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PPC Bidding Workshop at Ataxo


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Bidding Workshop - neformální prezentace jako doplněk článku pro Ataxo blog.

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PPC Bidding Workshop at Ataxo

  1. 1. Training Pool → Diver Level Bidding Bidding
  2. 2. | 1. Bids vs. Positions Max. Position CPC If you raise the Bid, your Avg. Position in search results should raise, too. = True or False?
  3. 3. | 1. Bids vs. Positions „If you increase your bid, it is quite possible to see your average position move lower on the page! The reason is that when you increase your bid, your ad will appear in new auctions, and it will tend to come in at the bottom of those new auctions. This effect can be large enough to push your overall average position down.“ Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google Usually True! Source:
  4. 4. | 2. Bidding vs. Impressions Max. CPC Impressions If you raise the Bid, you should get more impressions. = True or False?
  5. 5. | 2. Bidding vs. Impressions Might work in some cases, but usually does not!
  6. 6. | 3. Conversions from different spots They are some spots in search results that convert better than others. It is usually not worth to bid for spot #1 True or False?
  7. 7. | 3. Conversions from different spots „I call this the "idiot click" problem, although a fairer http://www.payperclicksearchengines. term might be the "lazy com/articles/61/1/PPC-Bidding- Strategy searcher" problem.“ Who knows? Test it! „Conversion Rates Don't Vary Much with Ad Position“ nversion-rates-dont-vary-much-with- ad.html
  8. 8. | Quiz Summary Always check your Quality Score and Impression So what? Share when deciding about next optimization steps: ●When your QS is high, but your bid is too low, it is quite probable that your average position will drop down when raising a bid. ●When your IS is low because of Ad Rank, it is quite unprobable, you would boost up the campaign (get more impressions) with raising your bids. ● When your campaign does not deplete the budget, raising bids does not solve the problem. Your budget depletion grows – but only because your clicks gets more expesive, not because you gained more of them.