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How to take professional photos


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Learn how to set your camera settings, compose amazing shots and edit like the pros. We'll be covering DSLR cameras and you're welcome to follow along. We'll also look at how to take a well composed photo to the next level in Adobe Lightroom.

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How to take professional photos

  1. 1. How to take professional photographs.
  2. 2. Camera Control Composition Editing
  3. 3. Camera Control Big 3 ISO Shutter Speed Aperture Light Sensitivity Exposure Time High number means more light, more sensitivity (grain). Low means a “clearer” image but could be darker depending on conditions. The timing in which the shutter opens to allow light to ‘imprint’ data onto the sensor. Longer times mean brighter, but possibly blurrier images. Light Amount The aperture is how open the physical lens is and can be. This will work with shutter speed to determine how much light hits the sensor. It also controls the Depth of Field (blurry background effect). Low (open) means more light and shallow. High (closed) means more things in focus and less light. Most Important
  4. 4. ISO ISO 320 Clean, darker Lens 35mm Aperture ƒ2.0 Shutter Speed 1/125 sec ISO 25600 Noisy, brighter Lens 35mm Aperture ƒ2.0 Shutter Speed 1/2000 sec
  5. 5. Shutter Speed RAW ISO 100 Lens 35mm Aperture ƒ2.0 Edited Shutter Speed 1/200 sec This is going to be dark
  6. 6. Aperture RAW ISO 320 Edited 35mm ƒ2.5 Admire the blur 1/80 sec
  7. 7. Camera Control Uh. So what should I do then?
  8. 8. Aperture Priority Mode. Aperture Priority Mode. Aperture Priority Mode.
  9. 9. Composition Is what’s in the frame important?
  10. 10. Composition Shoot a lot of photos.
  11. 11. Composition Too Bright Not Looking Blurry Super Blurry Not Looking Not Cooperating Bingo. Bingo. 1/20 sec Not Looking Too Bright Not Looking Bingo. 3:10
  12. 12. Original Edited
  13. 13. Composition Sometimes we have to edit.
  14. 14. Original Edited
  15. 15. Editing Learn Lightroom
  16. 16. Editing Get VSCO
  17. 17. DEMO
  18. 18. Thanks! See me after for help + iPhoneography tips.