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2012:Throws Performance Profile


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Dave Sweeney: Throws Workshop

Published in: Sports
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2012:Throws Performance Profile

  1. 1. Performance Profile – Throwing / General Guide: Athlete completes the following chart, marking themselves out of 10 for each element of what makes up a thrower. (10 = Perfect, 1 = Very Bad) The Coach then separately carries out the same marking. The athlete and coach should then sit down and agree what is the correct mark, taking eachother’s point of view into account. This helps focus on the priorities when planning a season of training. There is less likelihood that you will spend too much time on activities that you are already good at, and your weaknesses will have a better chance of being dealt with 10 Coaching 9 General 8 Fitness Nutrition 7 6 General Strength 5 4 3Discipline 2 Specific 1 Strength Flexibility/ Motivation Mobility Planning / Organisation Power Mental Prep / Throwing Competition Technique Performance Athletics Ni Coaching Conference 2012 Throwing Performance Profile David Sweeney