Parenting course class 4


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Parenting ---- The Islamic Way

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  • Once a man came to Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) and said: O messenger of Allah, what is religion?Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: Akhlaq (Good Conduct, Morality).Then he came to his front and asked: O Messenger of Allah, what is religion?Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: Akhlaq (Good Conduct, Morality).Then he came to his left side and asked: what is religion?Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: Akhlaq (Good Conduct, Morality).Then he came to his back side and asked the same question: what is religion?Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: Akhlaq (Good Conduct, Morality).Then Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said looking at him: Not to be angry is Akhlaq (Good Conduct, Morality).Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) was asked: What is misfortune?Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) replied: Bad Conduct.
  • 1. And say to My servants (that) they speak that which is best. (17:53)2. Worship Allah, and do not associate partners with him. And be good to your parents, and the relatives, and to the orphans, and to the poor people, and the neighbor that is close to you and the neighbor that is not close to you, and your companion on the journey. (4:36)Many Ahadith can be quoted concerning good conduct, ethics, morals or character. The following are some of what Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:1. I have been sent is to perfect good manners (Morality, Islamic Behavior).2. The dearest of you to me is he who is the best of you in Akhlaq.3. The most complete of believers in Imaan (faith) are those who are best in character.4. The most (important) things that cause people to reach Heaven are divine piety and a good temper.5. There is not anything that will be placed on the scale weightier than good Akhlaq, and, certainly, the one who has good Akhlaq reaches by it the rank of one who continuously observes Saum (Fasts) and performs abundant (Nafl) Salah.6. Verily, a servant can gain the rank of him who both fasts during the day and keeps vigil at night, keeping up prayers, through his good disposition.7. Fear Allah (SWT) wherever you are, follow up an evil deed with a good deed, and meet with the people, interact with the people, with good Akhlaq.8. Imam Ali (as) said to his son, Imam Hassan (as): O' my son! No wealth is more valuable than intelligence and no poverty is similar to ignorance; no terror is worse than arrogance, and no life is more pleasant than being good tempered.9. Imam Ali (as) says, Good behavior lies in three traits: Avoiding unlawful things, acquiring the lawful ones, and being fair to one's family members.10. Imam Hassan (as) says: The most preferable adornment is graceful manners.11. Imam Hassan (as) says: Verily, the best of bests is a good temper.12. Imam Ali ibnHusayn (as) said: Fair speech increases wealth, stretches sustenance, postpones death, creates love among family members, and causes the person to enter Heaven.13. Imam Sadiq (as) said: There are three things that each of which is brought by a person to Allah (SWT), Allah (SWT) will necessitate Heaven for the one: donation in poverty, a good temper with all people, and justice to one's self.
  • Parenting course class 4

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    8. 8. "Say (O Muhammad (SAW) to mankind); if you truly love Allah(SWT), then follow me, and Allah(SWT) will loveyou, and Allah(SWT) will forgive you your sins and Allah(SWT) is the Oft forgiving, Most merciful."[Surah Al Imran31] ICNA Sisters Wing
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    20. 20. Disposition In a hadith from Imam Ali (as) is related as saying, Allah (SWT) created Angels with intellect but without anger or desire. And created animals with anger and desire but without intellect. And created man with intellect (reason), anger and desire. If mans reason over powers his anger and desires, he rises to the status of that higher than angels. But if his angerICNA Sisters Wing and desires overpower his intellect and reason he becomes
    21. 21. The most important faculties of the soul are:The power of intelligence (al-Quwwah al-Aqliyyah) - Angelic.The power of anger (al-Quwwah al-Ghadabiyyah) - Ferocious.The power of desire (al-Quwwah al-Shahwiyyah) - Animalistic.The power of imagination (al-Quwwah al-Wahmiyyah) - Demoniac. ICNA Sisters Wing
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