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State of Influencer Engagement 2015


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Discover the results of our State of Influencer Engagement 2015

Published in: Marketing

State of Influencer Engagement 2015

  1. 1. The 2nd annual study into the status and practice of influencer engagement reflects that this practice is carving itself a privileged niche in marketing and communications plans. But, how effective is it really? What are the best channels, content and interaction strategies? How should businesses get organized to tackle this new challenge in the best way possible? You'll find the keys to answer these questions in this study. STATE OF INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT 2015 REPORT 84% of marketing and communications professionals will resort to influencer engagement in 2015 LEVEL OF ADOPTION EFFECTIVENESS OF INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT 49%44% 5%2% Not effective at all Somewhat ineffective Somewhat effective Very effective 27%48%21% 4% 26%50%20% 4% raise brand awareness Generate sales leads increase customer loyalty 75% 69% 53% Identify the right influencers Find the right engagement tactics Measure the performance of your programs 32 % Keep track of your influencers’ activity 26 % Find budget for your campaigns 26% Automate your engagement process 8% Find / Train qualified staff MAIN CHALLENGES SEOSEO crisis management SEO corporate Communications Organizing events content Creation product launch content Promotion 67% 59% 59% 45% 32% 23% 14% INFLUENCER ENGAGEMENT USE CASES 24% ć 42%51% v 54% t 68% MOST FREQUENTLY USED CHANNELS Twitter Blogs Facebook Media Instagram 69% 44%70% 32% Webinars / Hangouts 29% Whitepapers / ebooks / studies 27% Infographics 26% Press releases 2% Others Events Guest posts Video MOST EFFECTIVE CONTENT TO LEVERAGE A COLLABORATION WITH INFLUENCERS 22% 24% 25% 29% 45% 55% earn money get perks (discounts, free samples) live new experiences (trips, events...) shape their image create quality contents for their audience increase their reach / grow their audience INFLUENCERS’ MOTIVATION 36% Rarely 33% Never 22% Frequently 9% Always INFLUENCER REMUNERATION DO YOU PAY THE INFLUENCERS YOU WORK WITH? 41% 33% 20% 6% Will increaseWill remains stable No budget Will decrease BUDGET FOR 2015 VS 2014 PR Manager Community Manager CEO Digital Marketing Manager Content Marketing Manager CMOOthers 28% 17% 17% 11% 11% 9% 7% OWNER OF THE RELATIONSHIP WITH INFLUENCERS IN THE COMPANY 56%34% 9% 1% Europe North America Latin America Others geographic area 32% 27% 41% Large companies (>1001 employees) Medium-sized companies (51 to 1000 employees) SMEs (<50 employees) size of the company position held at the company 43% C Level (CEO, CFO, CTO) & Senior Management Middle Management & Staff 57% PR 41% Others 11% Marketing 48% specialisation areasANSWERS PROFILE OF THOSE SURVEYED 603