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Discipline at Atlogys


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Our COO - Mr. Rajiv Madan and our HR Head - Pooja Das deliver a stimulating session on "4 ways to be more Disciplined". Using Videos to send the real message across and showcasing how this can help our members be more productive and efficient at work and in life for overall success.

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Discipline at Atlogys

  1. 1. Presented By Pooja
  2. 2. Discipline as a blessing produces the following in our life: ➢Self control ➢Perseverance ➢Ability to prioritize your life ➢Becoming a man/woman of your word (you do what you say you will) ➢The reward of having completed something (fulfillment of dreams and goals) ➢Development of your God given skills and talents ➢Time to enjoy doing things you enjoy ➢Overcoming habits that are of no benefit to you ➢Discipline leads to consistency.
  3. 3. Ways to Be Disciplined at Work ➢Punctuality is a sign of professionalism and helps you stand out as a reliable and trustworthy employee. ➢Create a Daily Schedule. .Write your goals every day ➢Schedule Critical tasks first…. ➢Schedule time, not completion…. Starting is more than half the battle. ➢Reverse "to do" list ➢Reward Yourself
  4. 4. Disciplined Employee Charactertics ➢Willingness for accepting rules, regulations and procedures of organization ➢Accept responsibility and receive direction.
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