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Review Paper Presentation


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Review Paper Presentation

  1. 1. Social Effects of Rx DrugAbuseOpiate Addiction
  2. 2. What are they? Oxycontin Vicodin Percocet Tylenol w/ Codeine Methadone
  3. 3. Effects Euphoria Drowsiness Respiratory Depression Constricted Pupils Nausea
  4. 4. Effects of Overdose Slow and Shallow Breathing Clammy skin Convulsions Coma Possible Death
  5. 5. Withdrawal Symptoms Watery eyes Runny Nose Yawning Loss of appetite Irritability Chills & Sweating Cramps Tremors Panic
  6. 6. Addiction Psychological relationship with a mind-altering substance that has life damaging consequences World Health Organization Definition
  7. 7. Social Problems of Rx abuse“ authorities say that deaths, robberies and burglaries all highlight the intersection of powerful narcotics that are intended to be used under the supervision of a doctor”(Stapleton, Jay). Inability to make the right decisions due to the dependence which leads to crime
  8. 8. Treatment Detox Programs facilitated by hospitals Methadone Treatment Facilities that encourages social change
  9. 9. Solutions- Prevention Programs Patient Education Community Education Programs
  10. 10. Resources Rigg, K., March, S. & Inciardi, J. (2010). PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE & DIVERSION: ROLE OF THE PAIN CLINIC. Journal of Drug Issues. Retrieved from 816676092?accountid=34899 on October 15, 2011. Stapleton, Jay(2010). Rx for trouble: painkiller abuse plagues society. Retrieved from 382996778?accountid=34899 on September 9, 2011.