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Marketing Plan for an App


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This is a marketing plan for a mobile app.

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing Plan for an App

  1. 1. Marketing Is a Race Without a Finish Line. -Philip Kotler
  2. 2. All of that will come to an end…
  3. 3. If you download our app!!!
  6. 6. Ever-ready Assistant app is a mobile personal assistant service that aims to solve user issues such as flight options, customer support for your bank, booking tickets, ordering food, finding places etc.
  7. 7. This service will help users get all the required details within minutes!!!
  8. 8. To Be The Overall Leader In Online Services. VISION
  9. 9. MISSION To remove the frustrations of dealing with call centre support and the hassles of finding information for products and services by providing a wide range of services satisfying the consumer needs and helping the society at large.
  11. 11. Company Overview Will have a free as well as a premium version Interactive interface Ease the process of online services An Equivalent of Google Search
  12. 12. Company Overview Find places around you Provides ratings, photos, booking options Categorizations according to price, place, quality etc. GPRS detection
  13. 13. Company Overview Personalised wake ups, birthday, meetings and various other reminders Provides shopping deals and platforms to purchase Order food, restaurant reservations, Discount coupons Mobile top ups or paying phone bills
  14. 14. Company Overview Schedule a courier, Home repairs, customer care info Find ATM’s, Hospitals, Bus stops or train stations
  15. 15. Market Overview Available on the Android Play Store Collaboration with various firms Strategic assets are information on fingers Focussed on almost everyone using phones
  16. 16. Market Overview With a low budget: Primarily based on a marketing strategy by social media platforms and creating various blogs
  17. 17. Market Overview With a reasonable budget: Various advertisements by televisions, newspapers, magazines, Google ads, signing various celebrities as brand ambassadors and various social events
  18. 18. Target Consumers Youth using smart phones People caught up in the busy world Old aged people
  19. 19. Target Consumers This app will serve all its customers with lower, middle and a high income by giving various suggestions based on what the user decides.
  20. 20. Opportunities Computer based web extensions available Collaboration with various firms Building an API that can be used in other apps
  21. 21. Threats Continuous innovation is required Availability of other alternative apps New competitors New to market Low budgets
  22. 22. GOALS
  23. 23. Best quality service and user interface Create a brand image Maximize sales and generate revenue Create a consumer trust
  24. 24. Customers Mergers with latest technology Faster accesses and better interface
  25. 25. Collaborators Publicity via app Provide customer details for various companies
  26. 26. Competitors Same category apps Surpass by providing ease of access and use
  27. 27. TACTICS
  28. 28. Logo and Slogan
  29. 29. EVERYDAY ASSISTANT Information at your fingertips
  30. 30. Product and Price Available in free and premium versions Premium version at $1 for 3 months Amazing deals and discounts in premium version
  31. 31. Most of the app features will be free so that the users get to see how the apps can help them.
  32. 32. The premium version will target features such as GPRS navigations, video chats with various officials at the desired locations, recharge, scheduling repairs.
  33. 33. INCENTIVES
  34. 34. For consumers Referring to other contacts gives additional discounts Initially every premium user gets an extra 20% discount on different purchases
  35. 35. For collaborators Publicity via app Provide premium version for free for a year The revenue generated will be exclusively from app bookings
  36. 36. Communication Initially through social networking platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and blogs Later through television, magazines, google ads and appointing celebrities as brand ambassadors
  37. 37. Distribution This app will be available on any web browser as well as Google play and Apple store.
  39. 39. Implement all the strategies to achieve desired goals and keep budget under control
  40. 40. Marketing and Market Research Invest in R&D in order to keep up with the need of innovations and the customers Satisfying collaborators Assign different people for different tasks for consistency
  41. 41. Let’s RECAP
  42. 42. Executive summary Situation Analysis Goals Strategy Tactics Implementation
  43. 43. DISCLAIMER Created by Atulya Manuraj, IIT Kanpur during an internship by Professor Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.