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Website Development - Inhouse vs. Outsourcing (Pro/Cons)


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A very brief presentation on "In house development vs. Outsourcing".

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Website Development - Inhouse vs. Outsourcing (Pro/Cons)

  1. 1. in-house + Internal development teams demonstrate a greater commitment to placing the web at the heart of your business. More effective evolvement of the site over time. Flexible to quickly change “small things”. Internal acceptance of the website in the organization rises. Ultimately cheaper than the higher rates you will be forced to pay an external agency. Better team-building opportunities within the organization - Hard to keep up with latest innovations (Bigger investments in research and training are necessary). Learning is part of the job. Danger to become institutionalized and “blind” for fresh perspectives. Not the same breadth of knowledge, no “Jack of all trades”.
  2. 2. outsourcing + Advantage when it comes to complex and cutting edge sites. Bigger source of experience. Usually bigger teams with specialists in each field (e.g. accessibility, usability etc.) Competitive nature - there is more pressure on them to keep up-to- date with the latest innovations and developments. External agencies can bring a fresh perspective that can challenge internal preconceptions. - Slow site evolvement if you don t throw money at them all the time. Huge coordination and planning efforts for your organization. No easy “face-to-face” meetings possible. Agency does not focus on your site all the time. High one-off costs, higher rates for site maintenance