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Maureen Fan (Baobab Studios) Breaking the Movie Mold with VR Movies


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Can storytelling be done in VR? What happens when you give the audience control? What happens to pacing? Is this empathy thing for real?

Eric Darnell (Writer and Director of all 4 "Madagascar" films), Maureen Fan (VP of Games, Farmville), and Larry Cutler (Dreamworks Global Head of Character Tech, "Toy Story 2," "Monsters Inc.") of Baobab Studios will show how it's done. VR is another toolbox for creatives to tell their stories, tools waiting to be explored.

In this talk, Maureen shares why VR and animation were made for each other. Animation is art in motion. It takes to you to a different world and makes you believe that world is so real that you can reach out and touch it. That last sentence is the definition of VR.

She talks about Baobab's learnings from making Invasion!, their VR animation debut, starring 4 time Oscar nominated, Ethan Hawke. The VR movie has been accepted and shown at Tribeca, Cannes, Annecy, and Siggraph. It is also top ranking on both Oculus and Samsung Gear VR platforms.

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Maureen Fan (Baobab Studios) Breaking the Movie Mold with VR Movies

  1. 1. Makes that world real. Takes you to a different world. Art in motion. Animation
  2. 2. Baobab Send audiences to new worlds. Draw them in through immersive stories and characters. Bring out their sense of wonder. Inspire them to dream.
  3. 3. Stuff We Learned
 Making “Invasion!”

  4. 4. VR is not the same as film It’s a brand new medium Nobody knows anything Don’t believe anyone says they do
  5. 5. Beware of the “Gee Whiz” factor
  6. 6. 2 images every 11 milliseconds is hard
  7. 7. Turn up the Volume
  8. 8. Is it a film? Is it a game? What is this empathy thing?
  9. 9. Storyboards still matter
  10. 10. Think twice before you kill the bunny
  11. 11. Follow us! @baobabvr