grow by 88% from 2009 to 2014 Mobile & Cloud Computing
  7. 7. • Expectations set for high user experience • Touch first • “simple” connected apps • Search and voice interfaces • Context driven app experience transitions • Development Impact • Multiplatform is inevitable • New UI design skills needed • Native v/s Hybrid v/s Mobile Web A Multichannel, Multidevice Strategy is a Requirement
  8. 8. “We’ll just use our existing web application…”
  9. 9. Mobile Web App (Viewed in Safari)Mobile Web Apps  Online application accessed through mobile device browser  Browser governs access to local storage and device services (camera, GPS, etc.)  Highly reusable code  Highly portable Native Mobile Apps  Application installed & runs on device  Optimized for specific mobile platform and form factor  Direct access to local storage and device services  Code reuse can be complex  Portability requires work Hybrid Mobile Apps  Application installed & runs on device with HTML5 UI  Optimized for specific mobile platform & form factor  Direct access to local storage and device services  Code reuse simplified  Portability simplified Native App (iOS) A Variety of Application Types
  10. 10. Can You Guess the Hybrid App? Trick Question – The Answer – All of them
  11. 11. “We can run our Forms using Remote Desktop…”
  12. 12. MOBILIZE your Forms instead!
  13. 13. MOBILIZE your Forms instead!
  14. 14. MOBILIZE your Forms instead!
  15. 15. Understanding Mobile Requirements • What Device: iOS / Android • Form Factor, Screen size • Device Features / Capabilities • Offline / Connected • Processing power • BYOD?
  16. 16. • No mouse, Function keys • Using gestures • Harder to type • Difficult to touch small elements • Slower network – Disconnects • Security Understanding Mobile Challenges
  17. 17. Java HTML5 Use Existing Skills Set Built on Standards Use Existing Skills Set Wizard Based Development Oracle ADF Mobile ADF Mobile Simplifying Development
  18. 18. ADF Mobile Overview • Native application container on each platform • Java for business logic & data model • HTML5 + Javascript + CSS presentation only • Isolated SQLite with Encryption • Device Access via Cordova • Tight integration with Oracle IDM • Feature modularity and re-use • Maximum UI flexibility: Declarative AMX or HTML5
  19. 19. Wizard Based Mobile Development Deploy to iOS or Android
  20. 20. Block Mode Character Mode Client Server Web SOA ?? ADF Mobile Evolving with Oracle Forms
  21. 21. Expose Oracle Forms as WebServices Introducing AuraPlayer
  22. 22. Any Web UI Mobile CloudWebServices Service Bus / SOA Oracle Forms to Next Generation
  23. 23. Define the Business Process Expose the Forms as a Webservice Create the Mobile App in Jdeveloper Run Your Mobile App!  ADF Mobile on iPad Demo Demos: Oracle Form to ADF Mobile
  24. 24. Oracle 11g DB DMZ External Network FireWall Internal Network Desktop Solution Architecture One System – For both Desktop and Any UI
  25. 25. − Rapid Mobile development − Wizard based development - Rollout Mobile apps in weeks instead of months − No Redevelopment / Migration of the Oracle Forms System − Achieve new cutting edge applications without risking your existing systems − Leverage existing investments − Build Mobile interfaces on existing business logic − Simplify Maintenance − One source of business logic across the stack Productive Mobile Development
  26. 26. • Asses Your Requirements • What platforms do we need to deploy to? UI requirements? • Understand Your Existing System • Where does the business logic sit today? • Define Timeline and Budget • Conduct Proof of Concept of Proposed Solution • Decide on Implementation Method Moving Forward Considerations For Modernization Projects
  27. 27. Free Trial Create your own Oracle Forms App! 28 Free remote trial offer for webinar participants For Details click here Register here
  28. 28. Questions?
  29. 29. Future of Forms - Survey
  30. 30. More Information  Mia Urman - @miaurman  ADF Mobile on OTN – Datasheets,Tutorial,Demos  ADF Mobile Blog –  Oracle Forms Community Blog – ,  AuraPlayer – or @auraplayer