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Raheel Khalid (Envrmnt by Verizon): Cloud XR Experience on 5G with Mobile Edge Networks


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A talk from the Inspire Track at AWE USA 2018 - the World's #1 XR Conference & Expo in Santa Clara, California May 30- June 1, 2018.

Raheel Khalid (Envrmnt by Verizon): Cloud XR Experience on 5G with Mobile Edge Networks
Augmented and Virtual Reality has a baseline for low latency and high-fidelity graphics which forces users into long install times and longer downloads. In this session, we will explore how Envrmnt built a pipeline for streaming 3d mesh data, textures, animations and more. We'll review our platform for delivery, distribution and real-time updates that scales to hundreds of thousands of concurrent users and is accelerated by 5G and Verizon's Mobile Edge Cloud Computing Platform.

Published in: Technology
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Raheel Khalid (Envrmnt by Verizon): Cloud XR Experience on 5G with Mobile Edge Networks

  1. 1. W W W . E N V R M N T . C O M
  2. 2. Raheel Khalid - @rkhalid890 A game industry and operating systems veteran that serves as the Chief Engineer for Verizon Labs. Using years of experience in building large scale game engines and graphics platforms I work to architect and set the technical vision for Verizon's future in VR & AR streaming services 2
  3. 3. About us What we do at Envrmnt
  4. 4. 4 Expertise and Distribution Envrmnt is built with democratization of creation and distribution in mind so that creating and viewing VR is as easy as flipping channels. T h e c re a t i o n o f A R a n d V R experiences currently requires some knowledge of game development and in many cases experience in 3D content creation or computer vision Once created, creators struggle to get users to try experiences that are often only a few minutes in length, but require massive downloads and lengthy installs.
  5. 5. Latency and Bandwidth It is generally accepted that the greatest acceptable time it takes to update the screen from a user’s movement is roughly 20ms. This is referred to as motion-to-photon latency. Typical displays on VR/AR devices have a refresh rate of between 60Hz and 90Hz or 16.66ms to 11.11ms. This is the time to update pixels on a screen. The fastest networks in the US provide 40-200ms latency round trip. 
 On 5G, however, there is a theoretical single ms latency.
  6. 6. 6 ENVRMNT’S TECHNOLOGY ADVANTAGE Envrmnt focuses on enabling enterprises to rapidly deliver scalable and ubiquitous XR experiences without the need for an experienced development staff. Streaming AR/VR graphics engine decodes experiences on the fly without the need for massive downloads. This enables enterprises to rapidly scale AR/VR experiences across Android, iOS, and the web. Streaming SDK Cloud Hosting, CDN, Intelligent Edge & 5G enables the processing and delivery of AR/VR experiences across a wide range of platforms and devices enabling the “near instant” deployment of new content to mobile or web. Verizon Tech Envrmnt Creator - A Web self-service ‘drag and drop’ tools, powered by Envrmnt’s technology platforms, allow existing marketing or IT resources to create their own AR/VR/ 360 experiences with a few simple clicks. Self-Service Tools 7
  7. 7. AR DESIGNER AR Designer is an easy-to-use drag and drop tool that lets anyone build AR experiences and deliver them to their customer base by integrating Envrmnt SDK into mobile apps. This tool can be leveraged to promote brands and monetize via on-demand content and integration with e-commerce platforms. Augmented Reality 360 Live Streaming Stream 360 live content and include transitions from 2D to 360 videos . Videos, Games & 3D Objects Incorporate interactive features, such as mini- games and animated 3D objects. 5G Mobile Edge Compute Deliver superior AR experiences via faster network transmission and ultra-low latency.
  8. 8. WORLD MAKER WorldMaker is a powerful drag and drop tool that lets anyone create and modify immersive streaming virtual spaces, impacting players in real time and providing rich communication services. This tool can be used to promote brands and services or monetize via subscriptions, on-demand content, micro-transactions or dynamic advertising. Navigable and Social Experiences Customized Worlds Any Platform Streaming in Real Time VR Monetization Customer Data Virtual Reality
  9. 9. 9 STREAMING XR! Envrmnt set out to deliver a scalable infrastructure that is modular, fast and accessible. The pipeline allows for massively scalable distribution and uses machine learning to deliver more effectively over time. Edge compute appliances deployed at our CDN and last mile network are designed specifically to offload AI, compute, vision and render while allowing composition and hyper latency sensitive activities to still happen on device through our custom rendering engine. XR Monetization Streaming in Real Time Cross-platform Logic can change on the fly Data is chunked, transient and adaptive Virtual + Augmented Reality
  10. 10. 10 UNIQUELY DESIGNED FOR THE EDGE Distribution and acceleration are enabled by sharing responsibilities with last mile compute resources Network based streaming approaches are specially able to leverage edge computing for offload of specific tasks enabling next generation performance on embedded devices with limited capabilities. Envrmnt works to create edge services and tools specifically for OTT consumption on any network. Enable customers with richer experiences Perform complex functions on the edge Reach wider audiences Deliver high performance experiences seamlessly Deliver resources intelligently Virtual + Augmented Reality
  11. 11. Designing for the Mobile Edge
  12. 12. 12 INTELLIGENT EDGE BY VERIZON + ENVRMNT AR and VR is uniquely suited to leverage Edge Computing The boundaries of compute and latency on AR and VR can quickly fade away when leveraging next generation networks. In these use cases we begin to focus on offloading and amortizing the heaviest tasks to nodes that are only a hop away Reduce costs for users and providers Low latency, high bandwidth networks allow offloading of tasks that were local only Utilize vast amounts of compute and VRAM to push lightweight devices further Data and scene formats specifically designed for cache and reuse on the edge Mobile Edge Compute
  13. 13. 13 VIEWPORT RENDER Move enterprise and gaming applications to the edge. Viewport render is the traditional method of hosting a desktop or client application on a server and providing a remote client to an end user. In this paradigm we allow users to reduce the cost of end user devices and virtualize user sessions. Generally high cost, low return. Ideal for CPU bound applications and casual, latency-tolerant gaming. Empower workforces and simplify enterprise management. Simple to host virtual sessions. Scales on CPU, but not GPU. Mobile Edge Compute
  14. 14. 14 ENVRMNT EDGE SOLUTIONS: ENABLING NEW POSSIBILITIES XR is positioned to get a sizable boost from Edge Computing Envrmnt set out to find new use cases that were not possible without edge compute. Specifically, XR use cases where clients have limited hardware and extreme latency requirements. Envrmnt Edge Solutions are purpose built edge services that can be deployed over the top to enhance the XR experience for customers. Edge Solutions include consumable API’s and SDK’s designed for edge compute including:
 1.Real Time Computer Vision for XR 2.XR Rendering and Lighting 3.Spatial Rendering for Immersive Audio 4.Hybrid Rendering for Graphics Mobile Edge Compute
  15. 15. 15 ENVRMNT HYBRID RENDERING FOR GRAPHICS Provide a graphical boost to games and simulations Hybrid graphics rendering offloads the most computationally heavy rendering tasks and allows them to be served by an edge based renderer. By offloading lighting, shadows and PBR materials on the edge and blending them with client side compositing and rendering a significant graphics boost is achieved without sacrificing motion to photon latency and failing gracefully when your edge connection is compromised. Designed to scale on an edge system Envrmnt Hybrid Graphics Rendering Services is a one-of-a-kind solution that allows for true GPU slicing and non- linear scaling for users. Mobile Edge Compute
  16. 16. 17 PROJECT HELIOS Project Helios is the first game benchmark designed to stress what is possible on the edge. Designed specifically to stress mobile VR to its limits project Helios is a space shooter that takes a user on a high speed dynamic mission through the insides of a space station. Filled with reflective surfaces, lights and dynamic shadows, Helios is built to demonstrate what is possible with and without an edge rendering solution. Maintaining zero lag on a mobile VR headset while firing dynamic lights in a corridor, Helios stresses what is possible when graphics compute is amortized. Reduce costs for users and providers by scaling intelligently. Optimized for mobile with graceful fallback Low motion to photon latency. Mobile Edge Compute
  17. 17. 18 ENVRMNT XR RENDERING AND LIGHTING AR and XR use cases come alive when real world lighting and scene data is used to render and blend the augmented with the actual world. Using computer vision and hybrid rendering Envrmnt XR rendering uses real world scene data to ensure augmentations are high fidelity and seamless. Utilizing low latency connections to our edge service, we allow for realistic rendering that matches the world around it. Relight your augments and render them with stunning reflections, physical based rendering and shadows. Mobile Edge Compute
  18. 18. 19 ENVRMNT EDGE VISION: REAL- TIME COMPUTER VISION FOR XR Computer Vision has traditionally been bound by VRAM and GPU compute. Computer vision is a crucial part of augmented and extended reality. When used for identification, tracking / pose estimation and analytics devices have been restricted by on-device GPUs or time it takes for backend servers to crunch algorithms Envrmnt Edge Vision is a solution that breaks the boundaries of computer vision to make it responsive in real time. Using highly parallel GPU compute, Envrmnt can recognize and augment large quantities of targets in real time. Mobile Edge Compute
  19. 19. 20 ENVRMNT EDGE: SPATIAL RENDERING FOR IMMERSIVE AUDIO Audio is often overlooked, but is one of the most crucial elements to immersion in XR Audio processing is incorrectly overlooked when it comes to XR experiences. Proper XR audio is spatialized and painstakingly designed to reflect head rotation, attenuation, occlusion and material properties of a room. Even voice and ambient effects are greatly benefitted by edge offloading. Envrmnt Spatial Rendering is designed to take expensive room modeling and audio calculations and push them into the cloud for highly immersive audio rendering that doesn’t impact your performance or battery life. Mobile Edge Compute
  20. 20. 21 ENVRMNT EDGE SOLUTIONS Over the top solutions built specifically for real world edge systems. Envrmnt Edge Solutions offer deployable common sense services to enhance existing workflows and help users see the power of the Edge Network. Available to anyone as network agnostic API’s and SDK’s
 • Real Time Computer Vision for XR • XR Rendering and Lighting • Spatial Rendering for Immersive Audio • Hybrid Rendering for Graphics Mobile Edge Compute
  21. 21. 22 Contact us Stay in touch with us 20 Independence Blvd 3rd Floor, Warren NJ 07059, USA @EnvrmntNews
  22. 22. Confidential and proprietary materials for authorized Verizon personnel and outside agencies only. Use, disclosure or distribution of this material is not permitted to any unauthorized persons or third parties except by written agreement. 23 Thank You.
  23. 23. 24 STREAMING XR? Users should be able to instantly move between experiences without waiting We define streaming XR as a method of distributing logic/assets in a format where it can be created, distributed and cached without the need of downloading first or installing. Navigable and Social Experiences Real time world changes Any Platform Streaming in Real Time VR Monetization Customer Data Multiplayer Virtual + Augmented Reality
  24. 24. 25 KEY METRICS ON THE EDGE Edge Networks are primarily defined by offering compute closer to the user. The principle features of the edge are low latency, high bandwidth offload to large amounts of compute power. Currently, edge computing is expensive and we need to find use cases that are latency sensitive and compute heavy. These are typically scenarios that are GPU bound. Real world scenarios also requires graceful fall back for when the edge is not available. Typical edge use cases include: 1. Augmented or Merged Reality 2. Virtual Reality 3. Computer Vision 4. Gaming 5. Artificial Intelligence 6. Internet of Things Mobile Edge Compute
  25. 25. 26 HELIOS BENCHMARK The Helios Benchmark is available as a Unity project that allows solution providers to test a consistent set of metrics against a standard high performance mobile VR experience. The Helios Benchmark is available to all providers as an open source game framework that uses a uniform set of rendering techniques intentionally designed to tax a mobile VR device. Creators can now take the Helios Challenge and port the experience to their edge infrastructure while getting onboard diagnostics and edge measurements. Reduce costs for users and providers by scaling intelligently. Optimized for mobile with graceful fallback Low motion to photon latency. Mobile Edge Compute