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Wally Young (DAQRI) The Path to ARToolKit 6

Explore the growth of the ARToolKit development and community as we unveil its next big iteration - ARToolKit 6. Wally Young, will lead this session and is excited to show you all of the work that’s been done and how you can benefit from and grow the open source community.

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Wally Young (DAQRI) The Path to ARToolKit 6

  1. 1. The Road to ARToolKit 6 ARToolKit for the Next Generation Wally Young Technical Product Manager, ARToolKit What’s that?
  2. 2. 1999 First public demonstration @ SIGGRAPH. 2001 v1, with square tracking released open source. 2001 ARToolworks Incorporated, begins selling Pro version. 2004 NFT tracking integrated in ARToolKit. 2004 v2 released open source. 2008-10 iPhone 3g Support, Open Source Innovation 2011-14 Android support added, further extending platform support. 2015 Acquired by DAQRI, pro version open sourced.... The History of ARToolKit what have we been up to?
  3. 3. 2015-16
  4. 4. ARToolKit 5, by the Numbers Pro Versions Open Sourced on May 13 2015 35,000+ Visitors Per Month to 71,000+ SDK Downloads 235 ARToolKit 5 Forks 88 ARToolKit for Unity Forks 1240 Members of ARToolKit Forum
  5. 5. Why Open Source? • If we want the AR community to grow, price (and license) should not be a barrier to entry. • We want to encourage innovation in AR circles, and share transparently. • We want to raise awareness and understanding of AR, and how it works.
  6. 6. New Users, New Devices, New Tech
  7. 7. ARToolKit for the Next Generation
  8. 8. New Image Tracker New for ARToolKit 6. Like v5.3, it uses FREAK features, but is a ground-up new development from DAQRI, using approaches such as optical flow alongside template matching for more robust tracking. 1999. Handbook of Computer Vision and Applications with Cdrom (1st ed.). Bernd Jahne, Peter Geissler, and Horst Haussecker (Eds.). Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc., San Francisco, CA, USA.
  9. 9. Planar Tracker Using the same algorithms in our image tracker, we can also track unprepared planes. Just start the tracker and go!
  10. 10. New Unity Plugin Completely new developer experience, designed to make going for 0-to-AR faster and easier than ever before.
  11. 11. Commitment to Open Source ARToolKit 6 will continue our tradition of being completely free and open source. • You do not need to purchase a license. • You do not need to register for an account. • You do not need to “phone home” with our SDK. • You do not need to give away what you build with it.
  12. 12. COMING THIS FALL When?
  13. 13. Wally Young Technical Product Manager, ARToolKit @wallyyoungmusic ARToolKit Home Community Documentation ARToolKit 5 SDK Repo ARToolKit 5 for Unity Repo DAQRI Home 4D Expo Thank you! Follow us on Twitter! @artoolkit_ @DAQRI