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Atlis Msc Information


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Atlis Msc Information

  1. 1. WELCOME TO ATLIS MARITIMEAtlis Maritime is a leading provider of employment solutions to the maritime security industry. We specialise inoffering recruitment services to security companies to assist them in reducing the legal and financial burdensinvolved in employing their own personnel directly, or contracting out with freelance consultants.Our company is uniquely positioned at the heart of this industry, with an executive team of former RoyalMarines and active maritime security officers & managers. We’ve acquired a depth of knowledge andunderstanding of the intricacies of this industry, which when combined with our close relationships withleading agents across the spectrum, means we are unrivalled in the level of service we can provide.Our focus is on solving man power problems for UK based maritime security companies.The aim of this information brochure is to briefly outline the numerous employment issues encountered bymaritime security companies when fulfilling their man power requirements, and to explain the service offeredby Atlis Maritime to show how we can greatly benefit security companies operating in the anti-piracy rolearound the Indian Ocean and Somali basin.Our services are free to the end user business, and quick & easy to implement. Employment Considerations for Maritime Security Companies! • The dilemma of contracting MSO’s • The solution The Atlis Maritime Recruitment Service! • What we provide • Integrating with your existing operations • Using our MSO’s within your business The Benefits for Maritime Security Companies! • Specialised solutions for the maritime industry • Reduced administration • Reduced costs • Minimal employer obligations Utilising Our Service! • Teaming with Atlis for your man power requirements
  2. 2. EMPLOYMENT CONSIDERATIONSMaritime security as it relates to the niche of the anti-piracy role is unique in its operation when compared toother industries, and as such faces a number of challenging considerations which need to be addressed whenconducting day to day business. Not least of these considerations is the issue of employing and tasking theindividual security officers who deploy on board ships. UK employment law and the complex tax obligationslevied at businesses, makes the decisions & consequences regarding how to contract maritime security officersof paramount importance.The Dilemma of Contracting MSO’sWe understand the enormous financial ramifications for companies in relation to how they employ (or not) theMSO’s they task on vessels. The impact of tax liabilities with HMRC and the obligations of employment law,often leave the companies between a rock and a hard place.Employing hundreds of MSO’s full time inevitably brings with it the responsibility of pension plans, paternityleave, sick leave & holiday entitlement, not to mention the additional financial requirements of PAYE andNational Insurance to highlight just a few factors. From a financial and administrative point of view, employingpersonnel full time is simply not a viable option for most maritime security companies.The most widely used alternative is of course to contract out with self employed freelance MSO’s on a task bytask basis. However, this system creates a conflict which has serious consequences for the individual securityofficer, but even more so for the company tasking them.The vast majority of “self employed” MSO’s are claiming the Seafarer Earnings Deduction which allows them toqualify to have no income tax liability. An important caveat of this claim is that the individual is “employed” –self employed MSO’s are not entitled to claim SED. This poses an obvious problem if the MSO has signed acontract stating they are a freelance consultant and can expose them to tax liability that they would otherwiseavoid. But….the way in which employment is determined in the eyes of HMRC for the purposes of seafarers,can be largely influenced by the answers to specific questions relating to how, and under what conditions a jobis carried out. This loophole as it were, often allows contractually self employed MSO’s to be considered“employed” for tax purposes as far as HMRC is concerned.Herein lays the problem; if the MSO is classed as “employed” for tax purposes, their “employer” is inevitablythe company who managed and dictated the working conditions when tasking them on to ships – the MaritimeSecurity Company! The result is that security companies can face unexpected and financially devastating taxliabilities in the form of back dated PAYE and National Insurance bills as an unsuspecting employer.While this industry was in its infancy, these tax and employment issues were largely overlooked andmisunderstood. However, with growing focus and attention on this sector, HMRC is understandably pursuingthe situation and will of course recover the tax owed from whichever parties they deem are most justifiablyliable. There are literally tens of millions of pounds at stake.The SolutionThe legitimate and most robust solution which protects security companies from enormous liabilities, bothlegally and financially, is the use of third party recruitment agencies to supply qualified personnel on a task bytask basis. This is where Atlis Maritime excel as a service provider. 
  3. 3. THE ATLIS MARITIME RECRUITMENT SERVICE!What we provideAtlis Maritime are an off shore recruitment agency specialising in employing highly trained personnel, andproviding a ready pool of man power that security companies can call upon and utilise as and when they needto fulfil operational commitments on board vessels. We provide an invaluable resource of skilled professionalswhom companies can draw from to fill positions within their teams.Our service is an all-in-one solution designed to drastically reduce administration, responsibilities, and costs,whilst simultaneously maintaining operational capability. We provide the opportunity for companies to use asmany MSO’s as required, without incurring the additional obligations of employing permanent staff, andwithout suffering the unexpected consequences often exposed by contracting directly with individual freelanceconsultants one by one.In short, we provide the man power that security company’s need, whilst eradicating the burdens thatotherwise accompanies administering such large numbers of personnel.Integrating With Your Existing OperationsWe are positioned with a unique understanding of how security companies operate on a day to day basisthanks to our background as team leaders and operations managers. This inside experience has enabled us toconstruct our service to integrate seamlessly with your existing admin protocols, with zero disruption to yourway of doing things.We specifically developed our recruitment solution to sympathetically allow your company to continue doingbusiness in real terms of practicality without change. Our service is there to facilitate you and fit in aroundyour exacting requirements; not to dictate that you adapt to our ways.The Atlis Maritime solution integrates in to your business with impressive ease. We simply resolve youremployment headaches without taking anything away from your business activities. We can confidentlypresent to you a solution which is uncompromising in professionalism and efficiency.Using Our MSO’s within Your BusinessOur MSO’s are at your disposal, giving you complete freedom to deploy and manage them exactly as thoughthey were your own employees. An arrangement to use Atlis Maritime as your recruitment provider effectivelymeans our pool of security officers is open to you as and when you need them.You have direct access to each individual security consultant and can contact them personally by telephone oremail to confirm their availability to deploy on transits. You can deploy them as you see fit, extend their taskperiods, hold them in foreign ports on standby for rapid re-deployment, relocate and re-task them at will, withabsolutely no requirement to liaise via Atlis as a middleman. You retain total control at all times. Our servicegenuinely does offer a hassle free recruitment solution without any negative compromises for your business.We are a complimentary asset for your business with complete commitment to providing you with a lowmaintenance recruitment solution.
  4. 4. BENEFITS FOR MARITIME SECURITY COMPANIES!Specialised Solutions for the Maritime Security IndustryWhilst the maritime industry is well established and widely serviced from supporting businesses, the anti-piracy security niche is extremely new with very few agencies holding sufficient expertise and understandingto adequately support the sector. Atlis Maritime fills this gap with unrivalled experience and expert knowledgegained from operating at the very heart of the industry.Our company was established with the sole intention of specialising in dedicated solutions exclusively for thesecurity market concentrated on the Somali piracy problem. We are 100% focused on the intricacies unique tothis corner of the industry, which means you will benefit from the services of a highly dedicated team whoseentire interest is concentrated on one area of expertise alone…….the same area your company is concernedwith. Our attention to detail is unmatched, our knowledge second to none, and the advantages for yourcompany will be obvious.Reduced AdministrationThe use of Atlis Maritime as a provider to your recruitment needs will result in dramatically reducedadministration tasks and paper work. Drawing MSO man power from our recruitment pool means there is norequirement to organise PAYE or National Insurance payments on behalf of “employees”. There is nonegotiating & arranging holiday or sick leave entitlements, and no pension plans to manage. Importantly, youraccounts department will have their workload slashed. Instead of paying each MSO on an individual basis oneby one, requiring the remittance of funds to hundreds of different bank accounts, all remuneration will be paidto Atlis Maritime who take on the responsibility for paying each consultant. Your company only has to makepayments to one entity – Atlis, acting as your recruiting agency.Reduced CostsFirstly there is no charge whatsoever to security companies for utilising our service. Everything is free to youas an end user, and you continue to pay your standard daily rates for the services carried out by MSO’ssupplied by Atlis. More significantly, you will not be an employer of maritime personnel, (either directly orindirectly), and therefore you will have no PAYE and NI liabilities, now or in the future. With industry growthoccurring exponentially, this factor alone will save you millions of pounds in unnecessary tax bills. Additionally,by leaving the employment responsibilities to Atlis, you will avoid the cost of lost productivity throughabsentees, paid sick leave, paid paternity leave, paid holiday entitlements, redundancy packages, etc etc.Minimal Employer ObligationsBy utilising our work force on a recruitment basis, your company is freed from the long term liabilitiesotherwise faced when being a UK employer of potentially hundreds of maritime security officers. Atlis Maritimeis incorporated and operated in the Seychelles Islands, right in the heart of the piracy zone. Our MSO’s arecontractually employed with an Indian Ocean based company, and are offered to you to deploy on ships in thesame area. Therefore all tax & employment issues are handled in accordance with Seychelles requirements, &totally independent of UK conditions. The only employment concerns your company has are related to yoursmall team of UK based office staff.
  5. 5. UTILISING OUR SERVICE! Teaming With Atlis for Your Man Power RequirementsOur recruitment package is ready to go “as is”, and can be immediately taken advantage of. However, werealise your company is unique and you will have certain requirements exclusive to your set up and businessmodel, and therefore we prefer to tailor our service specifically to suit your needs. We offer bespoke solutionswhich are perfectly configured to accommodate your exacting demands.Our objective is to establish a close relationship with your company in order to achieve complete harmonywith your team and provide a lasting solution which fits seamlessly with your operation. We fully appreciatethat your company has its own way of doing things and we aim to listen to what you want from us, andpromptly deliver above and beyond your expectations.To that end we invite you to contact us so that our executive team can discuss the exact nature of the solutionwe will uniquely provide for you. We pride ourselves on our extreme commitment to service and welcome theopportunity to prove why Atlis Maritime are the recruitment agency of choice for the security