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World Collide: Running Oracle Forms from APEX - ODTUG Web Series 2014


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Presented by Mia Urman, CEO of AuraPlayer - Feb 2014

AuraPlayer is a cutting edge technology company that provides unique solutions to integrate, modernize, extend, and mobilize Oracle Forms and EBS systems. AuraPlayer's patent pending technology "wraps" existing EBS and Oracle Forms systems as web services within hours without writing one line of code. The result is an open, agile, and accessible Forms business process.

For more information on AuraPlayer and on Oracle Forms:



Twitter: @AuraPlayer @MiaUrman

Instagram @AuraPlayer

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World Collide: Running Oracle Forms from APEX - ODTUG Web Series 2014

  1. 1. • • • •
  2. 2.
  3. 3. • • • • • • • •
  4. 4. 2SHJB8
  5. 5. Gartner: Modernization and Migration Strategies for Oracle Forms Oracle Application Development Tools SOD
  6. 6. Integrate Migrate Mobilize
  7. 7. • • •
  8. 8. Talking ‘bout a revolution
  9. 9. • This is a PROJECT – No Magic Solutions • Must Have Business Reason to Redevelop – Need full QA of new system – regression testing • Must Understand the Forms Application in all its Complexity – No tool can re-write your business logic • Need Knowledge of the New Technology • UI Implications – HTML vs Applet • Benefits of Migration – No applet , full html client – No Oracle Forms maintenance in long term
  10. 10. Any UI Mobile CloudWebServices Service Bus / SOA
  11. 11. Oracle 11g DB DMZ External Network FireWall Modernization Architecture Once System – For both Desktop and Any UI Internal Network Desktop
  12. 12. The Process Oracle Forms to APEX  Record the scenario in Forms  Generate a Webservice (Wizard)  Create the new User Interface in APEX  Run Your Mobile / Web App! Demo Demo
  13. 13. • Asses Your Requirements • What platforms do we need to deploy to? UI requirements? • Understand Your Existing System • Where does the business logic sit today? • Do we have documentation? Developer resources? • Define Timeline and Budget • Decide on Implementation Method • Integrate, Migrate, 3rd party solution
  14. 14. Training Materials JavaScript Information Demo- Integrating Oracle Forms 11g with JavaScript Documentation - Oracle Forms and JavaScript Integration AQ Information Demo - Integrating Advanced Queuing in Oracle Forms 11g Documentation: Working with Server Events WebServices Information Demo - Calling a Web service from Oracle Forms 11g