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  1. 1. How to Help Someone Quit Smoking - Advice On Helping Someone You Know Quit Smokinge-cigarette reviews
  2. 2. If youre not a smoker yourself, you may not know how to help someonequit smoking Smoking is a powerful addiction that like heroin or cocainehas intense physical withdrawal symptoms that leave the smoker craving"just one more" When giving into temptation, the smoker often feelsguilty, helpless and that theyll never be able to kick the habit
  3. 3. One of the worst things that a friend or family member can do is to focuson the act of relapse itself This is counter productive and often leavesthe smoker feeling resentful for doing something that they simply believecannot be helped One of the best ways to help a smoker get past theaddiction is to keep them busy doing activities that cant be done whilesmoking
  4. 4. Physical exercise is not only healthy, but often requires the use of bothhands and smoking is not physically possible while participating When asmoker begins to crave a cigarette, a short diversion is usually all thatsneeded to get them focused on something else until the craving passesMany smokers will begin cleaning the house, raking the yard or taking thedog for a vigorous walk until the desire for a cigarette is forgotten about
  5. 5. When learning how to help someone quit smoking, you must understandthat smokers establish a pattern Most will have a cigarette first thing inthe morning, after they eat, and when driving a car These triggersautomatically result in the smoker lighting up, whether they really crave acigarette or not
  6. 6. Most professionals agree that changing a smokers routine is a veryimportant first step in becoming smoke free Perhaps offering somesuggestions on changing the daily routine a smoker follows may helpthem
  7. 7. In addition to changing routines, there are alternative methods ofre-wiring the thought process that leads to a smoker lighting up NLPHypnotherapy is one such method that is gaining in popularity andproving to be effective in helping the smoker associate the urge to smokewith something else rather than the cigarette itself
  8. 8. Its also quite powerful for changing feelings of stress or anxiety (two keyreasons as to why people want a cigarette) into feelings of relaxation orcontentment If youre trying to learn how to help someone quit smoking,enlist NLP Hypnotherapy, supportive dialogue and physical activities
  9. 9. By keeping his or her mind busy, you are slowly changing the way theythink and react to stress and soon they will be a non-smoker in noe-cigarette reviews time
  10. 10. e-cigarette reviews