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Optimizing Omni-Channel Retail | What IT Retailers Should Really Fear | Black Friday


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IT Retail: Is Black Friday an ominous nightmare or an Omni-Channel dream? Just as the customer is at the center of Omni-Channel retailing, the end user (your retail workforce) must be at the center of a performance monitoring strategy. Don’t let Black Friday kill the Omni-Channel experience. Download your free copy, Optimizing Omni-Channel Retail through End User Experience Management, to learn how other retailers are leveraging End User Experience Management to create a seamless customer and workforce experience this shopping season.

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Optimizing Omni-Channel Retail | What IT Retailers Should Really Fear | Black Friday

  1. 1. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc1
  2. 2. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc2 An estimated $41 billion is lost by U.S. companies each year following a bad customer experience. Source | NewVoiceMedia Consumers have heightened shopping expectations in the era of omni-channel; 71% expect to view in-store inventory online, while 50% expect to buy online and pick up in-store. However, only 1/3 of retailers have operationalized even the basics such as store pickup, cross-channel inventory visibility, and store based fulfillment. Source | Forrester 25% of customers will switch provider after just one negative experience. Source | Thunderhead Statistics indicate the majority of Retail IT is not meeting expectations
  3. 3. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc3  Traditional channels lack a seamless customer experience • Focused on the channel or technology, not on the customer • Focused on gathering and presenting information, not on sharing it
  4. 4. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc4 Common Business Pains  How do I ensure excellent customer service for remote stores or kiosks with no on-site IT resources?  How do I know app performance won’t suffer once I migrate to a centralized virtual infrastructure for better security and compliance?  How can I hold my SaaS vendor or cloud provider accountable to application SLAs when I don’t control the infrastructure?  What is the impact of mobile app performance on our use of tablets to deliver a superior customer experience? Typical Technical Challenges  How do I cost justify much needed technology upgrades and prove their value to the business?  If contact center or retail store staff complain of poor virtual application performance, how can I determine whether it’s an application issue, infrastructure issue, or a problem with remote display latency?  How do I measure end user experience without access to the infrastructure on which my cloud- delivered apps run?  How do I ensure a quality mobile experience for 3rd-party developed apps without access to the developer?
  5. 5. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc5  Benefits to the Retail Customer • Seamless experience across channels • Actionable insights across the buying cycle • Anytime, any place purchasing  Benefits to the Retailer • 360° view of the customer • Market new products and services • Reduce customer attrition; increase life-time value of the customer Great, so what’s missing in this picture…?
  6. 6. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc6 Just as the customer is at the center of omni-channel retailing, the end user (your workforce) must be at the center of the performance monitoring strategy, across all applications and devices.
  7. 7. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc7 Aternity closes the visibility gap between what domain-specific infrastructure management tools tell IT and what end users actually experience. “We relied on support tickets and calls from the users to understand. We were blind. Aternity has made things clearer and showed us problems we didn’t know existed.”
  8. 8. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc8 And web and mobile are just a start.  For contact center staff to deliver excellent customer service, the apps and devices on which they rely must deliver excellent end user experience.  End user experience monitoring must also extend to the Point of Sale (POS) applications at kiosks and at registers in the stores.
  9. 9. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc9 Award-winning Aternity Workforce APM Any App, Any Device, Any User End User Experience Management for Omni-channel Retailing Success Stories
  10. 10. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc10  Our Customer • $28B operator of mid to upscale department stores  Their Challenge • Customer care agents in three global call centers experienced slow response for all business activities executed on the Point of Sale application, running on virtualized infrastructure • IT Ops unable to isolate the source of slow response • Line of Business insisted on problem resolution prior to upcoming holiday shopping season, in which a 10x increase in transaction volume was expected  Our Unique Solution – Illuminating All 4 VDI Blind Spots • Identified the data mart as the source of slow response • Improved response time by 38% for the "Place Order" business activity Virtualization Case Study Aternity Impact Improved response time by 38% for the “Place Order” business activity – increasing revenue, customer satisfaction, and call center productivity
  11. 11. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc11  Our Customer • A $70B global retailer  Their Challenge • Ensure flawless POS operation during “Black Friday” busiest shopping period of the year • Identify POS device, application, and workforce training issues that could lead to excessive checkout lines and poor customer satisfaction  Our Unique Solution – Real Time Performance Analytics • Identified 10x expected volume of “Item Not Found” issues in Retalix POS App • Identified 10% of POS machines had 5x number of unexpected shutdowns Point of Sale (POS) Device Health Case Study Aternity Impact 10x expected volume of missing SKUs illuminated problems in supply chain management & inventory processes. Identified POS registers with 5x unexpected shutdowns, impacting customer wait time, and productivity of POS check-out staff
  12. 12. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc12  Our Customer • $100B global communication service provider • Migrating retail store POS app from desktops to tablets to personalize service, reduce wait-time, and improve customer satisfaction  Their Challenge • Optimize Wi-fi coverage throughout stores • Monitor critical device and app metrics to ensure no productivity impact due to poor performance • Excellent app performance a pre-requisite for wider roll-out  Our Unique Solution – Mobile APM for Developers, IT Ops, and LOB • Verified excellent end user experience for retail store staff • Monitored the impact of network & device metrics on POS app performance to optimize device settings across retail stores Mobility Case Study Aternity Impact Verified excellent user experience for POS app in trial retail stores and optimized device settings for wider roll-out of tablets across retail stores
  13. 13. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc13 What’s Next?  Download Optimizing Omni-Channel Retail Through End User Experience Management: optimizes-omni-channel-retail/  Watch The Mobile Enterprise Payoff: It’s All about Post-Launch Performance & End User Experience here: min-demand-playback/  Contact Us | Let’s get together and discuss your unique business and IT environment and strategic initiatives relating to your omni-channel strategy:  Qualify for a Free Product Evaluation | If you’d like to see the benefits of Aternity in your own environment, register to qualify for a free 30-day trial of Aternity Mobile Workforce APM:
  14. 14. © Copyright 10/23/2015 Aternity, Inc14 United States Aternity, Inc. 200 Friberg Parkway Suite 1004 Westborough, MA 01581 1-508-475-0414 Europe Aternity UK, Ltd. Standard House Weyside Park Catteshall Lane, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1XE +44 333 370 6570 Israel Aternity, Ltd. 3 Hanagar St., P.O. Box 7161 Hod Hasharon 4501306 Israel +972-9-7620500 AternityInc