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More Electric Aircraft Presentation from Astronics


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This presentation discussed the practical implementation of a HVDC electrical system for aircraft operating on more electric systems. For complete details about Astronics' offerings for more electric aircraft, visit

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More Electric Aircraft Presentation from Astronics

  1. 1. MEA Conference Seattle Aug 20-23, 2018 Michael Ballas Practical Implementation of HVDC Electrical System
  2. 2. Astronics at a Glance Proven Innovators, 50 Years of Success 2 Global reach and collaboration Subsidiaries, partners, and customers worldwide Strength and stability ~$1B market cap NASDAQ ATRO Solution breadth Aerospace, defense, semiconductor, and others
  3. 3. 3 Serving Global Customers Representative List 230+ Airlines Airbus AMAC Aerospace Bell Helicopter Boeing Bombardier Carson Helicopters Cirrus Aircraft Comlux Daher Dassault Aviation Embraer General Dynamics Gogo Gulfstream Hondajet Ratheon Company Rockwell Collins Sikorsky Textron Thales Thompson Aero Seating U.S. Army/Navy/Air Force/ Marines Zodiac Aerospace Hughes Intel Jet Aviation L3 Technologies Leonardo Lockheed Martin NASA Panasonic Avionics Pilatus
  4. 4. Astronics Expertise Connectivity & Data Aircraft Data Systems IFC Antennas and Radome Systems Inflight Entertainment System Hardware VIP IFEC & CMS Systems Lighting & Safety Aircraft Lighting Systems - Cabin, Cockpit, Interior, Exterior Airfield Lighting Systems Emergency Systems Enhanced Vision Systems VIP Lighting Systems Services & Structures Custom Design and Manufacturing Fuel Access Doors Custom Product Design Systems Certification Interiors Environmental Control Systems Passenger Service Units SmartTray Test & Simulation Simulation & Training Systems Test & Measurement Power & Motion Power for Passengers and Crew Power Distribution, Conversion, Control Seat Motion Systems
  5. 5. 5 Electrical Power Generation Distribution Conversion Cabin Power Management About Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Power System Integrator COREPOWER® Products System Architect Safety Analysis Flight Critical Software Avionics Integration Certification Experience
  6. 6. Key Challenges Weight/cost optimization System autonomy Managing HVDC distribution? Variable power demand Efficient power conversion System safety/health mgmt Battery efficiency and safety Solution Enablers Solid state distribution and conversion elements Advanced switching Distributed power Advanced system control System integration Key Electrical System Challenges for eVTOL, MEA Two Story Lines » Optimized high power switching, coordination and distribution » Efficient—self-aware electrical power system
  7. 7. 7 Power System Functions CONTROL Utility LogicAvionics Display Interface Electronic Circuit Breaker Unit Motor Control PRIMARY POWER Power Conversion Generator Control Power Distribution Unit BatteryStarter Generator Modular Systems Based Approach
  8. 8. 8 Power Distribution Flexible, Modular Architecture 1000V Electronic Contactors 270V DC Electronic Power Distribution 270VDC Electronic Contactors Data Concentration & Control for distribution 28V DC Electronic Power Distribution 115V AC Electronic Power Distribution RS-485/422/232 Mil-Std-1553 A429 Ethernet
  9. 9. Function Integration Case Study 9 The Value of Functional Integration: $33,000 and 27 lbs Saved One System, Many Functions…. Strobe Power Supply Instrument Light Dimming LRU Taxi Light Dimming LRU Taxi Light Control Relay Landing Light Dimming LRU Landing Light Control Relay Taxi/Landing Light Flashing System Inertial Separator Monitoring LRU Prop de-ice Control Relay Prop de-ice Timer LRU Airframe de-ice Power Control LRU Windshield Heat Power Control LRU Airframe de-ice Timer LRU Pitot Heat Power supply LRU Pitot Heat Power relay Pitot Heat Control Relay Hour meter Air Conditioning Control LRU Fuel Boost Pump Auto-management LRU Fuel Boost Pump Control relay Tank Sequencer LRU LDG gear retraction, extraction relay How » PWM Control » Discrete Control » Decision Logic » Analog Control » Data Bus Control » Runtime Totalizer » Load Current » Load Voltage Existing LRUs Removed
  10. 10. 10 High Voltage Contactors Mechanical Switching High DC Voltages Limited switching life cycles with electromechanical devices as voltage increases beyond 28VDC.
  11. 11. 11 Solid-state devices switch much faster and more precisely than electromechanical devices, but there are penalties that grow increasingly severe with current rating: 1. Conduction loss heat (device voltage drop) Tradeoff between semiconductor device size/quantity/cost and heat generation 2. Heat sinking weight SiC mosfets manage additional heat but other associated components must be cooled 3. Switching component cost High semiconductor cost above 200V. 4. No galvanic isolation Low leakage, but no true isolation 5. No dissimilar technology High Power Contactors – Solid State Challenges
  12. 12. 12 Load Rating » 270VDC (up to 10A) Solid State ECB » 270VDC (15-25A) Hybrid w/micro relay ECB » 270VDC (50-400A) Contactor w/separate CCA Control Board › Higher voltages possible HVDC Contactors – Product Family Solution Specifications » Single pole single throw normally open » 200-400VDC operation » 50A-400A continuous current » 4000A fault clearing » 3mS nominal switching time » -40°C to +71°C » Unpressurized environments Safety Benefits » True galvanic isolation » Redundant over-voltage protection » Over-current protection » I2t overload protection » Back up fusible element ELECTRONIC SWITCH ELECTRONIC SWITCH ELECTRONIC SWITCH ELECTRONIC SWITCH ELECTRONIC SWITCH RELAY CNTR CNTR CNTR CNTR Contractor LRU Packaging Flexibility PDP LRU
  13. 13. 13 Optimized Power Source Switching – Fault Clearing Hybrid Source Contactor Hybrid Load Contactor Electronic Circuit Breaker Fault clearing coordination » Enables faster coordination between different layers of wire protective devices » I2t curves (e.g. AS33201) are based on thermal circuit breaker capabilities » Software based I2t significantly faster with less tolerance » Various layers of wire protective devices can communicate » 1 second fault clearing would be more than adequate to ensure proper communication latency and proper coordination » Shorter fault sustainment minimizes secondary fault propagation » Contactors, ECBs, and wire gages can all benefit, and can be downsized
  14. 14. 14 Optimized System Solution – High Efficiency, Flexibility Power Conversion System Control HVDC Distribution Brushless Generation Lightweight/Modular User Configurable Protection Switching Sensing High Efficiency Solid State Lightweight, Compact AC/DC, DC/DC/ Freq Conv. Utility Management Power Management Communication Gateway I/O Extender User Configurable High Reliability Power Dense Configurable (SGU)
  15. 15. 15 Why Enabling extended periods of unsustained (zero maintenance) operation How An integrated aircraft-level solution What An optimized balance between: » Operationally durable integrated design approach » Health state awareness » Ability to tolerate or adapt (real time, autonomously) to abnormal conditions Practical IVHM Objectives Highly Efficient and Self-Aware Electrical Power System
  16. 16. 16 Summary: Practical HVDC Electrical System for eVTOL September 19, 2018 Adaptive Provide highly adaptive system elements to address widely varying platform needs HVDC Solve the HVDC switching challenge Switching Provide coordinated switching to improve safety and reduce system weight Efficient Provide high efficiency distribution and conversion Smart Utility integration (weight savings) Dynamic power management (efficiencies, autonomy) Sensing, monitoring, reporting and actionable change (IVHM)
  17. 17. 17 Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems Thank You