Polyhex Tree of Life - A1 Color Poster


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This is is a representation of the kabbalistic Tree of Life. The sefirot/pathway arrangement is based on my interpretation of the Sefer Yetzirah (as explained in my books Formation of the Tree of Life and Sefer Yetzirah + Magic).

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Polyhex Tree of Life - A1 Color Poster

  1. 1. ww ww w m Tree of Life Sefer Yetzirah ( Polyhex Version ) w m w w w ww w w w ww ww The Sefer Yetzirah identifies Ain Sof The three mother (pictured right) as the first sefirah of eyhl) xor letter pathways (pictured below the Tree of Life. It excludes Malkut as eyyx right) extend from Keter to a a a sefirah because Malkut embodies the Da’at; Da’at to Tifaret; Tifaret to d b g World of Assiah. 1078 ty#)r Yesod. They form the Middle s t ) k m Although the Sefer Yetzirah includes Pillar of the Tree and symbolize cosmic forces flowing invisibly r x B h p the sphere of Tifaret in its scheme, it doesn’t count it as a sefirah. Instead eymlo(h yx beneath the surface—like sap flowing through its trunk and D + m G y z Tifaret is identified as a mysterious xorm xor branches. n K ( o central component called ‘the Holy l Temple’. ) R s # c q P T U l)mk ) 980 d # o a m tyrx) g ) l)yqdc V (r x eymm #) z o h # d 588 686 ) l)yqpc W 637 g m xorm eym B K bo+ ) s b m a d g m xor # + q D G D 784 y c b b 882 #doqh w h l)yrbg l)pr R y P dob l ( m + t # n k s T l B kh o) t k 392 539 tr )s r p k # R B ) eor B Q m B y)tb# S 490 t k T 441 r p 343 l)kym tyrb hoy l)yn)h v a+rs x dyxy W h j hl+ B B l)r#y D l ( G r D x hoyh m hyr) hohy h G p B D G x hhoy h eyd)m D A qdc j m U rk##y aw(m# V 294 )l+ D + + eord oyh 245 G ydg ohy xrzm xldb Wy qxcy eynz)m B E u B a ehrb) gl# y G e z K D n hyho l hdohy m hhyo J e o G K R P #m# H brq( Q abo)r n r#) h#nm w lkyh #doqh 196 ad e# ro# D eymo)t G j)lm yohh hlotb xor hoyh bq(y B R F C P n y oyhh # yld ohyh z ( o K R P l #xn bkok hyoh hgon S T T br(m 147 yho c s R yltpn t#q I R K u P L aolobz agd P c q T hyo 98 aopc h s T #) +hol o yhoh T y eyrp) # z hyoh T q T s hnbl q aymynb R dg 49 txt yoh Patrick Mulcahy©2013www.astroqab.co.nr Permission to print.