Mock Startup Pitch Deck (Client: Quora)


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For my midterm project, I was asked to travel back in time to the pre-launch phase of an existing online community, perform a case study on the components that led to its success, and then present a 5-minute mock startup pitch to the class. This is the presentation component of the project. (Disclaimer: I had to use my imagination given limited access to proprietary information like internal data, audience insights, and financials.)

Created for CMGT 534 - Introduction to Online Communities, a Master's level class at the University of Southern California's Annenberg Program on Online Communities (APOC).

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Mock Startup Pitch Deck (Client: Quora)

  1. 1. What would happen if Yahoo! Answersand Facebook got together and had a super smart, super curious baby? Enter Quora.
  2. 2. Where Knowledge Queries meets Social Search. CMGT 534 Time Travel Pitch Audrey Sunu
  3. 3. TeamAdam DAngelo Charlie Cheever Rebekah Cox Kevin DerCo-Founder/CEO Co-Founder/CTO Product/Design Engineer ManagerComputer Science Expert Engineer Software 10+ yrs designing Engineering PhDEarly-launch API/Platform and building mass CandidateLeadership Development market web appsPAST: PAST: PAST: PAST:Facebook CTO Facebook Facebook Product Pixar Technical Manager/Engineer Design Lead Director
  4. 4. Problem Scattered knowledge with varying quality More questions than answers No good way to ask friends or experts
  5. 5. traffic surpasses NYT, eHow, Craigslist after adding wiki -based Q&A Yahoo! Answers hits 200M unique users, 1B answers Ineffective search served costs companies 10% in salary expenses Where are Hotter people spending3B Google their timeSearches online?Daily Hott Hot Why Now? st e
  6. 6. "The Sweet Spot"Source: Go-Gulf
  7. 7. Solution login with Open ID & follow topics, questions, usersA social ask-and-answer platform where users canaccess continuously relevant, quality content. engineered to encourage created & ranked by discovery & participation real humans in real-time
  8. 8. Verified Social ProfilesSource: ReadWriteWeb
  9. 9. Topical StreamsSource: ReadWriteWeb
  10. 10. Community VotingSource: ReadWriteWeb
  11. 11. VitalsBorn June 2009 (Private Beta)Loved by college educated professionals worldwide4000 Search Direct, Social,3000 Email, Referral, etc.20001000 0 (Jun Jan 2010 Feb 2010 2009) Registered Users Source: KissMetrics Source: SocialTimes
  12. 12. Market Position Content Shelf-Life Content Quality
  13. 13. Timeline Pre-revenue stage 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.High-quality Search Mobile Gamified Secured content Engine Apps Participation revenue relevance streams $ User Acquisition Achieve Critical Mass
  14. 14. Were raising Global Launch Infrastructure$10 Million Engineering Talent Help us grow.
  15. 15. Knowledge Queries,meet Social
  16. 16. References