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Texas Motorcycle Safety

  1. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY AWARENESS IN TEXAS Motorcycle Safety, Tips for Bikers and Motorists, and a Few Popular Events
  2. THE PERFECT STATE FOR MOTORCYCLISTS? Texans love their motorcycles. With more miles of road than any other state in the country, beautiful scenic routes and perfect weather for biking, it’s no coincidence that there are so many motorcycles on Texas roads. Unfortunately, there are also many motorcycle accidents in Texas; but by observing a few safety tips, we can make our roads safer for bikers and other drivers alike.
  3. MAY IS MOTORCYCLE SAFETY AWARENESS MONTH The observance of Motorcycle Awareness Month is intended as much for other vehicle drivers as it is for motorcyclists. “Sharing the road” is a common theme of motorcycle safety campaigns, and rightfully so. Studies show that motorists are responsible for over half of accidents involving motorcycles.
  4. TEXAS MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT STATISTICS • On average, a motorcyclist is killed in Texas every single day. • In 2015, 455 motorcyclists died and 1,867 suffered serious injuries in Texas motorcycle crashes. • Motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to be killed in a traffic accident than passenger car occupants. • Helmets are 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle fatalities, and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries.
  5. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY TIPS FOR BIKERS • Learn and practice defensive driving • Make yourself visible to other motorists. • Avoid riding your motorcycle in bad weather. • Pay special attention to road hazards. • Always wear appropriate protective gear, and encourage riders to do the same. • Perform routine safety checks of your motorcycle. • When buying a new motorcycle, always make sure that it is proportional to your body size. • Avoid splitting a single lane with other motorcyclists.
  6. SHARING THE ROAD WITH MOTORCYCLISTS • Give motorcycles a full lane. • Be on the lookout for motorcyclists at intersections. • Always use turn signals and check your mirrors when changing lanes, even if you don’t immediately see another vehicle or bike. • Never follow a bike too closely. • Assume that motorcyclists are closer than they appear.
  7. ENJOYING THE MOTORCYCLE COMMUNITY Part of the fun of being a biker is the connection you have to other motorcycle enthusiasts. Fortunately, there are many popular events for motorcyclists, some of which are specifically geared to bikers. Let’s take a look at few of the most popular events for motorcyclists in Texas.
  8. ROT BIKER RALLY The Republic Of Texas Biker Rally – the ROT Biker Rally - is the biggest motorcycle rally in Texas. Last year, the event had over 60,000 participants. In 2016, the event is being held from June 9th to June 12th at the Travis Expo Center in Austin. Bikers flock to the event to see new motorcycle designs, accessories, parts, motorcycle races and live music.
  9. SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST South by Southwest (SXSW) is one of the most popular events in the country, and a great destination for bikers. Festivals and conferences host music, film and interactive media, drawing fans from all over the world. The event began in 1987, growing in size and scope every year since its inception. It is held in mid- March every year.
  10. AUSTIN CITY LIMITS MUSIC FESTIVAL For 15 years, the Austin City Limits Music Festival has been host to some of the best musical acts in the world. ACL is held over two weekends. This year, the event is taking place September 30th to October 2nd and October 7th to October 9th at Zilker Park. The festival has grown to include 8 stages and over 130 bands.
  11. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY CONCERNS AT AUSTIN EVENTS There is always a greater risk of accidents at these events due to the high number of attendees, tourists and traffic. Motorcycle wrecks are a major concern at the ROT Rally. For example, there were over 200 crashes at the ROT Rally in 2014. Attendees are asked to be extra cautious at these events and to be especially mindful of increases in traffic.
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