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Aula School Annual Paella Party


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Aula School of Spanish in Cyprus. In Pafos we offer high quality Spanish Lessons for those who like to learn more than a language, learn also a new culture, ethics and customs.

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Aula School Annual Paella Party

  1. 1. Aula School annual Paella Party Like every year, in June 2009 we have had our paella day at Timothy's Art and bar in Pafos. Aula School having fun.
  2. 2. Our host • María José as always happy to receive the students of Aula School and prepare for them a great Paella and Tapas. • Thanks María José
  3. 3. The teacher and... • The teacher of Aula and the younger generation of teachers as well the younger generation of hosts • As you see our Paella parties are suitable for all ages
  4. 4. The “regulars” • For them Timothy's is not a strange place, they are there often ... With the rest of Aula students they are also having a great time.
  5. 5. Our teenager groups • Classes for teenagers and fun for teenagers. Aula school has special onsite courses for teenagers as well as summer schools in Spain with first class schools. • Spanish is easier when you are a teen... and is also more fun
  6. 6. The not so teenagers • For you who still feel young like teenagers we can offer you apart of wine with your Paella during our parties, we also have courses specially designed to attend them part time onsite and part time online. Our new E- Learning section is now available for you who do not have much time.
  7. 7. All of us having a good time • Are you going to join us for next school year 2009 – 2010 ??
  8. 8. In case you cannot be in class then… • In case you cannot attend any classes because you do not live in Pafos or you cannot due to your everyday schedule we have probably the best full online Spanish Courses available. • Just click here and learn more.
  9. 9. Contact us • Zapeiou 1 Str. Pafos – Cyprus • Tel. +357 26 948003 • Please feel free to join our online club