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AFA Retire-ReadyFIT FAQ


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AFA Retire-ReadyFIT FAQ

Published in: Economy & Finance
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AFA Retire-ReadyFIT FAQ

  1. 1. Do I have "enough?" Can I maintain my lifestyle throughout retirement? Retire-ReadyFIT™T™
  2. 2. How is my money/cash flow going to "work?" What should I tap into first?
  3. 3. How should my portfolio be invested now that I am retiring?
  4. 4. What should I do about Social Security for me? For my spouse?
  5. 5. What should I do about my pension?
  6. 6. What should I do about all of my company retirement plans?
  7. 7. How should I exit my business? It's my most valuable asset. How do I create liquidity to support our retirement?
  8. 8. I have company stock too. What is the best way to handle it without being killed by taxes?
  9. 9. Where am I going to live? How do my housing needs change now that I am retired?
  10. 10. What am I going to do with my time? How will I find purpose?
  11. 11. What should I do about health insurance?
  12. 12. How much will my medical needs cost in the future?
  13. 13. How much traveling can I afford to do?
  14. 14. How can I balance enjoying retirement now and making sure I don't run out of money later?
  15. 15. Now that I have retired, do I need to keep the life insurance I have? Is that the best use of my money?
  16. 16. Can I age in place or do I need to come up with another solution? What will that cost and can I afford it?
  17. 17. Advisory services offered by Atlanta Financial Associates Inc. Atlanta Financial Associates, Inc., 5901-B Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Suite 275, Atlanta, GA 30328