Six Week Industrial Summer Training For B-Tech/ B.E Students - EC EE EI EN EIC EEE


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Unicon PLC Automation –ISO9001:2008 Certified Summer Training

Our training title "Inhancing Technical Skills" is a key message, "Teaching and Learning" with Technologies may improve academic education & corporate training for engineering science. Bridging the gap between theory learned in college & knowledge applied in actual industry.

In summer training We cover/teach the most popular PLC's used world wide like.
Allen Bradley & AC Drive Schenieder(Altivar), Control Technique, , Simens, & the most popular Intouch SCADA , briefing online project, How to handle & Execute.

Note:- Summer training are conducted in Lucknow based institute only, This course is meant for IInd year and IIIrd year students of colleges. Any student having summer training in their curriculum.

Module-2: (Programmable logic controllers )

Introduction to PLC, PLC family, application of PLC in industry, benefits of PLC in industry.
Introduction to PLC hardware
Source and sink wiring concept
Transistor and relay output concept
Introduction to PLC programming software
Addressing concept
Introduction to ladder logic
Basic programming instructions
Advance programming instructions.
Implementation of instruction and advanced
Instruction’s for logic development as per industrial application.

Upload, download, monitoring of PLC
Forcing of I/O’s

Fault finding/troubleshooting
Communication with SCADA
Hands on experience on real time application
hardware control using PLC.

Module-2: SCADA

Introduction about SCADA
Introduction about SCADA software
Creating graphic’s
Attaching control to graphic objects
Alarm and event management
Real time and historical trends
Communication with PLC
Control loop interface with SCADA
Recipe Management
Fault finding/troubleshooting

Module-3: Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives
Ac motor basics
Introduction to AC drive and applications Braking in drives
Benefits of ac drive over conventional starters (DOL & Star/delta)
Criteria for drive selections
Parameter programming
Energy saving concept
Live Demonstration of effect of each programmed parameter on Drive.
Designing of drive control panel
Communication of drive with PLC, HMI & SCADA
Fault finding/troubleshooting
Soft starter and their advantage over conventional starters.

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Atul saxena Miss Saba

Technical Director Counsellor
Mobno-9415578850 Mobno-8004362268
Desk no-0522-4113506,

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Six Week Industrial Summer Training For B-Tech/ B.E Students - EC EE EI EN EIC EEE

  1. 1. UNICON PLC AUTOMATION ISO 9001:2008 Certified Placement Training Industrial Automation Training Summer /ProjectTraining PLC SCADA VFD HMI Panel Designing Embedded System Sub:Summer Training/ Vocational Training for Second Year/ Third Year Students B.Tech/Diploma - Electrical/ Electronics- EC EI EN EEE EIC EE Program Fees- 4000 each student. Unicon PLC Automation Lucknow –Vocational /Summer Training for –Diploma/ Engineer (Electrical ,Electronics Instrumentation –EC EI EN EIC EE EEE Our Training title "Enhancing Technical Skills " is a key message, "Teaching and Learning" with Technologies may improve academic education & corporate training for engineering science. Bridging the gap between theory learned in college & knowledge applied in actual industry. In Summer/Vocational Training , We will cover/teach the most popular PLC's used world wide like. Allen Bradley, Simens, & AC Drive Rockwell automation (power flex 4 ) ,Schenieder(Altivar), Simens, & the most popular Intouch,RSVIEW SCADA & briefing online project, How to handle & Execute. UNICON PLC Automation have launched 30 days /onemonth vocational training for second year students . program is targeted at bright and fresh B.Tech/B.E/Diploma Engineer from Electrical Electronics & Instrumentation branch . The program will include 30 days of exhaustive class-room and practical training conducted by experienced industery engineer . * Program Features High end PLC ,SCADA & DRIVES ,HMI DCS ,Panel Desgining ,Motor starters,Soft starter ,Process Instrumentation ,Analog PLC based live Project Training . * Opportunity to engage in different "LIVE Projects" * Individualized instruction, with only less than 5 applicants per group * Experienced and knowledgeable industery Engineers to guide. * Performance of the candidates appraised by the HR Department of uniconplcAutomation . THANKS
  2. 2. AtulSaxena Director Mobno-9415578850 Desk no-0522-4113506 UNICON PLC AUTOMATION Second floor Maa Manjil opp Novelty Aliganj Kapoorthla Lucknow Email at, Log on Course contents attached
  3. 3. Course Contents Automation Module 1: IAE (Industrial Automation Engineer) Duration: 3 months (100% placement) Programmable Logic Controllers Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Motion Control ( Drives & Motors) Panel Designing& AutoCad Process Instrumentation HMI (Human Machine Interface) Industrial Networking Distributed Control System Soft Skill Development On site Practical Exposure Module 2: PLC, SCADA Course Programmable Logic Controllers Digital Electronics Basics PLC Fundamentals PLC Hardware & Architecture Source & sink Cencepts Wiring Different field Devices to PLC Introduction to PLC Programming software Creating new application, addressing Programming Languages Basic Programming Instructions Advance Instructions Upload / Download / Monitoring Forcing of I/Os Fault finding / troubleshooting & documentation Communication with SCADA software Hands on experience on real time applications Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Introduction to SCADA Software Creating New SCADA Project Creating database of Tags Creating & Editing Elementary Graphic display Attaching controls to graphic objects Real time & Historical Trends Using Alarms & Events Application of scripts Communication with PLC Communication with Excel Net DDE Communication Fault finding / Troubleshooting Module 3: Motors & Variable Speed Drives AC Motors, Operations & limitations Starters: DOL, Star-Delta, Auto Transformer Motor control circuits, Interlocking, Inching and Reversing etc. Introduction to AC Drives & Applications Criteria for Drives Selection Parameter Programming Designing of Drive Control panel Communication with PLC Fault finding / Troubleshooting Soft starters & their advantages over conventional starters Module 4: Panel Designing Introduction to switchgears & accessories Basics of Control & Power Drawings Gen electrical Protections involve in panels Earthing and Electrical noise Load Management (connected load, running load, load factor) Gen Indications (Ammeters, Voltmeters, PF & KW meters) Preparation of General Arrangement Diagrams, Bus Bar sizing Preparation of power & control circuits General wiring Guidelines / practices Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in live panels Module 5: Process Instrumentation Various types of Transmitters / sensors used in industrial applications Position sensors: Photoelectric, Proximity, Encoders Temperature Measurement (RTD, Thermocouple, thermistor) Working principle, types, selection guidelines) Flow Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines Pressure Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines Level Measurement, Working principle, types, selection guidelines Load measurement, Load cells Solenoid valves, Control valves, Smart transmitters Instrument transformers (CT, VT) Process control Basics, Closed & Open loop control Process controllers (On-off, Proportional, PID) Module 6: HMI Getting started with HMI Creating applications, Creating Tags Downloading / Uploading programs Creating Alarm Messages Communication with PLC Fault Diagnostics Module 7: Distributed Control System Introduction to DCS DCS applications Hardware: Processor, I/O Modules, Communication, Bus Redundancy etc. Application Difference between PLC & DCS Hands-on Practical on DCS Systems Module 8: Industrial Networking Different Network Topologies & their importance Training on Nodes, Ports, Drivers, Hardware DH-485, Eternet, DeviceNet, ControlNet, Modbus, Profibus Hands-on practical on Networking of PLC. Module 9: Summer / Winter Training (with Live Project) (Duration: 4 weeks) Module 10: Customised Training/ In-Plant Training We would carry the same brand of PLCs Drives and other hardware (installed in your plant/Facility) along with simulation kits to your plant to impart hands-on training.