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Atomic Axis prepares you to market your newly created mobile application. Learn the basics of App Store Optimization, blogging, microsite creation, social media, video production, press release creation and in-app virality.

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Mobile App Marketing

  1. 1. Mobile App Marketing
  2. 2. Mobile App Marketing The Basics… • • • • • • • App Store Optimization Blog Microsite Social Media Video Press Release In App Virality
  3. 3. App Store Optimization The goal of ASO is to drive more traffic to your app’s page in the app store, so searchers can take a specific action: downloading your app.
  4. 4. What to include… • Title of your app – Will give you the heaviest search traffic – Keyword Rich – Google keyword planner, Competition, trademarks, common sense – You don’t want to have to change your title – hurts word of mouth marketing • App Store Description – Ask the question – what is special about your app v. others like it – Create excitement – Keyword Rich – Google keyword planner, Competition, Common sense – Bullet point features • Visuals – High quality Screenshots – Professionally designed logo icon – Bottom line: Hire a designer 60% of your total downloads will come from organic search, so spend time researching, planning, and make it perfect.
  5. 5. App Store Optimization Tips What to remember… • • • • • • • • When possible, use relevant keywords in your title Continually track keyword trends and adapt 100 Character Keyword count – No spaces, separated by commas, think about misspellings. – Don’t use words in your apps icon Bullet point features Design is critical, especially your icon Pay attention to your app’s feedback Let users know how to reach out to you directly Ask engaged users for ratings
  6. 6. Blogging • Start early – Aids in Discoverability (SEO) – Use your researched keywords – Creates Buzz – Photos and videos are engaging – Collect emails - newsletters
  7. 7. Microsite • Your App’s Homepage – Press contacts – Forum outreach – Influencer outreach – SEO • What to include? – Where do I get the app? – Longer form app description – High quality visuals – Video content – Media mentions – Downloadable Press Kit – Collect emails
  8. 8. Social Media Focus on where your potential users hang out, if you can figure it out.. • Focus on the big two: – Twitter – Facebook • Twitter Tips – Include the word “App” in your name – Include your app icon – Influencer compiling and outreach – Search and discovery – Be creative and engaging
  9. 9. Video The most engaging form of content • Teaser – 1-2 weeks prior to release – App preview – keep it short • Release Day Video – Introduce your app to the world – Features overview, usage, call to action
  10. 10. Press Release Makeup • • • • • Engaging Headline Explanatory sub headline Introduce the app A quote from the developer/ceo/marketer Calls to action – where do I get more info? What do I do with my press release? • Compile news publications • Send promo codes • Influencer outreach • Find possible evangelists • Get Creative Make it as easy as possible for publishers to write about you…
  11. 11. Press Kit Elements • • • • • Your Pitch – what sets you apart? Description – Bulleted features Contact info – Technical and Marketing Visuals – Screenshots and Icon Video - ~1 min showing all important features Tips • • • • • Create quick download link Send out press kit w/ promo codes early – influencers Quick Redeem Link Be succinct – bullet point features Use visuals often Press Kit: Promo Code: N6YL77YMLMLT Quick Redeem: Redeem Promo Code
  12. 12. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about what really sells apps…
  13. 13. In-App Virality Virality is about interacting with people and enticing them to participate. Virality isn’t a marketing strategy that can be executed once you launch. To succeed, your app must pass these 4 tests • It must have something valuable to share. • It must make it easy for users to share and for friends to join. • It must reward users for sharing and offer them incentives to come back. • The more people use the app, the more value must be created for them.
  14. 14. In-App Virality Your other marketing efforts are secondary. Your primary marketing tool is your app itself How to make your app Inherently Viral • Make it effortless - Remove all obstacles and allow users to become immersed – Starts with a clean, easy to operate, user centric deign • One click Facebook and Twitter logins • Motivate users right on your first screen – connect, share with or challenge friends • Don’t have too much on the screen – Don’t confuse them, make them take your desired action. • Allow users to post to multiple social networks, email and text.
  15. 15. In-App Virality Your other marketing efforts are secondary. Your primary marketing tool is your app itself Reward Often • If you want to encourage specific behaviors, reward it – Give gifts when they invite friends, when they share via social networks – Encourage reviews of your app – Create a sense of urgency – limited time only Keep pulling them back • How to bring them back to your app? – Use push notifications – Be creative – where have you been? You have “x” number of new friends playing?
  16. 16. In-App Virality – Revenue Tricks A coercive monetization model depends on the ability to “trick” a person into making a purchase. Hiding a purchase can be as simple as disguising the relationship between action and cost • Intermediate currencies – Separates the user from real $’s & app currency – creates a hazing effect – Gives the ability to discount larger quantities of currency • Fun Pains - put consumer in a really uncomfortable position that can be alleviated with $ • One button conversions – click and go – Making users go out of your game to buy gives them more time to think • Reward removal – Give users huge rewards then threaten to take them away if they don’t pony up the cash. – People like getting rewards, but they hate losing what they already have much more than they value the same item as a reward. • Friend invites can replace spending in some instances – Invite 10 friends instead of paying the 10 gems to get to level 2
  17. 17. In-App Virality – Revenue Tricks “As discussed in my “Monetizing Children” paper, the ability to weigh this short term “pain relief” vs. the long term opportunity costs of spending money is a brain activity shown by research to be handled in the pre-frontal cortex. This area of the brain typically completes its development at the age of 25. Thus consumers under the age of 25 will have increased vulnerability to fun pain and layering effects, with younger consumers increasingly vulnerable. While those older than 25 can fall for very well constructed coercive monetization models, especially if they are unfamiliar with them the target audience for these products is those under the age of 25. For this reason these products are almost always presented with cartoonish graphics and child-like characters. Note that while monetizing those under 18 runs the risk of charge backs, those between the age of 18 and 25 are still in the process of brain development and are considered legal adults. It seems unlikely that anyone in this age range, having been anointed with adulthood, is going to appeal to a credit card company for relief by saying they are still developmentally immature. Thus this group is a vulnerable population with no legal protection, making them the ideal target audience for these methods. Not coincidentally, this age range of consumer is also highly desired by credit card companies.” Source:
  18. 18. Other things to keep in mind • Make sure you track progress – what works? – – – • Successful apps start with research – – • Fremium Paid In-app advertising Day 1 – – • Competitors – what features do top selling apps in your category all have in common? Revenue models? Target audience Develop a pricing and monetization plan early – – – • Itunes analytics Review feedback Your most important day is launch day Your goal is to get into top app charts for your app’s specific category Get creative – – – – – Contests Giveaways Price reductions on specific days Submit your app to App contest and award opportunities Do real life marketing too!
  19. 19. Atomic Axis 8500 Shoal Creek Rd 4-220 Austin Texas 78757 866-200-6650