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Geeza Break Annual Report 2012, 2013

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Geeza Break Annual Report 2012, 2013

  1. 1. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/20131 G E E Z A B R E A K Annual Report 2012 - 2013 Ge eza Bre ak
  2. 2. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 2 3 Message from Elaine C Smith 4 General Information 5 What We Do 6 Director’s Report 7 Main Achievements 10 CEO Report 11 Respite Team Brenda Connell & Jane Timoney Family Support Team 12 Respite Administration Nisa Shahul 13 Activity Based Respite Jayne Doherty Centre Based Respite T.O.F.F.E.E. Club Sandra Anderson 15 Kinship Care FASS Audrey Platt 17 Big Lottery Funded ‘Making Connections For Families In Need Cathy Melrose & Ed Inglis 18 Accounts 20 Characteristics of Families and Services Table of Contents
  3. 3. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/20133 I am delighted to be a supporter of Geeza Break as it is a brilliant voluntary organisation that needs to be applauded for helping to ensure that the most vulnerable in our community – both carers and those who receive care – get the best of help. The type of services offered plugs a much needed gap in childcare and family support in the North East of Glasgow. As I live in this part of the city, I feel a close affinity to this charity and was happy to officially open their new premises in 2012. Elaine C Smith September 2012
  4. 4. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 4 If you would like further information about any of our services, or feel that you or your family could benefit from support from Geeza Break, please contact us at the office. Office Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9am – 5pm Friday: 9am – 4pm Address: Geeza Break 1450 - 1456 Gallowgate Glasgow G31 4ST Email: Website: Our Accountants: Scott Moncrieff Our Bankers: Royal Bank of Scotland Background Geeza Break is a voluntary organisation providing Respite and Support Services to families who meet the referral criteria. The service is intended to be short-term, flexible support to families experiencing stress, crisis or isolation. Geeza Break provides a Respite and Support Services within the North East CHP and city wide. The service is managed by a local Board of Directors who have overall responsibility to ensure the service is meeting its targets, providing a quality service and securing funding for continuity of services to our clients. General Information
  5. 5. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/20135 What We Do Geeza Break provides family support and flexible respite services to parents with children aged 0 -16 years who are experiencing addiction, stress, crisis and /or isolation. A large part of our work is providing respite care through the following interventions. Respite Care Service (Family Based) Children are cared for at the homes of carefully selected and vetted Respite Carers. In the main, children are cared for overnight on a planned basis and in emergency situations. Respite Carers are volunteers. In 2013 Geeza Break recruited a paid Respite Carer to compliment existing services. Respite Sitter Service (Home Based) Children are cared for in their own home by Respite Sitters who are employed by the organisation on a sessional basis. In the main, care is provided in the evenings and at weekends when other childcare services are unavailable. Centre Based Respite (T.O.F.F.E.E. Club) Children are cared for within existing local resources during normal office hours through the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. Primary school children aged 5-12 years are cared for during the 2 week Easter Holiday period, the Summer School Holiday period and 1 week during the October Holiday period. The service is delivered in partnership with East End Mobile Play Team to provide activities that meet the individual needs of children referred. Activity Based Respite - Geeza Chance The Young Person’s Support Worker will befriend young people aged 8 - 14 years and provide informal one to one support and group work, the worker will also accompany young people to free/ low cost clubs and activities in their local area so that they make new friends and feel less isolated. This service is for kinship families. Second Generation (Kinship Care) Through the delivery of the Kinship Care Project, Geeza Break offers respite to Grandparents and relatives caring for children as a result of parental addiction. Family Support Service This is an intense specialised one-to-one and group support which is offered to families experiencing poverty, abuse, isolation, addiction, crisis situations and/or mental health issues. Parents are enabled to increase their confidence and parenting skills through individual and group work sessions provided by a team of fully vetted and trained Family Support Workers. The Family Support Workers provide a support and mentoring service and encourage the uptake and access to local services that meet with the family’s individual needs. Our Family Support Workers have a good knowledge of what is available in each community to link vulnerable families into. The Family Support Workers offer group work to parents/carers including: Triple P (Promoting Positive Parenting), Cooking Skills on a budget (Get Cooking – Get Shopping), Positive Play for Families, Infant Baby Massage and a drop in facility for Parents/Carers in The Church of Nazerene, Burgher Street, Parkhead on Friday mornings to access services, information and Life Skills.
  6. 6. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 6 The organisation during 2012 was involved with improving and streamlining its internal structure and reporting through the design, development and implementation of a bespoke database. We are pleased to announce that this database is now live on our system and the organisation can currently produce a profile of the parents and children receiving a service including the demographic information e.g. date of birth, address, ethnicity and family structure etc. of families who receive all or any of our services. We can also produce reports per funder of all services which have been provided to children and families from specific funding streams. This database will enhance our ability to demonstrate outcomes and increase our accountability to funders. The database will continue to evolve along with our services. The Big Lottery project ‘Making Connections for Families in Need’ reached the end of its first full year on 30 September 2012. This project has not only met but exceeded its targets for the first year and we would like to thank the Senior Family Support Worker and the Lottery Co-ordinator for their commitment and hard work during this first year. The Making Connections for Families in Need project launched a new approach to the way that we work with our families. Geeza Break has learned that the holistic approach to supporting a family with multidisciplinary staff working with children and adults in parallel, and at times together, is effective and valued by families. The indications so far from this work with children to enhance their health and wellbeing outcomes, is more effective if reinforced by working with parents to address their needs and help them recognise how they can make a difference to their children’s future. The Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS 3 year contract for intensive specialised Family Support also reached the end of its first full year during 12/13 financial year. This project also exceeded its targets for the first year and we would like to thank the two part time and one full time Family Support Workers for all their hard work and commitment which has made this project such a success. Cattanach Charitable Trust funding was awarded in March 2012. The award was for 1 year to cover the costs of a part time Family Support Worker post plus overhead costs. Intensive Family Support under this funding started in April 2012. There is an opportunity to apply for a further years cost. The RS Macdonald funding was awarded in June 2012 for two years. Intensive Family Support under this funding started in September 2012. All the Family Support Workers have undertaken various training courses during the course of 12/13 such as Triple P, Teens Triple P and Baby Massage. This will mean that during 13/14 the Family Support Workers will be able to run groups in these. During 12/13, two Respite Sitters left the organisation but we were successful in recruiting five additional Respite Sitters which at the end of March 13 gave Geeza Break a bank of twenty Respite Sitters. three Volunteer Respite Carers have successfully completed the Social Work Services Competency Based Assessment process and will be going to the Screening Panel in May 13. Respite Care Director’s Report
  7. 7. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/20137 The organisation has been very fortunate in securing for rental from Parkhead Housing Association the old ‘Glasgow Savings Bank’ building in the Gallowgate at Parkhead Cross. This has been the major challenge of 2012. We moved into our new premises on 3rd August 2012. One of the positives about our new location is the accessibility of the service base to the local community and we hope to provide a welcoming and comfortable space where we can meet and work with families in group settings or one to one. An Open Day, which was a great success, was held at the end of August. We were privileged that not only did Elaine C Smith agree to officially open our new premises but she also agreed to become our Patron. We would like to give her a great big thanks for this honour. Although we have experienced many difficulties in our new offices these have all been overcome thanks to the tenacity of all the staff and we are now well settled in and enjoying the lovely Rennie MacKintosh features and the additional space of our new location. Geeza Break’s services were inspected during October 2012 by the Care Inspectorate and were awarded the following ratings:- three Excellents and three Very Goods, which gave an overall award of Very Good. offers excellent experience for people who are interested in going forward to be Respite Carers. As in past years the organisation will continue to ensure that service efficiency and effectiveness is continually monitored as follows in order to:- • Maintain budgets and reduce overhead costs where possible • Increase accountability to funders through new accounting practices • Monitor, manage and plan service delivery across all our funders keeping service delivery within our allocated funding budget • Accurately extract data from the new bespoke Database • Improve ways of assessing new volunteer carers • Evaluate stress/anxiety in parents before and after Respite. This is a way of assessing whether our respite services have made a positive impact on the families who receive our services • Continue to have information stalls to raise awareness in the local community of our services Main Achievements
  8. 8. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 8 The quotes opposite have been extracted from the Care Inspectorate 2012 report. In February 2013 Geeza Break was privileged to be selected as a finalist for the Team Award at the Evening Times Community Champions East Awards. This gave the organisation much welcomed publicity with the event extensively covered in the Evening Times paper as well as the Evening Times website. Unfortunately, we were not selected as the overall winner for the Team Award but the team felt honoured at being selected as finalists and already felt like winners. During 12/13 the organisation renewed its certificate for the ISO 9001 quality standard. Our two Respite Co-ordinators successfully completed their SVQ 4 Health and Social Care Children and Young People. This was a major achievement as the course was completed while continuing to work full time. We have recently introduced new evaluation paperwork which will be completed by the Respite Co-ordinators, Respite Providers and families at the initial assessment for the service, reviews of the service and again on closure of the service. This new paperwork will allow the organisation to measure the agreed aims/outcomes against the achieved outcomes of each service that the family received. We have developed competency based assessments for the Respite Providers. This enhanced assessment will enable us to focus more closely on areas of improvement for Respite Carers/ Sitters, thus increasing on overall quality of care and support. “This service values children and families living in the East End of Glasgow. It has very good credibility in the local community. Families welcome the non-intrusive support offered to their family .... The service have further developed all quality assurance systems. This has shaped person centred record keeping and delivery” “The service provides an excellent break to families experiencing difficulties or to maintain a community presence. The service is planned and children are offered a meaningful session with a designated sitter/carer.”
  9. 9. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/20139 We have also enhanced our multilingual website by including an educational portal for staff to pick up on information such as mental health issues, challenging behaviours and so on. In February 2013 Geeza Break launched the The Geeza Chance Project for Kinship families funded by Young Start which will aim to help young people feel better about themselves. We advertised and recruited one part time Support Worker (20 hours per week) who will befriend young people aged 8-14 years to provide informal, one to one support and group work primarily focusing on anger management, self-harm, alcohol, drugs, friendships, building confidence and feeling less isolated. The Geeza Chance project will operate Glasgow wide and will take place between 4 and 8pm on weekdays and during the day at weekends but will be more flexible during school holidays to meet the needs of individual young people. Financial Review The charity made a surplus of £65,910 during the year, this compares with £81,438 for the previous year. Income has increased as the first full year of the Big Lottery Project took effect. Most of the Statutory Funders continued to support the charity with grants increasing in some cases. Finally our fund raising team have been working to bring in significant and varied amounts of funding, which has increased overall from last year. This has been done at a difficult time for the third sector with funding getting more difficult to achieve. With the increase in the activities of the charity the expenditure has increased to £642,086. The increase can be accounted for due to increased staff and carers costs along with an increase in the associated support costs. During the year the charity moved to more suitable premises, however some work still needs to be done and there remains £11,278 in the premises reserve at the year end. Due to the increase in the running costs the Trustees have increased the designated reserves (to cover three months core activity expenses) to £135,000. In addition £8,000 has been designated by the Trustees for new IT equipment. Finally, the Trustees have considered it prudent to designate a further £20,000 towards redundancy costs given the current economic climate and on- going funding issues within the third sector. Future Plans As stated earlier in the report three Respite Carers successfully completed the Social Work Services Competency Based Assessment process and went forward to the Screening Panel in May of this year. All three were successful and have now started the induction process. One of these Respite Carers will be a full time worker rather than a volunteer and will work 5 days out of 7 each week providing intense planned overnight packages of support to our vulnerable clients. The organisation will focus on the training and re-training of staff (to keep them updated with changes in the care sector) by attending courses to improve/develop/enhance services within the organisation, thus leading to maximum client satisfaction. We will facilitate personal growth by educating carers on related topics such as attachment theory in babies and young children; first aid; Triple P parenting strategies; and effective communication.
  10. 10. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 10 During the last year, as well as considering budgets, communication, client’s satisfaction surveys, and increasing efficiency; the Board of Directors have devoted time to examine what we are doing successfully and what areas we need to focus on in the coming year. The area’s that we will focus on for 2012/2013 are: • To ensure sustainability • Increase volunteer carers • Increase holistic family support workers • Evaluation of service delivery • Succession planning Our flexibility plays a big part in our service delivery as we focus on client’s needs. Being available 24/7 through our intensive support to our clients highlights our uniqueness, allowing our CEO Report Two additional members of staff will be working towards an SVQ 4 in Health and Social Care. During2010aSocialReturnonInvestmentReportwasproducedwhich showedthatourservicesgavegoodvalueformoney.Theprojectcanbe regardedasverysuccessfulandmeetingtheneedsofitstargetaudience inacosteffectivemannergeneratinganaverageof£277per£1spent overthetwoyearsunderstudy.During2013/14theorganisationplans toproduceanupdatedSocialReturnonInvestmentReport. The organisation will also be during 13/14 updating its Sage Accounting System to Sage 50 Accounts 2013 and redesigning and updating the Geeza Break web site. It is our intention to run a pilot parents drop in advice centre starting in August 2013 and running for 16 weeks to December 2013. We will invite various speakers to come along and talk about the Welfare Reform Benefits, employability, housing, heating and safety in the home. Groups such as Baby Massage, Triple P, Confidence Building and Living Skills will be delivered at this advice centre. As weareheadingintoourlastyearoffundingfromTheBigLotteryFundwe hopeduringthisyeartosubmitanewapplicationtoTheBigLotteryFundfor afurther3yearsfundingfor‘MakingConnectionsforFamiliesinNeed’. As in past years the organisation will continue the good work undertaken, consolidating the financial position and seeking to increase the service where funds permit. In Conclusion This year we have faced challenges such as:- • Sustainability due to the financial uncertainties which are affecting all charities • Managing the demands for services within allocated budgets • Moving premises while keeping all services operational We will continue to achieve our aims and outcomes for our clients by ensuring appropriate standards of training (basic and on-going), support and supervision, general operational practice, communication, administration and management are maintained. We will continue to improve our reporting through the on-going development of our bespoke database which will enhance our ability to demonstrate outcomes and increase accountability to funders. In this very challenging year we have learned a lot and achieved much under difficult circumstances. We hope in the coming year to go from strength to strength and to be a service of choice for clients in the North East of Glasgow.
  11. 11. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201311 clients to feel empowered, having positive values and support to allow our clients to make healthy life choices. Clients are encouraged and benefit from skills to interact effectively with others either through a group setting or as individuals within the local community. We find with intensive support this encourages clients to cope better with new situations, build on their confidence, enhance their coping skills and believe in their own self-worth. The North East of Glasgow will be faced with some challenging times in the next few years with the Welfare Reform Changes and it is even more important that local organisations, charities, and groups work together to support the most vulnerable clients through these difficult times. A big thank you to the dedication and professionalism of our volunteers, and the staff, who all make a valuable contribution to services and supports that we offer to our clients As well as the office relocating from Shettleston to Parkhead Cross, we have had another busy year assessing families, co-ordinating respite sitting and respite care sessions, promoting our services within the local community and a range of other job related tasks as well as providing intensive support to our ever growing pool of experienced respite sitters and carers. We interviewed on two separate occasions this year and carried out inductions for seven new respite sitters at the start of The Respite Team Brenda Connell & Jane Timoney (Respite Co-ordinators) September.Wenowhavetwentytworespitesittersandsixrespitecarers withafurtherfourpeoplecurrentlygoingthroughtheassessmentprocess tobecomerespitecarers.Wewouldliketothankalloftherespiteproviders fortheirhardworkandcommitmenttotheorganisationoverthelastyear; keepupthegoodwork!Aswellasourdaytodayresponsibilitiesweboth successfullycompletedourSVQlevel4–HealthandSocialCare(Children andYoungPeople) andarelookingforwardtoanotherbusyyearahead. Family Support Team Our dedicated team of Family Support Workers consists of: • Lisa Maguire • Debbie Hamilton • Tracy Plant • Patty Nelson Our qualifications include: SVQ Level 3 Children’s Care, Learning and Development, HNC Social Care, NC Child Care, First Aid, Elementary Food Hygiene, Triple P Level 3 One to One, Triple P Level 4 Group and Teen Group. Our role is to provide intensive support to vulnerable families within the East and North East of Glasgow affected by issues such as Housing, Addictions, Crisis, Abuse, Poverty etc. by using a person centred approach. As well as One to One support, we offer a wide variety of group work opportunities such as: • Get Cooking Get Shopping • Triple P • Positive Play • Life Skills • Infant Baby Massage
  12. 12. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 12 Nisa Shahul Respite Admin We are delighted to report that we secured a three year funding contract with NHS which enabled us to both expand and develop our team as well as increasing the number of families we were able to support. Within our roles and responsibilities, our team also work towards: • Mentoring and supporting Social Work students • Fundraising and organising events • Establishing and maintaining good community links • Partnership working with a multi-agency approach • Working within the One Glasgow Framework In August 2012 we moved into our new premises giving us a more central location. In May 2013 the organisation was successful in achieving The Healthy Working Lives Bronze award and are now working towards the Silver award. The future is looking bright for the forthcoming year and we are all looking forward to continuing providing support to our families and seeing what this year brings. After graduating with an MSc Forensic Psychology, I joined Geeza Break as a Respite Administrator. I support respite co- ordinators with all aspects of documentation from setting up files to supporting respite providers with general information in helping clients to achieve positive outcomes. I also undertake assessments/reviews and unannounced monitoring checks of service users and I am responsible for the database input. I have developed a competency–based assessment for the respite providers and a support plan for the Respite Coordinators, to aid them in the execution of assessments. I have helped evaluate questionnaires to find out whether the time out from the respite would benefit families by measuring anxiety levels and to see whether T.O.F.F.E.E. Club does have a positive impact on children. I have entered Geeza Break for various competitions such as the Care Accolades Award. I have put together a self-contained information pack for service users containing information on our services and policies and have improved our paperwork such as referral forms. I have proposed the use of Music Therapy and Jumping Clay by Respite Providers with children as they are known to have a great positive impact on children. I improved the website to a more user friendly portal where staff can log in to access an E-Library of various Medical Conditions. The challenges in the job coupled up with the experienced and professionalism of colleagues, who make my learning process much more lively; makes it all worthwhile working for the organisation.
  13. 13. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201313 Activity Based Respite Jayne Doherty (Young Persons Support Worker) I am Jayne Doherty and I started with Geeza Break in February 2013 as Young Person’s Support Worker for the new Geeza Chance project. With a background in childcare for over 10 years, I am qualified to SVQ level 3 in Childrens Care Learning and Development. This is my first job in social care and I have found it to be at times difficult and frustrating but mostly very rewarding. The project supports young people aged 8-14 years who are in kinship care, by providing them with activities away from home , which also provides much needed respite for permanent carers. The young people get the chance to sample different activities and choose what they want to take part in, they should by the end of the 12 sessions have a new hobby or activity to continue with. They also get a chance to take part in group workshops based on issues that affect them. In the initial weeks I had to create paper work, do community research and fact finding in order to plan the respite sessions. In the first four months I have supported seven families and eleven children, the children have taken part in various activities and accessed local youth groups swimming pools, parks and visitor attractions, including the science centre, riverside museum, bowling, ice skating and cinema. Some of them have taken part in arts and craft session in the local library and a science fair. The children took part in group work shops over three sessions. These were, confidence and self esteem, anger management and happiness restoration, and building positive relationships and trust. These sessions were facilitated by Kevin Brannigan of Kevstars. (Time Out for Families East End) delivered in partnership with Mobile Play Team The T.O.F.F.E.E. Club provides respite for young disadvantaged children experiencing crisis family situations, such as chaotic lifestyles. This is often due to their parent’s addictions or who care for a parent/guardian who may have mental health issues, a disability or misuse drugs and/or alcohol. The organisation recognises the effect that these kinds of situations have on young children from being isolated from their friends to not having much time for leisure activities. To support these young children Geeza Break offers the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club which is a centre based resource predominantly offering play activities as an escape during the school holiday period, allowing the children to be children and enabling interaction with other children. Through the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club, primary school children between the ages of 5 and 12 years are cared for during school holidays for an 9 week period (two weeks in Easter, six weeks in Summer and 1 week in October). The T.O.F.F.E.E. Club provides a safe and supported environment for the children to play. When children play they are developing their physical fitness, co- ordination, abilities to reason, solve problems, make new friends and develop social skills. They are also forming relationships, Centre Based Respite Sandra Anderson (T.O.F.F.E.E. Club Co-ordinator)
  14. 14. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 14 learning about the world around them, taking on new challenges and having new experiences; as well as having fun. Geeza Break is confident that our play provision fosters children’s independence and self-esteem as well as developing children’s respect for others. Our play provision supports the children’s well-being, healthy growth and helps development and increase knowledge and understanding that promotes creativity and the capacity to learn. The children play and learn through activities such as gym, football, dancing, dressing up, arts and crafts, playing pool, board games and Wii games such as tennis and bowling. They also have visits from the Community Police, Fire Brigade and the Zoo Lab with small creatures. The children also have quiet areas where they read books, learn puzzles, word searches and various educational activities. When children first attend the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club they are often shy and hold back but after attending a few sessions and being involved with interacting team games their confidence grows and this is measured by visually watching their involvement in the activities. The children make friends and learn to play and share and be respectful of each other. Activities Throughout the summer programme we had planned various themes which would be running through the six weeks, from a Pirate theme to World Record based themes. We also try to incorporate more of an educational based theme in our programme which included Sci-Fi & Planets as well as a trip through the Centuries. We were fortunate enough to access money which enabled us to take the children on much needed trips. Some of the places we managed to visit were tied in with the specific themes we had been doing from week to week such as a trip to Summerlee Heritage Park which linked in perfectly with our Centuries based theme and swimming which tied in with our Olympic theme. There was also an outing to Blair Drummond Safari Park, cinema outings and trips to parks. Healthy Snacks Geeza Break developed a partnership with Kids & Co. which enabled the Mobile Play Team to deliver healthy snacks of fruit and milk to the children at St. Anne’s and Aultmore Park each day of the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. Kids and Co. supplied the fruit and milk on a weekly basis and Geeza Break will continue to work in partnership with them during future sessions. St. Anne’s Primary School St. Anne’s T.O.F.F.E.E. Club enabled Geeza Break to provide 35 places per day for the Summer T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. Geeza Break, the Mobile Play Team and the staff at St. Anne’s continued to enjoy a good working relationship which provided for a successful Summer session. Geeza Break also kept the school up to date on any developments. There were no concerns over St. Anne’s and the Mobile Play Team was very happy with the staff and assistance received at St. Anne’s during the Summer session. Aultmore Park Primary School This year Geeza Break have sourced an additional school (Aultmore Park Primary School in Easterhouse). Schools and Community
  15. 15. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201315 Centres in the Easterhouse area were assessed and after careful consideration it was agreed that Aultmore Park was ideally suited to the needs of the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. There were various reasons that Aultmore Park was chosen. Firstly, the location was ideal as it was situated in the preferred location (Easterhouse) . Aultmore Park is also easily accessible as it is not far from Edinburgh Road and there are several bus routes that pass by or near to where the school is located. Good access to equipment and storage was a factor as was the security system at the school. The Easter Holidays were the first ever holiday T.O.F.F.E.E. Club period at Aultmore Park Primary School and we used the school again for the Summer Holiday Club which enabled Geeza Break to provide a further 24 places per day for the Summer T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. There were no concerns over Aultmore Park and the Mobile Play Team was very happy with the staff and assistance received at Aultmore Park during the Summer session. Out of School Services – City Wide Geeza Break also provide places within 24 other Out of School Service Providers for children who are unable to attend either St Anne’s or Aultmore Park due to distance. As part of our review of quality standards, announced visits were carried out. These visits are an essential part of ensuring that the children are getting a quality service in an enjoyable, relaxing atmosphere and a safe, secure and stimulating environment and are happy and having fun. The Kinship families really benefit from this support during the school holidays. Kinship Group Visits were also made to Kinship Groups. Grandparents and extended family members who have sole care of children through parental addiction, meet fortnightly to discuss issues and offer support to each other. The purpose of the visits were to introduce ourselves and to explain the services in more detail which Geeza Break offer. Working within budgets and constant communication with families and providers is essential to ensuring that places are filled and children enjoy the experience. Attendance of the children has been very good this year and as shown on the Evaluation Forms, all had a great time. Kinship Carers are defined as family members or close friends who take on the sole care of a child/children because the birth parents are unable to do so. Geeza Break working in partnership with Family Addiction Support Service (FASS) & funded by Glasgow Addiction Services offer support to families affected by a loved one’s alcohol or Kinship Care Audrey Platt (FASS Link Worker)
  16. 16. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 16 drug misuse. Our Respite Co-ordinators, T.O.F.F.E.E. Club Coordinator & FASS Link Worker deliver the Second Generation Care service for Kinship families Glasgow citywide. The criteria for this service: is Carers who have the sole care of a child due to parental addiction & are living within a Glasgow Local Authority area. There is no need to have active Social Work involvement to access the service. Agency or self-referrals are accepted. The aim of the service is to give Kinship Carers a break from their childcare responsibilities while at the same time offering a positive and enjoyable experience for children and young people. Geeza Break & FASS have been providing respite and support services to families for over twenty one years and are fully aware of the needs of children and families who have been affected by addiction issues. Families outwith the North East of Glasgow can choose one of the following preferred services: We can offer one of four types of respite depending on families’ own circumstances and preferences and they are as follows: Respite Care: Children are cared for at the home of fully vetted and assessed respite carers for periods varying from a few hours through to overnight care – one overnight session per month. Respite Sitting: Children are cared for in their own home by fully vetted respite sitters to allow the family members to go out – one session per fortnight. Centre Based Respite: Provided during Easter, Summer and October holidays from a variety of local halls/schools throughout the city. This service is delivered in partnership with other registered childcare providers who are knowledgeable about their areas – two to three sessions per week. Activity Based Respite: The Young Person’s Support Worker provides a high quality Befriending service to children aged between 8-14 years who are looked after by Kinship Carers. One to one support and group work are offered between 4 – 8pm on weekdays and during the day at weekends and school holidays. The young people are accompanied to low cost local community clubs and activities over a 12 week period. The aim is to achieve positive outcomes for the young people to make better life choices, and improve health and well-being. Our Link Worker provides support, advice and information on the following: • Offers one-to-one personal, professional & confidential support • Sign-posts Kinship Carers to identified services based on need • Produces information on specific Kinship support services • Provides opportunities to access respite services & local Kinship groups • Facilitates parenting skills group work programmes Besides the Link Worker support, FASS also provides other support: Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Clothing Project, Kinship & Family support group membership, for group members – respite breaks at our caravan, alternative stress therapies, monthly members meetings & training opportunities. FASS also have Bereavement & Moving On groups & hold an annual Ecumenical Service. FASS can be contacted on: 0141 420 2050.
  17. 17. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201317 Cathy Melrose (Senior Family Support Worker) and Ed Inglis (Lottery Coordinator) have worked very hard at developing and delivering this service offered by Geeza Break which has included training of staff, publicity and advertising, networking and developing partnership working with other agencies as well as getting the service itself up and running. The past year has been a big learning curve. As a new service we have had to adapt very quickly and overcome numerous challenges to make sure that we offer the excellent service that we strive for. All of this work has meant that this past year has flown by. Developing and delivering the service has also provided opportunities to learn about the most effective ways to work with vulnerable families experiencing crisis in the North East of Glasgow and improve their confidence, parenting skills and aspirations. The project has provided a range of respite provision and support for each of the families we have worked with including Respite Sitting, Respite Care, Family Support and T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. Big Lottery Funded ‘Making Connections For Families In Need’ Cathy Melrose & Ed Inglis (Support Workers) The project has piloted, as well as adapted, current Geeza Break methods and approaches of working with vulnerable families which have succeeded in engaging a number of families in a way which has led to progress towards positive outcomes. Although the last year has been hard work, with many challenges, we are very proud of the service we have established and the help and support that the ‘Making Connections for Families in Need’ team have offered the families who use the service. We are constantly looking at ways to improve every aspect of the ‘Making Connections for Families In Need’ service and look forward to continue working with the families who need it.
  18. 18. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 18 Accounts
  19. 19. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201319
  20. 20. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 20 GeezaBreak’sgoalistoimprovethequalityoflifeforlocalvulnerable childrenandfamiliesbyreducingstress,crisisandisolationthrough providingarangeofrespiteandsupportservices.Inrecentyears, communityandfamilylifehaschangedwithmanyparentshavinglittleor nocontactwithotherfamilymembers,leavingbothparentsandchildren extremelyisolatedandvulnerable,particularlyintimesofcrisis.This stressiscompoundeduponintheNorthandEastofGlasgow,where GeezaBreakoperates.Thisarearemainsoneofthepoorestareasin Scotlandwith7outof20ofthemostdeprivedareasinScotlandlocated withinit’sboundaries. In2012,Glasgowhadthehighestpercentageofchildrenlivingin povertyamongtheeightlocalauthoritiesofGlasgowandClydeValley. TheGlasgowrateof33%wasmorethanthreetimeshigherthaninEast DunbartonshireandEastRenfrewshire.Thisfigureisthehighestamong Scotland’smajorcities;forexample,itismorethantwicetheratein AberdeenandalmostdoublethatofEdinburgh. There are a variety of problems consistent with multiple deprivation including high levels of unemployment with many parents relying on Job Seeker’s Allowance, Incapacity/Severe Disability Pay, Child Tax/Pension Tax Credits, and/or out of work benefits to survive. The estimated percentage of children in workless households in Glasgow in 2012 was 22%. InNovember2010moreboysthangirlsweresupportedbySocialWork ServicesacrossthewholecityofGlasgow.52%ofchildrensupported Characteristics of Families and Services wereboys,numbering5,401,and45%weregirls(4,711).Thisgender gapisapparentacrossthethreeSocialWorkAreaswithinGlasgow, ineachofwhichmoreboysthangirlsreceivedsupport.Glasgow consistentlyhasarateofchildrenreferredthatismorethan50%higher thanthecomparableScottishrate.In2010/11Glasgow’srateof75 childrenper1,000ofthepopulationis74%higherthantheScottishrate of43%.Glasgowhadmorethan3,500lookedafterchildrenat31stJuly 2010-anumberfarhigherthananyotherlocalauthorityinthecountry. Thisequatesto3%ofthechildpopulation,thehighestrateofany authoritywithinScotlandandmorethandoubletheScottishaverageof 1.4%. MorechildreninGlasgow(43%)andacrossScotland(44%)areonthe ChildProtectionRegisterbecauseofphysicalneglectthanforanyother reason.Relativelyfewareregisteredbecauseofsexualabuse(8%inboth GlasgowandScotland)andhardlyanybecauseoffailuretothriveor reasonsnotknown(1%forGlasgowonly). Theproportionofchildrenlivinginhouseholdswithworkingageadults, whereatleastoneadulthasadisability,wasoneandahalftimeshigherin Glasgow(12%)thantheScottishaverage(8%)in2007/08.TheGlasgow figurewasalsomorethandoublethatofAberdeen(4%)andEdinburgh (5%)andmarginallyhigherthanDundee(11%).Allfiguresquotedwere Experiencehasshownthatfamiliesarenotaffectedbyjustonesingle issue;theyhavemanyverycomplexdifficultiestodealwith.Thisincludes
  21. 21. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201321 Table 1: shows the number of families and children that Geeza Break worked with against each respite service during the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. Please note that the numbers are cumulative as some families and children received more than one service. Table 2: shows the ages at point of referral and gender of the 519 children who received Respite Services from Geeza Break during the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. Please note that all children were only counted once even if they received more than one of our services. statebenefits,health,housingaswellasalltheotherdailydramasof beingaparent. Changeisalwaysadifficultissuetodealwithandreally impactsoneveryonearound,inparticularchildren.Parentsandchildren needtobesupportedthroughthechangeprocess.GeezaBreakworks along-sideothersupportservicestoensurefamiliesaretrulysupported tomakeapositivechangeintheirlives. Service No. Families No. Children Respite Sitting 144 272 Respite Care 33 49 Centre Based (T.O.F.F.E.E. Club) 203 289 Table 1 Ages of Children No. of Children Male Female 0 - 4 120 67 53 5 - 8 216 123 93 9 - 12 153 92 61 13 - 16 30 18 12 Total 519 300 219 Table 2 Table 3 shows the Referral Sources, Table 4 shows the Referral Areas and Table 5 shows the Family Status for the 317 Families who received a respite service from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. Please note that families were only counted once even if they received more than one of our services. No. of Referral Areas Families Baillieston 11 Barlanark 7 Barrowfield 2 Bridgeton 24 Budhill 1 Calton 7 Camlachie 1 Carmyle 5 Carntyne 17 Craigend 1 Cranhill 9 Dennistoun 14 Easterhouse 40 Gallowgate 7 Garrowhill 2 Garthamlock 6 Greater Easterhouse 17 Greenfield 11 Haghill 10 Mount Vernon 3 Outwith North East CCP 43 Parkhead 21 Riddrie 7 Ruchazie 1 Sandyhills 5 Shettleston 20 Springboig 8 Tollcross 16 Townhead 1 Total 317 Table 4 No. of Referral Source Families Addictions 1 Children & Families 61 Community Organisation 22 Education 15 FASS 12 Health Board 31 PACT 2 Self-Referral 177 Social Work 16 Total 337 Table 3 Family Status No. of Families Grandparent 5 1 Parent 174 2 Parent 67 Other Relation 71 Total 317 Table 5
  22. 22. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 22 The T.O.F.F.E.E. Club provided a service to children during the Easter school holidays, 6 weeks of the Summer school holidays and the October week school holidays. The figures below also include Out of School places which were purchased under the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club. Table 7: shows the statistical information for the T.O.F.F.E.E. Club during 2012:- Table 6: shows the statistical information for the Respite Sitting and Respite Care services during the year 12/13:- Service Sessions Nights Respite Care 455 432 Respite Sitting 3336 0 Total 3791 432 Period Sessions Hours Easter 654 3270 Summer 2982 14910 October 259 1295 Emergency 0 0 Total 3895 19475 Table 6 Table 7 Table 8 shows the Referral Sources, Table 9 shows the Referral Areas and Table 10 shows the Family Status for the 117 families who received the Family Support service from 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. Referral Source No. of Families Addictions 1 Children & Families 44 Community Organisation 16 FASS 1 Health Board 29 Self-Referral 30 Social Work 19 140 Table 8 No. of Referral Areas Families Baillieston 6 Barlanark 2 Bridgeton 5 Budhill 1 Calton 2 Carmyle 1 Carntyne 9 Craigend 1 Cranhill 6 Dalmarnock 1 Dennistoun 9 Easterhouse 9 Gallowgate 4 Garrowhill 1 Garthamlock 1 Greater Easterhouse 4 Greenfield 3 Haghill 4 Outwith North East CCP 2 Parkhead 13 Provanmill 1 Riddrie 1 Sandyhills 1 Shettleston 14 Springboig 3 Springburn 1 Tollcross 10 Townhead 2 117 Table 9 Family Status No. of Families One Parent 79 Two parents 34 Other relation 4 117 Table 10
  23. 23. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/201323 Ages of Children No. of Children Male Female 0 - 4 102 51 51 5 - 8 64 36 28 9 - 12 39 26 13 13 - 16 24 11 13 Total 229 124 105 Table 11 Table 11: shows the ages at point of referral and gender of the 229 children whose parents received Intense one to one Family Support from Geeza Break during the period 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013. The main reasons for referral were parental addictions and mental health problems and a need for input to help with household management, routines and caring skills. A large number of those referred had low self-confidence, problematic family relationships and were lacking in social supports. For many parents daily life was characterised by difficulties associated with poverty, inadequate and insecure housing and a struggle to provide emotional, social and educational support for their children. This was particularly so for parents whose own needs had not been met, for whom there was little support from family and friends and who could see no glimmer of hope for a way out of their difficulties for themselves or their children. The extent of some parents’ difficulties was such that intensive input was required from Family Support Workers and staff from partnership agencies over an extended period of time in order to address some of the impact of these problems.
  24. 24. Geeza Break Annual Report 2012/2013 24 Our heartfelt thanks to all our funders. Glasgow City Council Social Work Services, Glasgow City Council Integrated Grants Fund, Glasgow City Council Addictions, Greater Glasgow & Clyde NHS, The Big Lottery, Young Start,Communities and Families Fund, Robertson Trust, Short Breaks, Creative Breaks, Better Breaks, Cash for Kids, RS McDonald Charitable Trust, BBC Children in Need. We would also like to acknowledge all fundings, grants, donations and gifts which are mentioned in our audited accounts. All were warmly received and we are extremely grateful.. Further Information If you would like any further information about any of our services, or feel that you or your family could benefit from support from Geeza Break, please contact us at the office (details below). If you think you could offer support to local families, we would also be delighted to hear from you. Office Hours are: Monday – Thursday – 9am-5pm Friday – 9am-4pm Geeza Break Geeza Break 1450-1456 Gallowgate, Parkhead, Glasgow G31 4ST Tel: 0141 573 2900 Fax: 0141 573 2789 Email: Website: Geeza Break is supported by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, Glasgow City Council and Greater Glasgow and Clyde NHS Part Funded