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  1. 1. CORPORATE PROFILE Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  2. 2. Who are we? Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  3. 3. DELIVERING PREMIUM EVENT AND DESTINATION MANAGEMENT SERVICES ACROSS ASIA With a select & well-travelled team, 8th Wave is your preferred DMC & PCO partner, for Incentives, Special Events and Conferences; across Asia. We will handle the entire process of project management, content development, brand management, entertainment, technical operations and logistics; via our wide international network and strong regional ground operations. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring infinite possibilities together. Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  4. 4. Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Thailand Laos Cambodia Vietnam Myanmar India Bhutan China Korea Japan Philippines Welcome to OUR part of the World; A bespoke experience can be created in any of our Destinations across Asia DESTINATIONS ACROSS ASIA Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  5. 5. DESTINATIONS ACROSS ASIA Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  6. 6. INCENTIVES & CORPORATE EVENTS SINGLE or MULTI-CITY DESTINATIONS We take on a customised approach in developing programs to capture the essence of a selected destination and work creatively to conceptualise an event that will leave positive memories and lasting impressions. OUR APPROACH CORE SERVICES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  7. 7. Core Services A one-stop solution to Events & Destinations Coordination and Management across Asia MEETINGS & CONFERENCES DESTINATION & INCENTIVE TRAVEL CORE SERVICES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  8. 8. FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY - A ONE STOP SOLUTION As a PCO & DMC, as much as possible, we avoid mass marketed features and places, relying on our local expertise to provide a genuine experience. We combine the business aspect with immersive activities under one umbrella. Welcome receptions to offsite dinners and city tours on non-meetings day create a total experience. • Country & Venue selection and Management • Transfers & Guides • Sourcing of Hosts, Expert Speakers, Keynotes • Simultaneous translation support • Content Management & Topic Support • Website Creation and Invitation Management • Technical Production and Consulting Including Photo & Video • Décor, Show Production, Special Effects and Staging • Creative and Design support for all collaterals • Offsite Dinners, Welcome & Closing Reception MEETINGS & CONFERENCES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  9. 9. DESTINATION & INCENTIVE TRAVEL We look at several factors when promoting a destination – the ambience, the locality, service standards, flexibility, accessibility and safety. Due to our strong local knowledge, we can advise on the most suitable hotel properties and are often able to provide unusual or privately owned venues for offsite events providing end to end services for transfers, venue sourcing, hotel selection, bookings and liaison. • Transfers, Guides, Interpretation • Dedicated registration and check-in counters • Express immigration clearance • Welcome packages & room drops • Detailed liaison with venues inclusive of hotels and restaurants • Customised tour itinerary TRAVEL TALES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  10. 10. OTHER SERVICES We strive, to be at your service as your preferred partner Often our clients comes to us with different requirements. Whether you need an end-to-end solution provider, or a service provider, you can be sure to know that we will do our best to provide our expertise. OUR APPROACH OTHER SERVICES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  11. 11. Other Services We will handle the entire process of project management, content development, brand management, entertainment, technical operations and logistics; via our wide international network and strong regional ground operations. SHOW PRODUCTION TECHNICAL & CREATIVE SERVICES TEAMBUILDING CORPORATE HOSPITALITY OTHER SERVICES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  12. 12. FACILITATING LIVE EXPERIENCES THAT REALLY MATTER Live Events and Show Production, whether for congresses or awards shows, have their own set of unique deliverables. Typically their main purpose is to connect with an audience, motivate and inspire. With an experienced and knowledgeable team, solid equipment and reliable supporting partners, we are able to produce large-scale events across Asia for our clients. SHOW PRODUCTION Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  13. 13. WHEN ENGINEERING MEETS ART, YOU GET A REMARKABLE PRODUCT Understanding both the technical requirements necessary to deliver the quality and end product required as well as having the creative mindset to enlarge on themes and to see opportunities, set us apart. TECHNICAL & CREATIVE SERVICES Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  14. 14. CONNECTING MINDS & HEARTS We organise team building activities all over Asia as a part of bigger events or as a stand alone event. 
 We are able to develop the entire process from venue selection to ground logistics to the type of activities needed to suit the company objectives.
 Team building is a series of fun activities that energise, create opportunities to communicate and create as a team, helping to inject more energy and stimulate thinking into a conference or company. These can be themed and branded according to the company mission & vision, event tagline and learning objectives. TEAM BUILDING Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  15. 15. FOR YOUR ONE-STOP HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT 8th Wave organises client focused corporate hospitality and incentive programs like the annual Singapore F1 night race.  This includes hotel bookings, VIP airport transfers, customised dinners at premium restaurants or venues, full day cultural and adventure programs and branded gifts and souvenirs.  One client rented a super yacht to host a cocktail party prior to the F1 race, while another took part in our unique “Pit-Stop” team building activity where the teams competed against each other using real Formula cars and tools.  
 CORPORATE HOSPITALITY Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  16. 16. “The use of travelling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” - Samuel Johnson Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  17. 17. OUR WORK Passionate People + Creative Ideas + Infinite Possibilities = Events & Destinations by 8th Wave Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  18. 18. CLOSURE GO/NO-GO DECISIONS RFQ Submission Concept Definition & Validation Requirements / Specifications Tactics Development Coordination & Contacting Verification & Control INITIATION PLANNING IMPLEMENTATION Our Event Team will work with you in the decision making process in a continuous feedback loop EVENT Venue Management, Technical Show Production, Catering Management, Award Nominees Management, etc. as per Contract. Our Event Management Process Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  19. 19. CNN FUTURE CITIES SERIES PAST EVENTS Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  20. 20. THAMMANON INCENTIVE TRIP PAST EVENTS Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  21. 21. JEUNESSE THE STAR PAST EVENTS Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  22. 22. SELECTED CLIENT TESTIMONIALS “With this message, I like to take the opportunity to thank you both again for the very professional organisation of the BOSCH “Green” incentive in Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore. Again – for the second time in a row, from the start up of the file and up to our goodbyes at Singapore Airport, the entire operation went smoothly.” - Anja De Haen, Team Leader MICE Belux “We were happy with the results and the working relationship leading up to the actual day of the event. Since 8th Wave has contacts and experience in Thailand, it made sense for CNN to continue our partnership with them for the October event in the same year as 8th Wave knew the background of the event and understood the culture of CNN brand.” - Joanna Tse, Partner Solutions Group “On both occasions you demonstrated a deep understanding of our brands and our ways of working as well as sensitivity towards the various stakeholders involved. Both events were flawlessly prepared and executed and we had a fantastic feedback from all concerned.” - Justin E.S Weston, GM. Global Travel Retail “I wanted to thank you for all the assistance from your team un Singapore last week, we were so impressed with every member of the team and the level of service that we received was by far one of the best we have experienced.” - Katherine Brown, Senior Project Manager, Events Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  23. 23. 2007 - Asia Health Forum by Readers Digest - 250 medical professionals, media and government officials. 2008 - Hastens Official Launch event in Singapore - media & invited guests, 400 pax 2008 - Turner - team building event in Phuket - 80 pax 2008 - Iconoclasts - Gala Dinner at Raffles Hotel - 250 pax 2008 - Bank of America - Gala Dinner, 350 pax in Singapore 2008 - Autodesk - Regional Conference & gala Dinner, Bangkok, 200 pax 2008 - Alcatel Lucent - Team Building, 90pax, Singapore 2008 - Barclay's - Sail Training Team Building, Singapore, 40 pax 2008 - Barcay's - Raft Building Team Building, Singapore, 80 pax 2008 - Rexroth Bosch - Octoberfest Corporate Event, Singapore - 250 pax 2008 - Brazil Dream - Embassy sponsored Brazil event, Singapore - 800 pax 2008 - Lanit - Incentive Event, Bintan, 160 pax 2009 - CAAS - Gala Awards Dinner, Singapore - 350pax 2009 - First Auto - Car Launch event - 220 pax, Singapore 2009 - Meditech Media, Team Building, 170pax, Bali 2009 - Far East Organization, Team Building, 60pax, Singapore 2009 - Official Sg National Day Countdown Party, 2500pax, Singapore 2009 - Alcatel Lucent, Team Building, 45pax, Singapore 2009 - Barclay's Open - Public Catering Contract, Singapore, 20,000pax 2009 - Jet Infosystems - Incentive Event, Bintan, Sinngapore, 120pax 2009 - UBS - Team Building, Singapore - 220pax 2009 - Lanxess - Incentive Team Conference, Bintan, 65pax 2010 - Kirby McInerney M LLP - Media Launch & Conference, Singapore, 210pax 2010 - Street Revolution Jam - Singapore Arts Festival, Concert, 550pax 2010 - Citrix - Congress, Singapore, 1500pax 2010 - NUHS - Anniversary Gala Awards Event, Singapore, 350pax 2010 - Panduit Asia Summit, Macau, 220pax 2010 - Panduit Asia Summit, Shanghai, 450pax 2010 - Lanxess Incentive Team Event, Sibu, 35pax 2010 - Summit - Incentive F1 event, Singapore, 25pax 2010 - Akrikhin - Medical Incentive, Singapore, Bintan, 40pax 2010 - Motricity - Team Building, Singapore, 45 pax 2010 - TeleDirect - Gala Awards Dinner, Singapore, 160pax 2010 - ISACA - Compliance Congress, Singapore 220pax 2010 - Beeline - F1 Incentive Singapore, 55pax 2011 - Novartis Asia Pac Conference, Singapore, 350pax 2011 - Aviva Incentive, Singapore, Bintan, Thailand, 140pax 2011 - HP, Team Building, Bali, 240 pax 2011 - SPB Software Incentive, Cambodia, Thailand, 12pax 2011 - HB Fuller, Team Building Incentive, Thailand, 50pax 2011 - BTS, Incentive, Singapore, 25pax 2011 - Patrick Mirandah Company, Incentive, Bali, 100pax 2011 - INC Research, Medical Conference, Bangkok, 120pax 2011 - Gemalto, Team Building, Phuket, 60pax 2011 - CCISP, Incentive, Macau, 17pax 2011 - Budenheim Asia Pac Conference, Bintan, 40pax 2011 - IMRE, Gala Awards Dinner, Singapore 200pax 2011 - BTS, Incentive, Bhutan, 10pax 2011 - ISACA - Compliance Congress, Singapore 470pax 2011 - Heritage Fiduciary, Gala Awards Dinner, Singapore, 70pax PAST EVENTS Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  24. 24. PAST EVENTS 2012 - Advanstar, Medical conference, Singapore, 90pax 2012 - Bosch, Conference, Gala Awards Dinner, Singapore, 80pax 2012 - CBO, Academic Retreat, Singapore 35pax 2012 - Oldpark Limited, VIP Incentive, HK, Macau, Guangzhou, Xian, 12 pax 2012 - CPA Global, Annual Board Meeting and Incentive, Vietnam, 14pax 2012 - Novartis, Team Building, Phuket, 250pax 2012 - Nottingham Uni, Academic Retreat, China, 24pax 2012 - Intervet, Medical conference and retreat, Jeju, Korea, 135pax 2012 - Egis, Incentive, Singapore, 15pax 2012 - Boxmeer, Medical Conference, Dinner, Bali, 55pax 2012 - Lanxess, Incentive Team Conference, Bintan, 50pax 2012 - Inchcape Shipping, Team Building & conference, Shanghai, 170pax 2012 - Fischer Productions, Property Launch, Singapore, 80pax 2012 - HP Team Building, Singapore, 80pax 2012 - LG Incentive, Indonesia, 30pax 2012 - HP Team Building, Singapore, 100pax 2013 - CBI, Medical Conference, Singapore, 80pax 2013 - Novartis, Team Building, Phuket, 300pax 2013 - Universal Networks, Incentive retreat, Singapore, 35pax 2013 - Sprooki, Exhibition Support, Singapore 2013 - Oldpark Limited, VIP Incentive, Singapore, Malaysia, 14pax 2013 - Alcatel Lucent, Team Building, Singapore, 45pax 2013 - Budenheim Asia Pac Conference, Bali, 45pax 2013 - Bona, Team Building, Awards Dinner, Beijing, 30pax 2013 - WGS Asia Pac Conference, Bintan, 25pax 2016 - Oanda, Airshow Exhibition Support, Singapore 2016 - Bosch, Incentive Trip, Malaysia, Singapore, 25pax 2016 - Tokio Marine, Gala Dinner, Singapore, 220pax 2016 - PWC Conference, Singapore, 300pax 2016 - FastBooking, Conference, Hong Kong, 40pax 2016 - Tokio Marine, Gala Dinner, Singapore, 180pax 2016 - Cambridge Almuni, Event Support, Singapore, 150pax 2016 - AIA Anniversary Gala Dinner, Event Support, 350pax 2016 - Dinggly, Roadshow, Singapore, 60pax 2016 - PCI, Team Building Singapore, 150pax 2016 - Patrick Mirandah, Anniversary Retreat, Penang, Malaysia, 130pax 2016 - CNN Leading Women, VIP Luncheon Show, Singapore, 40pax 2016 - SWEA Regional Meeting, Tours, Dinners, 80pax 2016 - SWEA Post Tour, Cambodia, 20pax 2014 - Jeunesse Congress, Awards Dinner, KL, 1200pax 2014 - GM-Avtovaz, Incentive Trip, Singapore, 160pax 2014 - Citrix Kick-Off event, Singapore, 300pax 2014 - HP Team Building, Singapore, 80pax 2014 - CBO, Academic Retreat, Singapore, 30pax 2014 - Jeunesse Congress, Awards Dinner, Singapore, 1600pax 2014 - Daikin, Incentive Program, Singapore, 120pax 2014 - Sprooki, Exhibition Support, Singapore 2014 - Daikin, Incentive Program, Singapore, 30pax 2014 - Oldpark Limited, VIP Incentive, Philippines, 12pax 2014 - Awapatent, Client Incentive Events, Hong Kong, 200pax 2014 - UK Trade & Investment, Conference, Jakarta, 20pax 2015 - Expose, Golf Incentive, Bali, 12pax 2015 - WGS, Global Travel Retail Brand Conference, Singapore, 50pax 2015 - Prudential, Gala Dinner, Taiwan, 350pax 2015 - WGS, Whisky Launch event, Singapore, 150pax 2015 - CNN Future Cities Singapore, Media Launch event, 180pax 2015 - Budenheim, Asia Pac Conference, Pattaya, 40pax 2015 - Bosch Incentive Trip, Malaysia, Singapore, 50pax 2015 - CNN Future Cities Thailand, Media Launch event, Bangkok, 200pax 2015 - Oanda, Roadshow, Singapore 2015 - Jeunesse Congress, Awards Dinner, Singapore, 2800pax 2015 - Juniper, Team Building, Singapore, 35pax 2015 - McKinsey, Gala VIP Dinner, Singapore, 25pax Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved
  25. 25. “We look forward to creating a meaningful and engaging event with you” Contact Us Let’s keep in touch! +65 6474 0800 Copyright © 2016 All rights reserved