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Palon, katrine joy


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Published in: Education
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Palon, katrine joy

  1. 1. Enhancement ofgrammar and oral skillsin our learners has beeninevitable in Englishlessons.
  2. 2. Grammar and OralLanguage Development (GOLD)encompasses the idea thatstudents should be taught skillsin speaking and grammar basedon the reading selection as aspringboard.
  3. 3. The teaching of grammarskills is not a separate lessonby itself but is a lesson that isbuilt on the reading selection.
  4. 4. It should be accentuated, thenthat the grammar lesson is not“ladderized” but is a product ofwhat dominant skill to bedeveloped and what is present inthe selection being undertaken.
  5. 5. Grammar is essential toeveryone. Be it the native orthe target language, a learnerstill involves himself or herselfwith grammatical structures.
  6. 6. Celce -Murcia and Larsen-Freeman (1999 ) define grammar as a way thataccounts for both the structure of thetarget language and its communicativeuse.
  7. 7. Three dimensions which viewgrammar not only a collection offorms but also as a communicativeend .These dimensions are referredby linguists as (morpho)syntax, semantics and pragmatics.
  8. 8. Grammatical structures not only havea morphosyntactic form. They arealso used to express meaning(semantics) in context-appropriate use(pragmatics). These are referred to asform,meaning, and use.