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Rapid Optimization of Composites - HyperSizer Express and FEA


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Save your company valuable time!

HyperSizer Express is a must have tool for the composite design engineer. Learn more about this extremely fast and easy-to-use software that optimizes ply boundaries, determines optimal ply orientations, and sequences plies based on a weighted objective of mass minimization and manufacturability.

It performs automatic iterations with FEA models, recommends when and where to add core to the laminates, and maintains positive margins for a wide variety of failure methods. The best part, it’s all done in minutes!

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Rapid Optimization of Composites - HyperSizer Express and FEA

  1. 1. 5/22/2012 Page 1 HyperSizer Express and FEA PRESENTED BY: David Cross, Ph.D. Aerospace Stress Engineer Structural Design and Analysis RAPID OPTIMIZATION OF COMPOSITES
  2. 2. 5/22/2012 Page 2STRUCTURES.AERO About SDA (Structures.Aero) • SDA was founded in 1997 and provides expert aerospace structural analysis. • We specialize in composites, and developing strong, lightweight structures that are readily manufacturable. • Some of our previous projects include: – Aircraft • Aurora Excalibur • AAI Shadow • AAI Aerosonde • Lockheed Constellation restoration for Lufthansa – Spacecraft • NASA NESC Composite Crew Module (CCM) • NASA Orion Heatshield mass reduction for NESC • NASA Orion Crew Module (with Lockheed) • NASA WFIRST Telescope for Goddard Aerosonde Heatshield Shadow M2 CCM Orion Crew Module
  3. 3. 5/22/2012 Page 3STRUCTURES.AERO Siemens Value Added Reseller Collier Research Corporation Reseller SDA Partnerships FEMAP NX Nastran Fibersim Solid Edge HyperSizer Pro HyperSizer Express
  4. 4. 5/22/2012 Page 4STRUCTURES.AERO About HyperSizer • Composite Analysis and Structural Sizing Software • Used in a wide variety of aerospace related industries • Just a few of the many companies using HyperSizer Primary Industries
  5. 5. 5/22/2012 Page 5STRUCTURES.AERO HyperSizer Express The HyperSizer Process Minimize mass & design for strength, stability, and manufacturability Final Analysis & Margins Generate Stress & Margin Reports Import FEA Model & Results Update FEM & Re-analyze Advantages • Optimizes ply boundaries • Determines optimal ply orientations • Sequences plies based on a weighted objective of mass minimization and manufacturability Features • Reduce structural weight • Reduce design cycle time and engineering effort • Certify structures faster
  6. 6. 5/22/2012 Page 6STRUCTURES.AERO Flat Plate Example • All Four Sides Fixed Boundary Conditions • Uniform Pressure Loading (P) • Resulting internal loads are bending moments. • Membrane forces = 0.0
  7. 7. 5/22/2012 Page 7STRUCTURES.AERO • Investigate contour plots of the elemental forces imported from the FEA results. • Displacements and mode shapes can also be imported. Internal Bending Moments Mx Elemental Loads My Elemental Loads Mxy Elemental Loads
  8. 8. 5/22/2012 Page 8STRUCTURES.AERO Element Optimization – Ply Distributions • Express iterates with FEA to determine optimal ply count and ply orientation for each finite element. Number 0’s per Element Number 90’s per Element Number 45’s per Element
  9. 9. 5/22/2012 Page 9STRUCTURES.AERO • Element optimization leads to customizable ply boundaries. • Control the trade-off between weight and producibility by increasing/decreasing the number of property zones. Optimize Laminate Property Zones to Your Liking
  10. 10. 5/22/2012 Page 10STRUCTURES.AERO Flat Plate – Optimized Laminate Results 90’s on IML/OML 0’s on IML/OML High 45’s in center and corners Ply Stack Colored by Ply Orientation
  11. 11. 5/22/2012 Page 11STRUCTURES.AERO • Pinned Edges with Uniform External Pressure • Initial model is 0.10” thick Al 7050 • Use HS Express to size foam sandwich core thickness Fuselage Panel Example
  12. 12. 5/22/2012 Page 12STRUCTURES.AERO Final Component Based Margins of Safety Component Based Failure Mode Optimized Results
  13. 13. 5/22/2012 Page 13STRUCTURES.AERO Top Face Thickness Core Placement and Thickness Optimized Material Results
  14. 14. 5/22/2012 Page 14STRUCTURES.AERO • Export “Analysis Detail Report” • Export/Save “Updated FEM and OP2” Update FEM
  15. 15. 5/22/2012 Page 15STRUCTURES.AERO Updated FEM Results • Critical margin is transverse core shear strength (341 psi): +0.19 • HyperSizer critical core shear stress = 286.6 psi • FEA critical core shear stress = 283.6 psi Analysis/Margin Details
  16. 16. 5/22/2012 Page 16 Questions? At SDA our engineers are practitioners of our software and are equipped to answer your questions. If you would rather speak to us one on one, feel free to email the contacts listed below or call the office. Contact Structural Design and Analysis 46030 Manekin Plaza Sterling, VA 20166 703-673-1125 • SDA Links – – – • HyperSizer Resources – – Forum: – Help: – News: For Pricing Contact: Marty Sivic SDA, Inc. – Director of Sales (o): 724-382-5290 (c): 724-650-4413 Learn More David Cross Jim Jeans