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Upload an audio guide


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Find out how to upload a new audio guide in AudioPlayce.

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Upload an audio guide

  1. 1. Upload an audio guide smart tutorial to become an Audioplayce author.
  2. 2. When you log into Audioplayce (after the registra- tion) you find on the left side of the page the menu through which you can go to the main areas of the site. 1 Click on “create a new guide” .1
  3. 3. You are now in the new audio guide cration area. The audio guides are made of an image, a small de- scription text and of one or more geolocalized audio files. 2 2 Type the audio guide title. This title will be seen both by web and mobile users.1
  4. 4. 3 Choose the language of your audio guide. Warning: to publish a multi-language audio guide you have to upload and publish ONE GUIDE each language! 4 Select the kind of audio guide.3 4 POI (Point Of Interest ): It’s an audio guide made of a single audio file (mp3) and normally describes just one building, square, church etc. Walk:1 many POIs compose a walk itinerary. Ride: many POIs compose a bike itinerary. Car: many POIs compose a car itinerary. Train: You have to put many POIs along a railroad.
  5. 5. 5 Upload an image for your audio guide. Click on , a search window will appear, giving you the possibility to choose an image from your pc. 6 Write a short description of your guide. 51 6 Click on
  6. 6. 7 Find a place where you want your guide to start. Type the town, the area or the point of interest you want your audio guide to be geolocalized in. 8 Manage the zoom ( ) to get the detail level you 7 need to correctly place your audio file. 8 Switch “Add POI” on to add new points of inte- 9 rest. You have to read “on”.1 9 Click on the right point where you want your guide to start.
  7. 7. 10 You can give POI a name and a description. It’s useful when the audio guide is made of many POIs. 11 Add a new audio track. 101 11
  8. 8. 12 Choose a file. Click here and open a browsing window to select from your pc the mp3 you have created to pack your 13 guide. 12 13 Click1
  9. 9. Wait... The audio tracks (mp3) are quite heavy and it could take few minutes to complete the upload.1
  10. 10. 14 Successfully uploaded Green status bar means that everything went ok and your audio file is located on our servers. Close session clicking “Done”.1 14
  11. 11. If you want to add a further POI you have to go to step (don’t leave the uploading area): 15 15 Click on the map A new marker will appear (joined to the first by a green path) 16 You will have to fill a new field. 161 17 Add a new audio track. Go on untill 14 . Replay this process for every POI you want to17 add into your audio guide.
  12. 12. 18 Go ahead to the next step. When you’ve finished geotagging and uploading every POI, click on “next” and go to the last step. You’re almost at the end! 19 No time today, I will go on tomorrow! At any time you can stop publishing and start again at another time. Click on “save and exit” and you’ll find your unpubli- shed draft in “my uploads”, in the left menu in your1 homepage. 19 18
  13. 13. 20 The price. How much could my guide cost? There are no rules, and no tutorials :) Take a look at the other producers and try to under- stand the market.20 21 I made my audio guide and it’s mine! The copyrights 21 When you click on this drop-down menu you will be asked to choose what kind of copyright you want to apply to your guide: 1 ... : everybody can use your contents (images, texts and audio), sell them and make money. Creative Commons: You apply a c.c. licence (http:// All Rights Reserved: Nobody can use your con- tents.
  14. 14. 22 Tags. In this field you can type some keywords. They will be used by the internal search engine to find your audio guide. Use “smart” tags, it’s very important to be found and bought by other users! I After every typing you have to click 22 23 Go to next step.1 23 Now your audio guide is ready, just a rapid overview and you can publish it.
  15. 15. 24 Last check of important things. This page give you back the summary of your work features. Check everything is ok! Warning: when you publish you WON’T BE ABLE to change TITLE and PRICE. 24 25 How will other users see my “baby”? If you click on “preview” you can see how your audio guide will appear to the public.1 26 OK, now you are a real author! Click on “publish” and the job is done. If your audio guide is free, it will be published in few minutes. If not, you will get an email once published. 25 26