This Is What We Call Sustainable Productivity at Atlas Copco


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Committed to sustainable productivity means
that we do everything we can to ensure reliable, lasting results with responsible use of resources; human, natural, and capital.

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This Is What We Call Sustainable Productivity at Atlas Copco

  1. 1. This is what we call sustainable productivity
  2. 2. Commitment Ergonomics Customer satisfaction New challenges Quality Governance Service Availability Creating value Environmental care Competence development People Reliability Innovation Social responsibility Business models Leadership Corporate culture Safety Speed Great products Diversity Energy efficiency Change Long-term Cost of ownership Quality of life Interaction Health Ethical Brands
  3. 3. Committed to sustainable productivity When a company is as diversified as Atlas Copco, in terms of activities, people and geography, it can some- times be difficult to see at first glance what the unifying factor is. That is why we have produced this booklet. On their own, the stories here are quite simple. Taken together, however, they form a story about something that lies at the heart of Atlas Copco’s company culture. This is the story about sustainable productivity. Committed to sustainable productivity means that we do everything we can to ensure reli- able, lasting results with responsible use of resources; human, natural, and capital.
  4. 4. Our commitment to sustainable productivity Increasing productivity is the foundation for all of Atlas Copco’s business activities. It means help- ing our customers get more out of every investment. Be it making our products faster, more energy efficient, safer or more ergonomic, the effect should be increased productivity. We achieve this by adhering to a few core values: Commitment, interaction and innovation. When we say that we are provid- sustainable productivity covers better way.’ We hope these sto- ing sustainable productivity, it a range of subjects: interacting ries will give you some idea of includes the perspective that with our customers, developing how sustainable productivity of- we always take the long-term innovative products, having a fers a better way forward. If you view in everything we do. Our good, diverse workplace for our want to know more, ask anyone customers need to know they employees, investing in compe- who works for Atlas Copco. will be productive not just today tence development, engaging in or tomorrow, but a year or even our local communities and mak- Ronnie Leten ten years from now. Of course, ing safe, efficient products with President and CEO we always strive to provide the a minimum of environmental February 2010 highest possible productivity, impact. but we believe doing so at the expense of certain values would We believe our company culture ultimately damage both Atlas makes us stand out amongst Copco and our customers. competitors, through its strength and through the way it has been Sustainability is not about be- shared among our people since ing ‘green,’ although that is one 1873. Within Atlas Copco, one of many important ingredients. of the most commonly said For us, being committed to phrases is that ‘there is always a
  5. 5. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Silenced drill keeps the peace as new railway cuts through suburbs Mining, construction and manufacturing can be dirty and noisy affairs, but they are also essential for the growth of a society. Atlas Copco is working hard to minimize the negative impact its equip- ment may have on the surrounding environment. As South Africa prepared for the South African drill-and-blast rigs. Additionally, computer- 2010 World Cup soccer champi- specialist Eire Contractors took ized features for hole navigation onship, Atlas Copco’s silenced delivery of the rig in August and planning of the drilling and drill rigs helped to smooth the 2008, after which it has been blasting make the rig more pro- process. used daily in a demanding work ductive. cycle, often during hours when A new, 80-kilometer high-speed, the permitted noise levels are mass transit rail system is under limited. construction in South Africa’s Gauteng Province. The system “With the silenced version of will ultimately link Johannes- SmartRig, the surrounding com- burg and Pretoria and will help munity is not aware of any noise to relieve the traffic congestion when we are working. So far, I on the roads between the two have been very happy with it,” cities, in time for the World Cup. says Eire’s contract manager Rajen Govender. Along part of the route, the challenge is to minimize the The advanced silencing system noise as it runs through busy consists of several components suburban and industrial areas, which work to reduce the overall where the constant sound of noise level. In operation, the rock drilling would be unac- silenced rig emits a noise level ceptable. The answer? Atlas approximately 10 dB below that Copco’s Silenced SmartRig, a of other rigs on the market, mak- drill rig with a rock drill encased ing the Silenced SmartRig one in a sound-dampening hood. of the world’s quietest running ANSWER: It’s reducing the impact of production on the environment.
  6. 6. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Atlas Copco improves career opportunities for female talents For Atlas Copco to remain a global leader in its selected markets, the company needs to ensure a continuous supply of competent people at all levels of the Group. Coupled with a target to recruit 85% of all managers internally, this means the issue of leadership development has high priority for Atlas Copco. Recognizing the need to de- women, only 13% of the manag- Engineering at the Compressor velop more female managers, ers are female. To make female Technique Service division in and ultimately recruit from the managers with a high potential Antwerp, Belgium. “Maybe this full base of talent within Atlas better known among the Group’s can be a push for us in the right Copco, the first high-level fe- decision makers, the program direction.” male mentorship program was only has male mentors. launched in 2009. Fifteen highly qualified applicants were paired “The aim is to get these women with mentors including division into networks, making them presidents as well as general and known to the managers who holding managers. sooner or later will be recruit- ing for high-level positions. We “This is an initiative because we hope to see at least a few of them need to grow more female man- become general managers within agers into top positions within three years,” Kristina Ahlbom the company. We believe that if says. we are going to be an attractive employer, we must have diver- And the participants of the sity at the higher levels,” says program see other benefits as Kristina Ahlbom, Project Man- well: “I applied to the program ager at the Atlas Copco Group’s because of the networking. My Human Resources function. first thought was that the men always go for a beer together, While 36% of recent graduates but not the women,” says Elke recruited by Atlas Copco are Van Overbeke, Team Leader ANSWER: It’s having diversity among employees and management.
  7. 7. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Energy efficient compressor cuts costs and CO2 emissions at L’Oreal The need to improve energy efficiency is one of the most important drivers in Atlas Copco’s product development, especially of compressed air equipment. It’s a trend that’s good both for business and the environment, as customers like French cosmetics group L’Oreal seek to reduce costs and carbon dioxide emissions. L’Oreal’s production site in Vichy, “Recovering the heat energy from innovates to reduce the life- where the company manufactures air compression is a very interest- cycle cost of its products and its range of Active Cosmetics, is ing way for us to go when it comes offer sustainable solutions for one of its most advanced in terms to reducing the impact of energy increased productivity. Within of ‘eco-responsible’ production. consumption,” says Luis Salgado, the Compressor Technique busi- The target for 2009 was to reduce responsible for compressed air ness area, the offering includes carbon dioxide emissions by systems at the Vichy facility. AirScan audits, which generate more than 50%. Several activi- recommendations on how to im- ties are in place, and Atlas Copco L’Oreal chose an oil-free variable prove costumers’ compressed air plays an important role. speed drive compressor from systems, and intelligent control Atlas Copco, which adapts to the system AirOptimizer. One of these activities is to re- compressed air needs of the fac- duce the carbon footprint from tory in a more efficient way than heating washing water. In order other compressors. This lowered to heat the 100 m 3 of water the energy consumption for the needed daily for cleaning pro- plant’s compressed air by 23.5%, duction facilities, a new water equivalent to a reduction of 40 system recovers energy at three tons of CO2 emitted. The heat levels: liquids, compressed air, recovery kit installed on the com- and from the fumes of the steam pressor supplies water at 65°C, boilers. This provides a saving reducing the CO2 emissions by of more than 2 000 MWh of another 145 tons. natural gas, of which one third is due to recovery from the Besides energy recovery equip- Atlas Copco compressor. ment, Atlas Copco constantly ANSWER: It’s improving energy efficiency and reducing the cost of ownership.
  8. 8. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Chinese components supplier safeguards chemical handling When Atlas Copco evaluates its suppliers, many more factors are considered than the quality of the products and the ability to deliver a stable supply of components. Having a long-term perspective on productivity means taking responsibility for the potential impact of our business, throughout the supply chain. One such way of taking responsibil- “We are thankful that Atlas Cop- says Anna Gejke, responsible ity is supporting suppliers in imple- co audited HGL and brought us for management of safety, health menting best practices from Atlas so many good suggestions,” says and environment issues at Atlas Copco, on issues such as quality, Daniel Chan, manager of the fac- Copco’s business area Industrial environment, health and safety. At tory. “HGL’s management team Technique. HGL, a Chinese supplier of small to takes these issues seriously and medium sized components in steel wants to continuously improve Atlas Copco evaluates suppliers and aluminium for Atlas Copco’s on weaknesses, to eliminate and according to a checklist based on Tooltec division, Atlas Copco prevent risks and threats in the the UN Global Compact and the found an improvement potential in areas of safety, environment, and International Labor Organiza- the chemical handling and waste health.” tion’s Declaration on Fundamental handling. Principles and Rights at Work. In HGL is a subsidiary of Sweden’s 2009, about a third of the Group’s Drawing from the Group’s exist- Hammar Group, employing suppliers were evaluated, either at ing chemical and waste guidelines, around 160 people at its factory in their own sites or through verifica- Atlas Copco’s supplier evaluation Donguan, China. The company tion of the suppliers’ own reports. team presented HGL with a range of already had a quality system suggestions, from creating a sepa- certified according to ISO 9001, rate chemical storage area to having one of the standards Atlas Copco a color identification scheme for dif- encourages suppliers to adhere to. ferent waste categories and putting “This, together with the engage- up signs for first aid stations. HGL ment from management, is a good responded by drafting an action start for the supplier to expand plan, with concrete improvement its management system to also details and a plan for completion. cover environmental aspects,” ANSWER: It’s supporting suppliers in implementing best practices.
  9. 9. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Rental generators to the rescue Any company can deliver on its promises some of the time. Delivering when a product or service is at its most needed is what creates real customer satisfaction. When GALP Energia’s refinery in Sines, Portugal, suffered an incident in a power station, the manager in charge called nearly every electrical power supplier in the country. Then he heard of Atlas Copco’s rental fleet… “I said that we needed 20 units week we had all our 17 substa- it with a great effort from our from 600 kVA or 800 kVA, tions fed in low voltage installa- electrical maintenance team, but without much hope of obtaining tion with a total of 39 generators. also with the optimal service them,” recalls Paulo Ferreira, Of these, 27 were supplied by provided by Atlas Copco.” responsible for Electrical and Atlas Copco Portugal.” Instrumentation Maintenance at the refinery. “Fortunately, I was In addition to Atlas Copco Com- wrong.” pressor Technique’s wide range of compressed air and gas equip- GALP Energia’s Sines Refinery ment, the Group has a Specialty is located in south-central Portu- Rental division, focused on gal, where it produces gasoline, high-pressure oil-free air appli- diesel, jet fuel, and liquid petro- cations. It also offers temporary leum gas. An extended interrup- power solutions. tion of production would have been very negative both for the “Atlas Copco was already a company and its customers. familiar name in our facility, because we have used its com- “Two days later, the first batch pressors for many years. But it of 1000 kVA generators supplied never occurred to me that they by Atlas Copco Portugal arrived, could solve such a complicated together with technicians and situation of power supply,” Fer- cables to make all the necessary reira says. “We are now about connections to our substations,” to restore the power supply to Ferreira says. “In less than a the new switchboards. We did ANSWER: It’s having the most reliable products and services.
  10. 10. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? From Chile and onwards; service technicians get a competence boost Competence development is a crucial factor for Atlas Copco to continually support customers in boosting their productivity. The Group’s business area Construction and Mining Technique is in the process of introducing a uniform high standard of training that will lead to a common certification for all its service technicians. With mining and construction experience with Atlas Copco, was ment,” says Patrik Rylander, Atlas equipment becoming increasingly the first in the world to graduate Copco area manager for parts and advanced, the demand for highly from the program and gain his services in the Americas. skilled mechanics and technicians certification. He comments: “This has never been so high. When it is a very comprehensive program “We have great products, and it comes to training however, some and covers all the skills a techni- is important that our service is countries are more advanced than cian needs to have. I believe that equally good because that’s what others and standards often differ. by gaining the certification, Atlas our customers expect and require. Copco technicians will bring more By certifying our technicians, we First launched in South America, value to the worksite.” can be sure that we have an effec- this global certification program tive and relevant knowledge base for service and maintenance For equipment owners and opera- all over the world.” technicians is being gradually tors, the implication is twofold. introduced across the Atlas Copco Firstly, the competence of local, world, most recently in North on-site service technicians will be America and Africa. The pro- assured. Secondly, as technicians gram, which combines classroom become internationally certi- sessions and e-learning with fied, they will be able to operate practical workshop and on-the- anywhere in the world, ensuring job training, covers hydraulics, optimum support at all mining electrics, and the Atlas Copco Rig and construction worksites where Control System. Atlas Copco equipment is used. “We are investing heavily in train- Sergio King, a Chilean sales sup- ing and support in the same way port specialist with 19 years of as we invest in product develop- ANSWER: It’s ensuring a consistently high competence level.
  11. 11. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Atlas Copco ergonomics experts support health and safety at SKF Improved working conditions are a key factor for manufacturing companies in keeping productivity and quality on a high level, and reducing the direct cost for health and safety related disorders to a minimum. Atlas Copco’s leading position in the power tool ergonomics field has helped many customers minimize health and safety problems which can be related to industrial power tools, providing solutions for improved workplace ergonomics and reduced vibrations. When a new European Union SKF Mekan manufactures have been further developed directive with regulations for bearing housings at a facility with improved flexibility and vibration risk management in Katrineholm, Sweden, us- new coatings. Power tool er- was implemented, Atlas Cop- ing Atlas Copco tools such as gonomics include much more: co organized seminars on the grinders. In total, 60-70 people external loads on the operator, subject in many of its markets at SKF Mekan participated in weight, temperature, shock reac- across Europe. SKF Mekan, the training sessions, learning tion, vibration, noise, dust and a subsidiary of world-leading about equipment safety and oil. The aim is to find an optimal bearings maker AB SKF, de- regulations, the new vibration combination of ergonomic pa- cided to contact Atlas Copco directive and ergonomic issues rameters. for a review of the new rules. in handling material removal Atlas Copco was also tasked tools. The training also included with organizing theoreti- a test, and only employees who cal and practical training on passed are allowed to use hand- safety in handling tools. held tools. “Everybody has to take re- Atlas Copco has developed er- sponsibility for safety, and it gonomics since the 1950s, when is up to us to make that clear,” legendary industrial designer says Tomas Tegerstrand, Rune Zernell worked to develop Working Environment Engi- a drill handle better adapted to neer at SKF Mekan AB. “Peo- the human hand. Today, Atlas ple responded very positively Copco’s latest handheld drills to receiving this training.” have the same basic design, but ANSWER: It’s boosting health and productivity through better ergonomics.
  12. 12. Milestones With a corporate history of almost 140 years, Atlas Copco’s commitment to delivering productivity to customers is clearly long-term. What could be more sustainable? 1873 AB Atlas is founded with the objective to manufacture and sell all types of materials 1917 for the construction and operation of railways. First sales operation outside Sweden is established in Russia. The company is providing diesel engines, compressors and construc- tion tools, but has a short life because of the coming revolution.
  13. 13. 1956 1960 A Belgian compressor manufacturer is acquired 1946 and the Group takes a giant step towards its future position as a world leader in the compressor market. The Group changes name to A range of hand-held power Atlas Copco. tools with considerably improved ergonomically de- signed handles is launched. This new range is developed in close collaboration with Atlas begins marketing the medical experts. ’Swedish method.’ Using a one-man pneumatic rock drill, that is light, strong and efficient, becomes known world-wide as the superior productivity solution in rock drilling technology.
  14. 14. 1991 Atlas Copco appoints the first female member of Group Management, in charge of management resources and organizatio- 1984 nal development. 1987 Atlas Copco employees in Sweden found Water for All, a non-profit organization helping to provide clean A high-precision electrical drinking water for life. nutrunner is launched. It quickly gains market share among car manufacturers PROD around the world that put safety first.
  15. 15. 2002 1995 First voluntary HIV/AIDS program in place in South 2000 Africa to ensure a healthy The Groups’ vision, workplace and workforce. First in Mind—First in Choice®, is established, leading the way to profitable growth during many years to come. Atlas Copco awards a team that has developed a vari- able speed drive compres- PRODUCTS sor with a potential energy saving of up to 35%.
  16. 16. 2007 2003 All operations in the Group 2005 start using the Net Promoter Score methodology to me- The Business Code of Prac- asure customer satisfaction tice, summarizing all internal and loyalty. Action programs policies related to business are developed to further im- ethics and social and prove customer satisfaction environmental performance, and loyalty. is launched with mandatory training for all employees. A silent surface drill rig is laun- ched, perfect for use around PRODUCTS the clock at construction work in densely populated areas.
  17. 17. 2008 YOU Ask someone at Atlas Copco what it means for him or her to be committed to sustaina- Each operational unit and ble productivity. each new product develop- ment project establishes a target to further reduce energy consumption and 2009 emissions. Atlas Copco’s water-cooled oil-free air compressors; with built-in energy recovery systems, are the first in the world to be TÜV certified for net zero energy consump- tion. The concept is called Carbon Zero.
  18. 18. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? HIV/AIDS workplace program helps restore quality of life A company committed to delivering sustainable productivity has to act ethically and with a long- term perspective towards all of its stakeholders. This is as much about corporate responsibility as it is about ensuring business continuity. There are few places where this is more obvious than in southern Africa, where Atlas Copco companies now are running programs to minimize the impact of HIV/AIDS. More than 33 million people “The program has helped me ish Workplace HIV and AIDS are living with HIV/AIDS, and a lot, it restored my life,” says Programme (SWHAP) Achieve- two thirds of these people live Sipho Ramatsane, who works for ment Award for 2009. in sub-Saharan Africa. The pan- Atlas Copco Secoroc in South demic has had severe humani- Africa. Sipho discovered that “We are very proud of this tarian consequences and can he was infected with HIV fol- acknowledgement that our ef- cause huge costs to individual lowing a test in the workplace. forts have made a difference in companies in terms of increased “Those who have assisted me helping people live a better life,” staff turnover, sick-leave costs, have helped me to work, now I says Wendy Buffa-Pace, Human accidents, and increased death can raise my children and send Resources Manager for Atlas and disability insurance. them to school. My wife and Copco in South Africa. “We I are leading a happy life. We want our programs to contribute In South Africa, Atlas Copco look after ourselves and are to raising awareness of HIV has conducted a successful HIV/ disciplined. We are in a position among employees, their fami- AIDS program since 2003. Today, to help others too, by sharing lies and communities, reducing there are policies including non- our knowledge and giving them the stigma of infection and re- discrimination of HIV infected information.” installing hope.” employees and comprehensive programs in place in many com- Since the launch of the program, panies. Atlas Copco’s programs no one who was first tested include testing, counseling and negative for HIV/AIDS has doctor visits, and offer antiretrovi- later been tested positive. Atlas ral drugs and vitamins for both the Copco South Africa’s program employee and his or her spouse. was recognized with the Swed- ANSWER: It’s focusing on health and safety in the workplace.
  19. 19. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Atlas Copco takes Indian hydropower project toward completion Productivity is not only about having the fastest or strongest equipment. If there is a breakdown, none of that matters. At the Chamera III hydropower project in India, Atlas Copco has an on-site presence in the form of a mechanic and an engineer, who supervise maintenance, troubleshoot and coordinate spare parts. The result – equipment available to work more than 95% of the time, and a project on track for completion. The project in the Indian state right choice, says H. S. Dhillon, and the nice thing about it is that of Himachal Pradesh includes Deputy Project Controller. it is pretty easy to access the the construction of a dam, sev- parts for servicing.” eral kilometers of tunnels and “To complete the tunnelling underground spaces. More than in 52 months is a challenge,” 1.3 million m3 of rock are being adds Dhillon. “We planned well excavated. ahead in terms of the equipment we would need before we ar- When the project is completed rived on the site. The perform- in 2010, three turbines will sup- ance of the equipment, supply ply power to the northern sector of spares, maintenance and of India’s national power grid. back-up are all crucial elements on a remote site like Chamera The Hindustan Construction III. That is why we chose Atlas Company (HCC) was contracted Copco.” to carry out the rock excavation. The company’s relationship with Namden Dalvi, rig operator for Atlas Copco dates back to the HCC, says that the Atlas Copco early 1980s. drill rig with which he works is more productive and suffers For this project, it was the loca- from less mechanical downtime tion of the site, coupled with the than other rigs he has operated. time schedule, that convinced He adds: “Regular maintenance HCC that Atlas Copco was the has helped keep the rig drilling, ANSWER: It’s offering services that secure maximum availability.
  20. 20. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Innovative tools boost quality and efficiency at Siemens facility Atlas Copco has always taken pride in a strong culture of innovation, with constant developments to increase productivity. Atlas Copco’s first electric tool, Tensor, was launched in 1987, but it was only the beginning. With the 1994 introduction of the Tensor S, Atlas Copco revolutionized the manufacturing industry, offering the first large-scale alternative to pneumatic assembly tools. A decade and half later, the procured Tensor screwdrivers, otherwise strain the wrist, while Tensor family is still being im- which can manage as many as the balancer makes the screw- proved upon, for instance with 250 sets of parameters. driver practically weightless. added software and ergonomic These ergonomic improvements features. Upgrading to control- Reducing the number of pneu- eliminated occasional health led Tensor screwdrivers helped matic tools was a “gratifying problems related to handling Siemens Gerätewerk Erlangen, side effect,” says Klaus Rascher, of the pneumatic screwdrivers, part of the German industrial in charge of production prepara- such as wrist problems and ten- group’s Motion Control Systems tion at Gerätewerk Erlangen. “It don inflammations. division, improve its competi- reduces costs, not least thanks to tiveness through reduced waste the reduced calibration work.” The development continues. In and fewer production errors. In But the investment in Tensor 2008, cordless Tensor tools were 2007, the facility achieved an screwdrivers was above all introduced. Battery powered and independent Factory of the Year based on improved quality and equipped with industrial radio Award in Germany. process safety, Rascher says, be- communication, they provide the cause they offered “a far higher manufacturer with full control Gerätewerk Erlangen introduced value in terms of tightening over the production process. Tensor tools at 14 workstations, quality.” where the new tools have been able to replace as many as six Each Tensor screwdriver is pneumatic screwdrivers each, equipped with a handling system thanks to the feature of being to assist operation, consisting of able to program each Tensor a carbon-fibre telescope arm and with ten different tightening a balancer. The telescope arm parameters. The facility also absorbs rebound, which would ANSWER: It’s innovating for continuous product development.
  21. 21. What does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? Atlas Copco and employees fund clean drinking water across the world Atlas Copco strives to be a good and responsible corporate citizen, recognizing that a real long- term commitment to the customer also means taking care of the surrounding society. To this end, the Group encourages its employees to engage in philanthropy; supporting orphanages, helping victims of natural disasters or working for a better environment. The most widespread activity springs, sustainable water sup- 2 600 employees joined, which is Water for All, a non-profit plies have been created for more together with contributions from organization managed by Atlas than one million people. The Atlas Copco and the partnering Copco employees. Operating funds are raised through month- aid organization PLAN Interna- under the motto ‘Clean drinking ly member donations, which are tional created a project fund ex- water is a human right,’ Water matched by Atlas Copco. pected to grow to roughly SEK for All seeks to alleviate the 2.4 million. The money will severe problems caused by water Following an expanded commit- allow 15 000 villagers, includ- shortages and deficient sanita- ment by the Atlas Copco Group ing over 3 000 children, in ten tion. More than 1 billion people to support employees in any villages to benefit from improve- lack access to safe drinking wa- country wishing to establish lo- ments in clean water supply and ter and millions – many of them cal Water for All organizations, sanitation, before the middle of children – die each year from the concept has been adopted 2011. water-related diseases. in several places. Water for All organizations now exist, besides Founded in 1984 by Atlas Copco Sweden, in Belgium, China, employees in Sweden, Water for Germany, India, Italy, the UK, All has funded projects across the U.S, South Africa, and the world, in countries rang- Spain. ing from Peru to Malawi and Afghanistan. Through install- The project in China was estab- ing water pumps in schools and lished in 2009, quickly gaining a villages and protecting natural large group of members. Nearly ANSWER: It’s acting for a better society around us.
  22. 22. Summing it up, what does it mean to be committed to sustainable productivity? It’s reducing the impact of production on the environment… It’s having diversity among employees and management… It’s improving energy efficiency and reducing the cost of ownership… It’s supporting suppliers in implementing best practices… It’s having the most reliable products and services… It’s ensuring a consistently high competence level… It’s boosting health and productivity through better ergonomics… It’s focusing on health and safety in the workplace… It’s offering services that secure maximum availability… It’s innovating for continuous product development… It’s acting for a better society around us… … and much more. Idea, texts and structure: Corporate Communications, Atlas Copco AB. Story ideas: Corporate Communications together with Atlas Copco communications managers: Kristin Dom, Sam Waes, Inger Brahme, and Marie Brodin. Photos: Atlas Copco AB, © Chris Bott (p.7), Irina Vakhtangova (p.8), SK Designs (p.11), Eduardo Leite (.12), Greg Epperson (p.15), Mark Evans (p.23 and 30), Peeter Viisimaa (p.23 and 24), Clayton Hansen (p.29). Design and layout: Boyero & Lindström Great Communication HB. Copyright: Atlas Copco AB, Sweden, 2010.
  23. 23. Commitment Ergonomics Customer satisfaction New challenges Quality Governance Service Availability Creating value Environmental care Competence development People Reliability Innovation Social responsibility Business models Leadership Corporate culture Safety Speed Great products Diversity Energy efficiency Change Long-term Cost of ownership Quality of life Interaction Health Ethical Brands
  24. 24. We stand by our responsibilities towards our customers, towards the environment and the people around us. We make performance stand the test of time. This is what we call – Sustainable Productivity. Printed matter no. 9850 9796 01