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Scubafest RIB diving itinerary 2016


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RIB diving from Stingray for Scubafest 2016. Scubafest at Pentewan will be attended by Atlantic Scuba with our RIB Stingray providing local dives.

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Scubafest RIB diving itinerary 2016

  1. 1. SCUBAFEST 2016 Atlantic Scuba will be running their RIB, 'Stingray', for Scubafest 2016. The boat will be picking up from the beach at Pentewan, if the weather allows. If not we will pick up from Mevagissey Harbour. The decision of where to pick up will be made a few days before the event begins. Dive times are restricted to 45 minutes in water, to allow the schedule to work. Spaces may be booked by contacting us via: • Facebook – Atlantic Scuba • email – • phone – 01326 618583 • SMS or call - 07866 510103 Dive times and sites are as follows: Saturday April 30 • 09:00 – Gwineas Reef & Ardongorm wreck • 11:00 – Curran Vean Reef • 13:30 – Black Head Reef • 15:30 – Kantoeng Wreck • 18:00 – Bellows Reef (if enough interest) Sunday May 1 • 09:00 – Black Head Reef • 11:00 – Gwineas Reef Eastern Pinnacles • 13:00 – Bellows Reef • 15:30 – Curran Vean Reef • 17:30 – Kantoeng Wreck (if enough interest) Monday • 10:00 – Kantoeng Wreck (if enough interest) • 12:30 – Curran Vean Reef (if enough interest) All dives are £25 per person per dive, or £45 p.p. for any 2 dives over the weekend. Dives marked 'if enough interested' are extra dives we can do if we can get at least 6 people interested.
  2. 2. Dive sites: Gwineas Reef & Ardongorm wreck. A shallow reef system around a rocky outcrop. It drops off quite slowly around the pinnacle, on the north side are the remains of the Ardongorm wreck. The Ardongorm sank in 1948 in thick fog, it has since been heavily salvaged. A great little dive with plenty to see. Depths vary from the surface to over 20m, if you want to swim a bit. The wreck is at around 10m. Gwineas Reef Eastern Pinnacles The two Eastern Pinnacles on the Gwinear Reef are around 10m and 12m deep, dropping off to over 20m in depth on the north side between the pinnacle. Curran Vean Reef. A spectacular reef that is almost as good as the Dodman but without the strong potential currents. Covered in a wide variety of life, this is for the camera and squidge lovers. Varying depths from 25- 13m. Black Head Reef Just off a headland close to shore, is a slowly sloping reef with lots of gullies to explore. Maximum depth is 15m unless you swim a long way. Kantoeng Wreck Just outside Fowey is the Kantoeng wreck. The part we dive is the dredging arm, this was the largest bucket dredger of it's time, when it sank in 1937 . Lots of interesting shapes and things to explore. Popular for spotting Conger Eels and large Pollack. Maximum depth is around 15m Bellows Reef. Just off the Dodman headland, we need slack for this dive. As much life as any reef in the U.K. Depths vary from 10-25m