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Google Glass By The Numbers


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In this presentation, I will cover the the public's response to Google Glass as the first mass marketed wearable computer device. I will show the roller coaster of trends, volumes, technology, and reporting techniques of this data surrounding Google Glass. There is a plethora of market research data to mine due to the way Google has announced this product nearly two years before its availability. Because of this, we can critically review Google's Public Relations, Video Marketing, Exclusive Rollout, and other user adoption strategies.

Some findings like Natural Language Processing of comments, posts, and tweets along instances of paired keyword terms and similar technology comparisons will lend insight to the overall public reaction to Google Glass. I collected this information from both the general Internet (headlines and comments) as well as social media sites like: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. I will support this talk with graphs and visual data collected and crunched through API's and social media reporting tools.

The conclusions of my analysis should point to how ready the general public is for this new computing platform.

Contact me, Pete Wassell: pete AT augmate DOT com for the speaker notes.


https://docs DOT google DOT com/presentation/d/1iHYN2oeXMtuKx9vHqtO5L1bwIh8SQjA7hq821ZWS7hU/edit#slide=id.p

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Google Glass By The Numbers

  1. 1. The Social implications of Wearable Computing and Augmediated Reality in Everyday Life - IEEE -ISTAS13 Google Glass By the numbers June 28, 2013
  2. 2. Purpose: Analysis of internet and social media over one year covering Google Glass to predict mass adoption of this technology
  3. 3. Why look at social media?
  4. 4. Technology Adoption Curves
  5. 5. YouTube Analysis Project Glass: One day... v=9c6W4CCU9M4 Published on Apr 4, 2012 Views: 21,537,099 ThumbsUp: 131,723 ThumbsDown: 6,076 Comment Analysis: How It Feels [through Glass] v=v1uyQZNg2vE Published on Feb 20, 2013 Views: 21,161,488 ThumbsUp: 91,133 ThumbsDown: 4,908 Comment Analysis:
  6. 6. Video Views "One day..."
  7. 7. Video Views "How it feels"
  8. 8. Google Glass Trends Major Headlines A) Google Glass porn ban forces app to change B) Times of India: Facebook, Twitter launch apps for Google Glass C) CNET: Google reveals technical specs for Google Glass D) Vancouver Sun: Video: Google co-founder spotted sporting Google Glass E) CNET: Google Glass development charges ahead F) ABC News: Google Glass At NYC Fashion Week G) ZDNet UK: Google Glass: $1500 for developers ‘on the bleeding edge’
  9. 9. Paired keywords with Google Glass Privacy: About 59,200,000 results Want: About 35,100,000 results Design: About 34,900,000 results Law: About 32,200,000 results Ban: About 15,700,000 results Normal: About 5,950,000 results "Google Glass" Web Searches (AdWords) Prescription: About 449,000 results Cyborg: About 355,000 results Glasshole: About 347,000 Results Made in US: About 275,000 results Sightings: About 165,000 results Creep: About 156,000 results
  10. 10. Twitter @projectglass
  11. 11. Facebook
  12. 12. Google+ +672,195 followers 498,060 have in circles
  13. 13. SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase
  14. 14. SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase
  15. 15. SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase Google Glass Ceiling
  16. 16. #ifihadglass contest word cloud
  17. 17. ifihadglass contest winner Twitter distribution
  18. 18. NodeXL
  19. 19. Gartner Hype Cycle
  20. 20. Wearable Computing Market Estimates Are All Over The Place
  21. 21. Adoption Curve
  22. 22. Analysts at Forrester Research estimates 12 percent of the population—roughly 21.6 million Americans—would buy Google Glass if it were available in stores right now.
  23. 23. Broad Adoption: 2020, 75M-100M Users Early Adoption: 2014 15M-20M Users Profile of Early Adopter Male: 72% Female: 28% Average Age: 31 College Ed: 58% NY & CA Location: 43% Income: $75+ Early Majority: 2017 30M-40M Users It is likely that AR Glass technology will share a similar early adopter profile as iPhone early adopters
  24. 24. Thank You! Contact Information Pete Wassell Augmate Corporation 845 United Nations Plaza 16F New York, NY 10017 PHONE: 855-AUGMATE AR Glass Group on LinkedIn: