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  1. 1. Just plug it in and aim in the direction you want to monitor and use the remote control to startrecording. This type of camera is only suitable for indoor use as a nanny cam for example.
  2. 2. The images are recorded on an SD card for easy replay ay They go directly toyour computer or DVR saving you money on hardware It uses the internet totransmit video The included software supports up to 16 cameras some ofwhich may have night vision capability However, just make sure the camerasview does not get blocked by any other object, otherwise you might not be ableto record anything useful Wireless Microphones: Some people feel thatsecurity cameras are too intrusive, so they use wireless microphones in homesecurity alarms These systems can prove to be as effective as cameras Ondetecting any suspicious sound, the gadget will trigger the alarm
  3. 3. Just like wireless cameras, these microphones too can be positioned anywhere in your home Glass Break Sensors: Glass break sensors as the namesuggests detects the breaking of glass windows The sensors are tuned todetect the frequency of breaking glass Whenever an intruder tries to gainentry by breaking glass, the glass break sensor will immediately detect it andset off the alarm Motion Detectors: Motion detectors are an effective way toprotect your home from burglars These sensors, when placed around thehouse, can easily detect and alert the homeowner of any suspiciousmovement within the range of the motion detector You can program themotion detector to ignore small things such as an animal passing or bird flyingnearby Instead, the security agency and police are alerted This helps, as theburglars remain unaware that the alarm has been tripped
  4. 4. 1 First is a wireless indoor IP camera That is available for free If you want toincrease the security of your home one of the best ways to do it is with one ofthese video cameras Actually I recommend two one for the back door, one forthe front door The decline in the economy brings a lot of home invasion casesand other crimes against properties that can be prevented by wireless homesecurity cameras Why the sudden shift to wireless home camera? Wirelesscamera for home security redefined the meaning of security and protectionwith the integration of video analytics and advanced features for a morerobust, interactive, and comprehensive mini-security system Wirelesstechnology in surveillance camera offer more flexibility and technicalintegration to computer network supported by software applications
  5. 5. Control and retrieval of recorded data can be done over the internet as longas IP address for cam and computer processors are link online Wireless camcan be installed easily and in quick fashion without the tedious task ofconnecting and putting data cables The sophistication of monitoring homeswith security camera benefits parents and homeowners with a genuineprotection and security from criminality and damage to properties Workingmoms and dads left their kids with hired help or nannies to oversee the dailyhome activities Domestic violence against children always happens withoutthe knowledge of parents The installation of wireless camera in homesprovides peace of mind and absolute protection for the family and immediateproperties Placement of cams in visible locations will create a great impact onthieves, burglars, and hooligans to commit crimes against your homes TheTag Blood: Jane Mormon is a practicing physician in Rumford, Maine
  6. 6. A Tag Connector is untold equal a head but introduces you, what you do, andwhere you active all in one doom The Large Bio: Jane Sculpturer, a practicingphysician, has been a Civil War burnish for decades She has publicisedarticles in Subject War Ledger, Polite War Intelligence, and National WarWeekly and is a member of the Subject War Order She lives in Rumford,Maine, with her preserve, threesome kids and two dogs This is herintroductory new An abundant bio expands on all of the information in a tagwares, deed writer into crew some you and your aliveness and how it affectsyour composition It also shows whoever is reading your story how you are anpracticed in your region of work